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Became an Airrosti Provider:2009

Undergraduate School:Tidewater College, Virginia Beach, VA

Graduate School:Parker College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hobbies:Camping, RVing, kayaking, biking, staying active, hanging out on the beach with my hubby and dogs, raising chickens.

Interesting Facts:Born in Germany, traveled to and lived in several countries including Italy, Spain and Germany. I would love to retire in Costa Rica or Panama!

Awards and Recognitions:Society of Professional Women in Petroleum Speaker

Professional Affiliations:Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners, National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

What Airrosti Means to Me:2019 marked my 10-year anniversary with Airrosti. When I was three years old, my parents gave me a stethoscope and a doctor bag. I always knew I wanted to be a doctor and help people. Airrosti is not only my employer, but my family. I love that our company cares so much about their employees and their patients. I’m 100% committed and passionate about helping people feel better.

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by Helen Norman

Sometime around 2016, I went to Dr. Payne regarding some significant pain in my right neck/shoulder which was limiting my mobility. The tissue in my neck/shoulder was extremely tight after 5 visits of having Dr. Payne press her thumbs into my neck/shoulder tissue, I had ZERO pain and full mobility for as long as I did the exercises I was given for self care. To this day, I have not had any issues.

by Elizabeth Hendrie

Last Tuesday I had my first pain free day in FOUR YEARS. In March of 2015, I herniated 2 discs in my neck and by May, they had ruptured. It has been a very long and painful road since then – loss of movement, positioning myself at tables so I am across from people and not having to turn my head, being careful where I sit at lectures, or even on the couch while talking with my family in order to limit the pain caused by moving my neck. All along, I have tried different treatments, ointments, supplements, doctors, practitioners, etc. etc. etc. and many eased the pain, but it never went away. I believed the surgeon who said I would never again be pain-free. Last several months, my neck started seizing up – tightening on one side to the poin+ show moret I couldn’t move and of course, more pain. I tried massage and new essential oils, tiger balm, biofreeze, etc. – they helped temporarily. I reached out to a friend who I knew had gone to Airrosti as she and many others rave about it. Well, let me just say, Dr. Payne is a miracle worker as far as I’m concerned! I was so thrilled to tell her at my appointment today and we talked about what a ripple effect she has – lessening someone’s pain affects the person, but also her family, her children, her work, her puppies, her volunteer work, her attitude towards others, etc. etc. etc. – constant pain affects every aspect of one’s life, as does it’s absence. Please, even if you suffer from chronic pain, never give up. Try Dr. Payne in Snap Fitness in Sienna or an Airrosti near you if you haven’t already. I am definitely a believer!

by Joanne Kincer

I was in severe pain after hurting my hip/back. After a few weeks with little/no improvement, I went to the ER, then to an orthopedic surgeon who took Xrays and found no bone issues. His recommended course of action was to treat it with drugs (pain med, anti-inflammatory, and muscles relaxer). While the meds did provide some relief, I was still in significant pain after a month. That’s when I scheduled my first appointment with Dr. Payne at Airrosti. After four visits, I am virtually pain-free and much stronger. Dr. Payne carefully reviewed all of the information about the injury (including the orthopedic visit summary and Xrays). She put together a personalized treatment plan, initially projecting it would require five visits. At each v+ show moreisit, we reviewed the current status and she spent at least 40 minutes on personalized Aerrosti treatment. For the remaining 20 minutes, I worked with Dr. Davis on physical therapy. He put together a home treatment plan to stretch and strengthen. After only four visits, I was discharged virtually pain-free. One other terrific feature is the patient portal. Literally, everything is done online. All of the paperwork was completed online (I didn’t fill out a single piece of paper at the office), and the portal retains all my information, including appointment times, treatment plans, and even videos of the exercises prescribed. Even after being discharged, I still have lifetime access to the portal. I strongly recommend this awesome team at Airrosti!

by Barbara McLaughlin

Dr. Payne’s help was invaluable in a case of frozen shoulder. The pain and limited mobility in my shoulder came on suddenly. Having worked with Dr. Payne previously on neck pain, I was confident she could help me even though I initially had no idea what the problem might be. – Dr. Payne had me back to 100% within three weeks. I was so pleased, especially when I compared stories with friends who had suffered cases of frozen shoulder for much longer. One friend said her problem went on for over a year and she resorted to surgery to loosen the shoulder. – I am so thankful for Dr. Payne’s help and I am happy I went to her as soon as the pain started. – I have recommended Airrosti and Dr. Payne to friends, family, and even strangers in the gr+ show moreocery store. Airrosti is an amazing resource.

by Michael Matson

When I was young, a narcoleptic fell asleep at the wheel and drove into me while riding my bicycle after school. I was on crutches for 6 months, and I have never been able to sit cross-legged since. This range of mobility has been a constant struggle, but I have been able to compete in sports through college, and soon I will become the first Texan in history to row across the Atlantic Ocean. In training for such a feat, I have encountered many injuries, but the doctors at Airrosti (I’ve visited with many, all with unique areas of specialty, and all with excellent skills and knowledge on how to keep me in the gym) have kept me on track!

by Adrienne Perkins

After training several months for my half marathon I started having severe knee pain. Not only could I not run on my knee, I couldn’t even make it down the stairs at work. I went to the local running store and was referred to Dr. Shannon Payne. After three treatments I have been back to running and was able to complete my half marathon. Here is the letter that I sent:
Hello Dr. Payne,
I wanted to update you on my half marathon. My goal was 2:15 and on my watch I ran it in 2:13. I just got my pictures back and the clock said 2:14.55… Either way I met my goal and I did it without pain! I immediately iced and rolled and stretched and haven’t had any issues with my knee since. Thank you so much! I appreciate your h+ show moreelp in getting me back to running again and completing my half marathon.

by Jacqueline Osorio

The decision to run my first marathon did not come easy. The decision itself was tough and the preparation for it began faster than I thought. One month after making the decision, I was on a training run and experienced excruciating pain in both of my IT bands. The pain was so unbearable that I was unable to finish my run and had to be picked up!! The pain lasted several days. I then tried to run an easy 3-4 miles. At mile 1.5 the pain came back! This went on for about a month. I couldn’t do my long runs. I felt like my world was closing in on me because I couldn’t do what I loved! After complaining to my running buddies, one of them suggested Airrosti. I called, made an appointment and coudn’t wait!! I chose to go to my appointment even+ show more after finding out that I would have to pay out of pocket because my insurance wouldn’t cover it. Best. Decision. Ever.Dr. Payne was not only super nice but very knowledgeable! The treatment plan was something that is not only doable but surprisingly easy! I began to do my “”homework”” as assigned and then went for a test run. Slight pain. I went back for a second appointment. Then I did a run. No pain. That weekend I had a long run. No pain!! I had slight pain afterwards but my actual run was pain free! I loved that the treatment plan was tailored to my needs and that Dr. Payne was genuinely interested in my recovery! With her help, I was able to run my first ever 30K today! I would DEFINITELY recommend Airrosti to anyone and everyone!!

by Matt S.

I’ve been running for 20 plus years and completed over 15 marathons. Over the years I have learned to cope with aches and pains, but I started to have this nagging pain that wouldn’t go away. I tried to run through it and ended up changing my gait. This resulted in even more pain. Fearing my Achilles tendon was torn, I talked to a friend who suggested I try Airrosti. I visited Dr. Shannon Payne and she diagnosed the problem as posterior tibial tendonitis. She did a deep tissue release procedure starting in my ankle and working up into my calf. It was intense for a few minutes, but when she was done and I stood up the pain was 80 percent gone. I returned for another two treatments and the issue was completely resolved. I was able + show moreto run pain free after the first treatment. She works miracles. I have referred countless running friends to my miracle doctor. Truly amazing!

by Donald D.

When I first met Shannon I was telling her about the problems I had with my rotator cuff. I was a pitcher in baseball and I had repeated injuries over the years. This all lead me to believe I’d live in pain and have issues my whole life. After one visit I knew Shannon Payne would be able to help me train for an upcoming fight. I asked Shannon to be honest, and if I couldn’t compete in the MMA bout I had scheduled, to simply tell me so my opponent could get another guy to fight. It took three visits and we both knew I’d be able to still compete and train at one hundred percent! As a personal trainer and MMA fighter, I tend to beat my body up. I want to thank Airrosti. I’m still pain free and able to continue competing, even at 28 years ol+ show mored! This has definitely been a game and life changer! Thanks Shannon! Thanks Airrosti!