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Became an Airrosti Provider:2010

Graduate School:Logan College of Chiropractic

Hometown:St. Louis

Hobbies:Art: painting (oil) and sculpting (prefer stone-marble)rnLong distance runningrnMy kids!

Interesting Facts:Was an artist (painter and sculptor)through my 20's and spent several years in the South of France - Marseille and in the South of Ireland -- Kinsale.

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by Jack McConnell

After years of extreme workouts and gymnastics little activities such as just driving down the street became a painful activity for my neck and back to take on. I was constantly in physical pain and often times not too fun of a person to be around because of it. A relative recommended Airrosti for me. I was originally a little skeptical that anything would work even through the first few sessions but it worked miracles. I now am completely free of neck pain and rarely ever have any back pains; never near the intensity they used to be constantly. Airrosti has made my life so much easier in so many different ways. I’m very happy I went in to give it a try and it will be the first place I go with any future injuries or strains I experience + show morethat won’t seem to heal themselves.

by Elizabeth Whitaker

First was a hamstring strain during Marathon training 2013. I could not make full stride while walking normally. I visited multiple PT’s/Therapists for 3 months without noted improvement. Finally listened to my coach and went to Airrosti Rehab Center in Round Rock (Dr. Reass). After first treatment I had improved range of motion. By my 2nd treatment I was running again. We tackled an old ankle issue and more hamstring work and by 4th treatment (and 3M) I was running pain free. Second was a random calf strain mid-year 2014 on a Saturday afternoon. Could not walk up or down stairs without complete reliance on rail. I called office Monday morning and was seen Monday afternoon. By Tuesday night I was greatly improved. Thursday was 2nd ap+ show morepointment and by Friday I could walk downstairs and made 40 mile bike ride on Saturday. A friend with similar injury was on crutches for a week, nursing the ache and choosing not to move the muscle. Even though they are very pleasant individuals I would love to never see them again in the office. But with an active lifestyle comes occasional injury and when they do I call this Team immediately. Get Results. Get back to play.

by Nathan Younger

I ended up with some pain in my heel that limited my running two weeks prior to running a marathon. The Airrosti Center on Great Oaks in Round Rock had me back and moving in only two visits and I was able to complete the marathon. The combination of deep muscle therapy and recovery stretches have been a great asset to my daily routine. I follow the exercises that they gave me and quickly got miles back to where they had been before the injury.

by Jeanette Johnson

I developed plantar fasciitis after teaching high impact and step aerobics for several years. Initially, I gave custom orthotics a go and they worked well…for a while. Then the pain came back with a vengeance! My podiatrist referred me to Dr. Reass after all the usual tricks failed. Being a marathon runner herself, she knew better than to ask me to stop doing the high impact exercise I love. Dr. Reass worked on my PF for 6 visits and it made a world of difference! Even after the first visit, I noticed the very next morning that I didn’t have the usual morning pain associated with PF. I could walk fairly normally, not the old lady hobble!! It was amazing! It has been well over a year since I’ve seen Dr. Reass for plantar fasciitis and I+ show more‘m doing great! He has also treated me for knee pain associated with playing tennis and I’ve had amazing results with that, as well! I have recommended Airrosti to several friends when I hear their complaints about plantar fasciitis and other sports related injuries. I tell them it almost sounds too good to be true but, it works!!

by Troy Clifton

After battling intense pain in my glutes, low back, and all the way down my leg for 8 months and not getting any relief from my 2 weekly PT visits, I decided I’d try something else. My original doctor diagnosed me with sciatica. It was Dr. Reass that treated me on four different visits that discovered that was only a symptom of the real problem. He was able to determine through the large amount of scar tissue that my issue was largely related to a severely pulled or torn hamstring in the previous months (which is what I told my original doctor and he quickly dismissed). No doubt the sciatic nerve was part of the issue, but it was likely caused by the hamstring trauma. Through conversations with him we also determined that the pudendal ne+ show morerve was effected from my triathlon bike saddle. This caused the majority of my back pain, glute pain, and even some down my leg. With four treatments, Dr. Reass was able to get me running and cycling pain free again, even though the treatments weren’t pain free. I feel very strongly that Dr. Reass was the key to getting me healthy again with the use of Airrosti and I continue to practice the exercises they taught me during my time there. I have been a triathlete for over 13 years and have coached triathletes and runners for the better part of a decade. I would not hesitate to send every one of my athletes to Dr. Reass and his staff if there is anything soft tissue related. This has been my first real injury in 12 years and I feel strongly that it won’t take me this long to resolve any future injuries now that I know about Airrosti.