Marc M. Melkie, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2011

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:New Orleans born / Houston raised

Hobbies:Photography, Painting, Cars, Wakeboarding

Interesting Facts:I have 2 dachshunds: Memphis and Ruger. 3 time undefeated North Texas Stare Off Champion. Award winning photographer. Helped develop and start a company that produces the worlds best dirty martini mix. Once had enough old vehicles to start a used car lot. Pretends to be a world famous DJ.

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by David Tyler

My CrossFit coach/owner recommended Airrosti right away when I experienced a scary tear in my Achilles connection to my calf muscles. As soon as I was seen and evaluated, Airrosti's professionals soothed my fears by applying immediate treatment and reassurance about the prognosis. Their focus on movement and manipulation was new and eye-opening to me, but always perfectly rational and logical. They gave me time to answer all of my questions as if I was the only patient they needed to be concerned with and made certain I was able to calm down enough to understand and participate in the beginning of the healing process. The care I received was down to earth and extremely compassionate. I felt comforted and I was able to focus on getting back ...+ show moreon my feet as soon as possible.

by Tracy Price

Marc's knowledge and care for his clients are amazing. He continues to go above and beyond to make us all feel better . I have bad lower back pain for over 20 years and done everything to try to heal it. Until I learned about Airrosti I was pain feel in under 6 visit. Pain feel is huge and I owe it to Marc and his staff is also teaching me tools to use at home and great exercise to keep my back pain feel. Years later I suffered from hip and sciatic nerve problems and once again I turned to Marc. Thank you for all your great heeling and care.

by Joni Calkins

I am a spouse of a Southwest Airlines employee. I have had three very successful experiences with Airrosti. Two involved tennis elbow, and one for a calf injury. After trying other medical alternatives (braces/cortisone shots) that only relived the problem temporarily, I am a true believer in Airrosti therapy. My doctor had me pain free after 5 treatments.

by Kevin Kulesa

I started going to Airrosti for Plantar Fasciitis, after a month of pain in my foot. My first two visits were with Patrick Campbell DC who was great in helping with my Plantar Fasciitis, Patrick Campbell was filing in for the vacationing Marc Melkie DC. I was very impressed with both Patrick and Marc in rehabbing my foot after six visits. Sarah Harris the Recovery Specialist was very very helpful in showing different exercise to do at home to help in my recovery. From the front desk to Patrick, Marc and Sarah, the Airrosti team made you feel like you were family and the Professionalism and Care they showed was Outstanding.

by Robert Herrera

On August 15th, 2015 I competed in the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race. It is one of the most grueling races on the planet that starts at an elevation of 10,000 ft and has total altitude gain of another 12,000 ft. Those who compete only have 12 hrs to complete the course and most of the 2600 or so who start the race do not complete the race. The training for such a race requires many months of increasingly tough training as training volume increases to the range of 250+ miles per week during peak training. I knew from previous experience with increased volume that my body might not hold up to such volumes and that injury could derail the preparation for the race. I had planned all along to make Airrosti a part of my training regi...+ show moremen. Right on queue I started having issues during increased volume of distance and climbing. Without Dr. Marc Melkie and Sarah Harris working me through the IT band, hip flexor and other issues my training and race would have been dead in the water. Their care helped me to continue training through the injuries. The stretching and other prevention mechanisms taught took me all the way up to race day and beyond. I was doing stretches I learned from Sarah in a tent at 10,000 ft the night before the race to make sure that I was nice and lose for the race the next day. I completed the Leadville 100 Trail Mountain Bike Race with plenty of time to spare and was pleased with my results. I know now to include Airrosti as a part of any training and racing goals going forward. Without the care I could never have accomplished my goal of completing Leadville. Thanks so much to Airrosti and specifically Dr. Marc Melkie and Sarah Harris!

by Melissa C.

As a semi-professional volleyball player, I depend on Airrosti to keep me competitive. In order to stay at the top of my game, I must push myself daily in the gym and on the sand. With this type of works comes aches, pains and nagging injuries. Whenever I come across one of these injuries, I head to Airrosti, and within 1-2 visits I'm good as new. I wouldn't be able to do what i do without them.