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Became an Airrosti Provider:2019

Undergraduate School:Tarleton State University

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Arkansas City, KS

Hobbies:My favorite hobby is spending time with my wife and son. I enjoy my career, so every day feels like I am partaking of my hobby in Athletic Human Performance. When I find the time to participate, I enjoy competing as a timed event Rodeo Athlete.

Interesting Facts:I come from a family of cattle ranchers and wheat farmers. I started roping when I was three years old and from that early age, I knew that I wanted to become a chiropractor. I had a previous profession as a farrier.

Awards and Recognitions:Keeler Award for Outstanding Chiropractic Student. Salutatorian of Texas Chiropractic College Class of 2011. Awarded Best Chiropractor in Lampasas and surrounding counties 2017-2019.

Professional Affiliations:ISSA certified Sports Nutrition Specialist. National Strength and Conditioning Assn. Member.

What Airrosti Means to Me:I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve as an Airrostifarian. I am excited to be part of a movement to provide superior integrated health care in the field of sports medicine. I am passionate about the Airrosti model of healthcare so that I can help as many people as possible obtain real and fast results.

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by Michael Pavlov

This summer I developed plantar fasciitis of my right foot. I am a very busy professional and my day at work is spent mostly on my feet. Thanks to Dr. Cully and Megan, and another lady whose name I can’t recall, I am back to operating at full speed. My wife and I have also previously experienced Airrosti’s great work and have directed quite a few people there to get help with their aches and pains. The consensus has been 100% approval. Thank you again!

by Marcus Hurney

I had noticed for a couple of years that my knees were slowly bending inward. This had been scary as I had no idea if it meant I would need to have surgery or anything to fix the issue. I went into Airrosti under the recommendation of a family friend who had some issues in the past. Dr. Cully within the first visit had identified not only the issue with my knees but also some functional issues with my back. Through less than 10 visits to the office, both my back and knees had made significant progress functionally and visually. It was honestly crazy to me to see the change in how my knees looked and how I felt overall. I am able to move a lot better, I feel fewer aches in my back and knees, and I can now do more activities that I struggl+ show moreed to do before. I’m not the only one who has witnessed this progress though, as my family has noted the progress visually after a few visits when we met at a dinner. Overall it has been such an amazing process with very kind people. Dr. Cully and everyone I worked with at the office had been very patient and helpful during these past few weeks. I highly recommend Airrosti to anyone who feels they could need help. For me, it removed the fear of having to go get double knee surgery, and also fixed my back along the way. Huge thank you to Dr. Cully and his team at Airrosti.

by Monica Pate

I came in for lower back pain after hurting for almost a month straight. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had gone to my PCP prior, when first feeling the pain. It was BAD, a sharp, stabbing pain, laid me in bed for days. I was prescribed muscle relaxers and Motrin. The pain continued and finally I walked into Boerne Airrosti. Best. Decision. Ever. After my first treatment with Dr. Cully, my back felt 70% better!! After my second appointment, it was virtually gone. He’s an excellent provider of Airrosti treatment, and he’s kind and approachable. I have already told others about him, and will continue to. I highly recommend Airrosti treatment!

by Thomas Tucker

Reg and Airrosti helped with me to get my body restored after being in an accident about 12 years ago. I hadn’t went to the hospital or underwent any physical therapy , so I was really jacked up with being out of alignment, and my left arm starting to slump and had 85% hip rotation restricted. I didn’t know how much trauma I had endured until I actually went to Airrosti. He helped me get through what happened on a personal level, calling me in the evenings to check on me, really meant a lot, more than he knows. He helped me get through the trauma kinda walking me through the process. When you’ve lived with that much trauma, you deal with a lot of tissue from the overcompensation you’re body will endure from taking that much time.+ show more I thought I was just jacked up for the rest of my life. Reg and Maggie were great.

by Jeremiah Daniel

He helped my wife so much when she was having major migraines and neck and shoulder pain!!!!! No other chiropractor has compared