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Became an Airrosti Provider:2016

Undergraduate School:University of Houston

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College,University of Houston Clear Lake - MS Human Performance

Hometown:League City, TX

Hobbies:Lifting weights, Peloton spin classes, playing sports with my son, spending time with wife and 3 children.

Interesting Facts:Qualified for touring team to travel to the United Kingdom to play tennis and watch Wimbledon when I was 17. Played collegiate tennis.

Awards and Recognitions:M.S. Human Performance and Strength Conditioning

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is a second family for me. The company has taught me to be a better provider and given me tools to be a more effective doctor. The group of doctors and support staff care so much about helping people, both patients and colleagues that it creates an amazing work environment that makes going to work so much fun. Having an army of Airrostifarians to fall back on if I have a tough case or questions is so comforting.

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by Lydia Rodriguez

So excited to see that Airrosti opened up in my neighborhood. I am a true believer of Airrosti for years now. I made an appointment with Dr. B and when I arrived my injury was so tender. I could barely drive. After the first session with him and Louis I literally felt 95% better. Almost like the injury never happened. Dr . B listens and totally understood that my issue was due to several factors. I did my three sessions and I feel amazing ! Working out and running pain free. So glad he is in my neighborhood!

by Alex Engelman

We fix pain fast, and that is exactly how I can describe my Airrosti experience. Prior to arriving, I was in the worst low back pain I have ever experienced from a weight lifting incident, but that didn’t stop Rob and Shalyn from fixing me up in a matter of no time. They were both able to reduce the pain quickly, and set me up for a long term pain free life. They diagnosed my issue correctly, and were attentive in all details. It is pretty amazing the difference I feel not just in my lower back, but my whole body has not felt this good in some time. Thanks Airrosti