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Became an Airrosti Provider:2010

Graduate School:Logan College of Chiropractic

Hometown:St. Louis

Hobbies:Art: painting (oil) and sculpting (prefer stone-marble)rnLong distance runningrnMy kids!

Interesting Facts:Was an artist (painter and sculptor)through my 20's and spent several years in the South of France - Marseille and in the South of Ireland -- Kinsale.

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by Teresa Scalapino

A few years ago I ended up in the emergency room with muscle spasms. The same thing happened to me a few months ago. I could tell the spasms were coming back and was able to see my Doctor immediately. That is when the office recommended Airrosti Rehab Centers. I figured if I can do anything to prevent the spasms from coming back it would not hurt to try the program. Dr. Reass was able to pinpoint the problem and after several visits with him and his physical therapists I was able to take the knowledge home and continue strengthening my back. I would recommend Airrosti Rehab Centers to all of my family and friends.

by Steve Wacker

“Danny and Dr. Reass quickly assessed my injury and their treatment was spot-on. And they gave me useful exercises that will help me prevent re-injury and give me more flexibility and strength. Excellent service!”

by Bria King

I had really bad back and shoulder pain. Dr. Reass and Danny really helped my pain.

by Paul Snyder

I’m an avid runner, but for over a year had been sidelined with a leg/hip injury. I went through multiple rounds of doctor visits and traditional rehab without any progress. After a couple sessions with Dr. Reass and Danny I had noticeable improvement, and after a few more I was totally pain free and training for a marathon. Thanks guys!

by Suzanne Patton

I hurt my shoulder when working out vigorously. It got worse and moved down into my right arm. I decided to go see Dr. Reass and Danny. They helped me out tremendously. To add to that, I even looked forward to my visits! Dr. Reass and Danny make getting better fun.