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Became an Airrosti Provider:2008

Graduate School:Western States Chiropractic College

Hometown:Alvin, Tx

Hobbies:I play both indoor and sand volleyball competitively. I have played tennis since junior high. I love doing crossfit and snowboarding.

Interesting Facts:I got my eagle scout award by the time I was 16. I went on a Mormon mission to Caracas Venezuela and Aruba for two years. I am still completely fluent in spanish.

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by Kristy Blurton

I know that it is always said, in a positive review about a good doctor, that they changed the patient’s life. I have no choice but to adopt this cliche. I cannot give enough thank you and praise to Dr. Arnold and his team for changing my day-to-day life. When I came into see Dr. Arnold, I had, what I thought was, carpel tunnel and a herniated disc in my back. I was dealing with pain for a few years, and I religiously attended chiropractic appointments and even made an appointment with a surgeon because I was so desperate to get my life back. I stopped playing a sport that I love, and even avoided working out because I was so fearful that I would not be able to walk or pick-up a glass of water the next day. After two-three meetings for e+ show moreach issue I was experiencing, I felt like I had my life back. I refer EVERYONE in my life with an injury to Dr. Arnold. I am a firm believer that you should make an appointment with Airrosti before you seek consultation with anyone else. So long as you commit to do your at-home work, Airrosti is a reliable, fast-acting solution to physical pain or injury. Airrosti will be my first call if I ever experience an injury in the future.

by Marc Ramsey

I was in a lot of pain with a pinched sciatic nerve and Dr. Arnold fixed me up and I real quick! Very professional, polite, and helpful. Would highly recommend him to anyone! His staff are just as good!

by Stacy Lindley

I learned about Airrosti from Facebook. I found Dr. Arnold based on his experience and proximity to my home. I went in for treatment on my Achilles tendon. Dr. Arnold assessed me and went to work on my leg. What I liked was the level of education that came with each session. Dr. Arnold and the staff always told me the objectives of the session, demonstrated proper stretching techniques and gave me exercises to do at home. I’m a part time fitness instructor and I’ve been telling everyone I can about how great Airrosti has been for me. My only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner!

by Nickie Allen

My Airrosti story began in 2008 when I suffered a complete tear of the Achilles Tendon in my right leg. I was referred to Airrosti for rehabilitation by a co-Worker who had given them rave reviews regarding her daughter’s rehab of a hip injury. Being that I’m an active person, I wanted results. After several months of traditional rehab, I still was not where I knew I could be physically. At the time, Airrosti was not being offered by my insurance. Therefore, I paid out of my pocket to get the treatment. My, oh my, was it worth it. Since then, I have returned to Airrosti for my rehabilitation services. Strained muscles in my back, a busted knee cap, a bone spur in my shoulder for which I was told I needed surgery, and a fall on my job whi+ show morech injured my back, neck and hip area. For some of those injuries I started with traditional rehab recommended by my orthopedic doctor. But time and time again, I ended up back at Airrosti to get me back to the physical condition that I desired to continue with my active lifestyle. Dr. Arnold is absolutely fantastic! He listens to my every concern with genuine interest in helping me get better. I really don’t want to know where I would be without him. I’ve recommended many people to Airrosti. Only to see them still yet struggling with their injuries to get better with traditional rehab. Thank you Airrosti for finally providing active individuals with an alternative to traditional rehab that works. Thank you Dr. Arnold for all that you have done for me in my many recoveries.

by Karen Mooney

I have been going to Airrosti for a couple of years and have always been impressed with the level of care and compassion that Dr. Matt Arnold and his staff have provided. I have chronic neck issues that are usually due to stress and Dr. Arnold and his physical therapist are usually able to get me pain free in 4 visits. The targeted deep tissue massage is just what I need. I highly recommend Dr. Arnold.

by Nancy Phillips

Wonderful experience with the staff at Airrosti. Dr. Arnold was able to help with my back injury and allow me to avoid medication. Thanks to all!

by James Bennett

I was having lower back pain and spasming every single morning getting out of bed. Dr Arnold helped me isolate exactly what was causing the spasming and showed me stretches and other lifestyle changes to alleviate this daily pain.

by Shelly Scarbrough

I have been to Airrosti for two different injuries and have been thrilled with the results. I have had lower back problems for almost 20 years. My hip pops out of joint and I was going to the chiropractor regularly. Since receiving treatment from Airrosti I have not been to the chiropractor in months and have very little pain. I have recommended Airrosti to many people.

by Christine Gabriel

I strained a muscle playing soccer and was so down in my back that I could barely walk. A few sessions with Dr. Arnold and I am back to playing soccer, boot camp, running and my regular yoga classes. Thank you so much!!

by Zulema Gonzales

I have had an ongoing issue in my lower back/glute area that would come and go over the past 2 years. I would self medicate with ointments, OTC medications and massages, with the occasional stretching and foam rolling. But once the inflammation would “go,” I would forget about it and move on, without any importance to preventative maintenance. Finally, a few months ago, I aggravated the area and it never quite went away this last time. And it was the simplest movements that would make it worse: tying my shoe, picking up something from the floor, leaning over to reach for my bag, reaching across the table or counter. Having two children, working full time, and being very physically active at the gym, I could not let any injury slow me dow+ show moren and I knew that this issue would not fix itself on it’s own. Finally, I remembered Airrosti from the foam rolling classes at the gym and I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Arnold. Upon meeting him, he gave me some great education on what my issue was and how to repair it. I felt very confident with him as a provider and he was very knowledgeable about the kind of strength activities I incorporate into my workouts. That knowledge was even more beneficial to my recovery, as he knew exactly how to approach my injury. I attended 4 sessions total and I am very happy with the results, I began to feel much, much better after the 2nd visit! I no longer have the discomfort and inflammation that I had, and if it does return, I now have the tools on how to recover quicker and further prevent such inflammations from re-occurring. But the most rewarding aspect is the apprehension and fear that I had towards certain movements at the gym is now gone. I was able to get my confidence back for certain lifts and hopefully to build back the strength that I’ve lost over these past few months because of all that apprehension. I would recommend Airrosti and Dr. Arnold to anyone! The price is very reasonable enough for anyone to give it a try. I am very, very happy with my overall results and I know I can always visit again with Dr. Arnold should I ever need to. Thank you!!

by Jeremy Leidensdorf

I have been having trouble with my left shoulder for about 6 months. It was affecting my workouts to the point where its was difficult to do anything Crossfit related. I had been to numerous rehab facilities and doctors who tried different techniques to alleviate my pain and get me back on the road to recovery. None were successful. I even considered getting an MRI and cortisone shots to alleviate the pain. I finally saw Dr. Arnold after figuring out things with my insurance, and after only 2 visits I noticed a marked improvement in my pain and ROM when I did certain Crossfit workouts. It was very painful to do pullups, T2B and most overhead work but after the visits with Dr. Arnold I have been able to do these movements with very little+ show more to no pain and I believe that I am on the road to recovery! Dr. Arnold had fixed my back before and now he has fixed my shoulder. Thanks again Dr. Arnold!

by Adam Paine

I’d previously seen Dr. Arnold over a year ago when I was a few weeks away from surgery on a disc. Dr. Arnold was able to resolve my pain issues and get me back to sport. This was amazing after I’d tried everything else going, including surgery on a lower disc about 6 years earlier. However, I didn’t want to get into the habit of resorting to surgery each time I had a disc issue.
After a pain free year with plenty of sport, I found I was doing so much sport that I was falling down on my regular exercise routine that I’d been given. I could feel the first signs of things starting to become a problem, and instead of letting it become a bigger issue I was able to get some additional treatments which resolved the problem. A few furthe+ show morer treatments even resolved a knee problem I was having after 20 miles on my road bike (something I’d started to accept). I’m pleased to say I can now comfortably ride the distances I want to, pain free. Thanks again!

by Marco Guerra

Two years ago I hurt my back lifting weights and Dr. Arnold and Erin not only helped fix my back but more importantly they gave me the tools and knowledge to understand why it happened and how to prevent it in the future. As a result I’m able to lift heavier than I ever did before. And most recently they have helped to fix my shoulder and I’m in the process of correcting years and years of bad posture. I recommend them to everyone I know, they’re both extremely knowledgeable and awesome.

by Chad Baze

I have the gift of finding new and creative ways to strain my joints. Matt has been great at helping resolve the issue quickly while at the same time providing activities that I can do at home to improve my flexibility and mobility. I have and will continue to recommend Airrosti to anyone experiencing joint and muscle pain.

by Jane Cross

For years I had intermittent pain in my lower back and hips. Then it became constant and more intense and then began to involve my sciatica. Nothing I did would stop the pain. I received help from a chiropractor and massage. It lessened it for a while then it was back. Surgery is not an option for me. So I began to look for other ways to receive help. Both my son and daughter-in-law had received help from Airrosti, so they encouraged me to go to them. There are no providers in my state, so I flew to Texas where they live to receive treatment from a provider near them. After the first treatment the pain stopped in a couple places and reduced in my lower back. With each treatment there was continued improvement. A few days after I returned+ show more home I went on a hike and enjoyed it pain-free. It is such a relief to no longer have constant pain, to be able to just sit comfortably and to no longer wonder how much pain will I put up with as I hike the mountains around me. I wish there was a provider in my town.

by Phil Damjanovic

I do a lot of weight lifting/Crossfit-style exercise and it wasn’t uncommon for me to pull something and have a nagging injury that would last weeks or months. The past two times that this has happened, I’ve used Airrosti for treatment and have been 100% back to normal within 3-4 visits.

by Mark Camfield

I work out pretty hard. About 4 years ago I went from 250 to 200 in about 9 months, from breathing hard to breathing easy. When you do that you encounter injury, stress on the body, from learning how to move correctly. Traditional medical approaches prescribe anti-inflammatories and rest. At Airrosti and from Dr. Matt Arnold and PT therapist Erin McCabe, I’ve learned practically the exact opposite. Don’t push an injury, pay attention to it and listen to your body, but absolutely keep moving and using your body. Rest is important, but it is critical to relieve the source of the pain, which is tight and putting stress on critical fulcrums and joints in the body. Dr. Arnold has repeatedly demonstrated how soft tissue relief can quickly corr+ show moreect a chronic injury and prevent more significant damage or tears that would otherwise require surgery. Erin has taught me how to take care of myself over time with rolling, ice, stretching and exercise. I wouldn’t be four years in going strong without these gurus. I’d be under the knife or would have quit. I can’t thank them enough for teaching me how to take care of myself and heal. They are great friends and provide tremendous value for athletes wanting to stay in the game and work through the suck. Thank you!!!

by Terri Pham

I have never had any shoulder issues. In fact, shoulder to overhead movements were always my strength and in my wheelhouse. I always see people with Kinesiology Tape and just thought it looked cool and was the mark of a true CrossFitter. Look at most Games competitors and they have Kinesiology Tape in all the pictures. Coincidence? I think not. My Airrosti story begins with waking up one day with sharp pain in my left shoulder. I did not recall any time that created this pain, and I contributed it to sleeping wrong. I spent the next two weeks spending extra time warming up my shoulder before workouts and noticing if my mobility was affected. Then one day, I noticed the pain was not going away and my overhead strength was compromised, I c+ show morealled the nearest Airrosti location. Luckily for me, Dr. Matt Arnold went to my CrossFit box, so I knew there was a familiar face. Upon my first appointment, I didn’t really know what to expect. Was I going to get that really cool Kinesiology Tape? Was this going to hurt? Will I be able to continue to CrossFit through these sessions? All of those racing thoughts eased away when Dr. Matt Arnold explained how Airrosti works and that not only will he treat the area but that I am going get some instructions from Erin on how to prevent this from happening again. The first session went extremely well. I was in a little pain because the muscles that support my shoulder were tight, but each session the treatments were easier. I did all the homework Erin gave me. I learned much more about the roller and warming up properly and fully. It wasn’t until my first competition 3 week later that I really learned how to appreciate the Kinesiology Tape and all the warm up exercises. I performed pretty well and my shoulder wasn’t in pain. I still do the shoulder warm-up exercises, I use the roller a whole lot more, and I feel much more comfortable with the Lacrosse ball. Airrosti experience for me was such an enlightening experience. Not only did I walk away without any more shoulder pain, but also I feel I am more equipped to prevent this from happening again. Also, now I know where to go if I have pain or tightness. I am definitely more aware of my body. I am completely an Airrosti fan would recommend everyone to go if they have pain.

by Julie F.

Matt and Erin were great! I am so glad I was referred to them!! I would absolutely recommend these guys!

by Sylvia H.

I have been suffering from neck and trap pain for over a year. I had terrible time sleeping due to discomfort, and my active lifestyle was beginning to become affected as well. Both my internist and sports medicine doctors ordered an MRI of the neck and right shoulder to reveal a torn labrum in the right shoulder and referred me to a shoulder surgeon. The surgeon said, “You have a 50 year old shoulder, you don’t need surgery, you need a steroid shot.” It didn’t work. After two weeks I was back in the pain cycle.
A dear friend of mine begged me to try one more doctor who could do manual therapy. It just so happened that several Ironman triathletes that I am friends with on Facebook were touting their Airrosti doctor that immedi+ show moreately put them back on their training schedules for their upcoming Ironman event. They said after two treatments they were back on the rigorous training schedule as if they were not injured. My reaction: SAY WHAT?!!

So, I reached out to Dr. Arnold, and within the first session he released my traps and I was pain free. I was also in tears, PAIN FREE after suffering for over a year! I was able to go out and swim pain free with no recruitment of the trap up into my neck and after 1000 yards, NO PAIN. I am telling everyone, my Facebook friends, my masseuse, my Pilates instructor, my triathlete friends, my strength trainer, my golfing friends, and of course my family. Dr. Arnold validated my concerns, empathized with my pain, and released me from the vicious cycle of pain. Thank you Dr. Matt Arnold, YOU ROCK!

by Heidi L.

Thanks to Dr. Arnold and Erin I was able to run the Heights 5K Fun Run today. Doesn’t sound like much, but due to back pain and foot surgery 2 years ago, I haven’t done a 5K in over 3 years. I was previously an avid runner with several 10Ks, a 20K, a 25K and one Houston marathon under my belt. Airrosti rocks!

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