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Became an Airrosti Provider:2024

Undergraduate School:Syracuse University

Graduate School:National University of Health Sciences

Hometown:Winter Haven, FL

Hobbies:I enjoy international travel, learning new cooking/baking skills, kayaking, making pottery, and watching my daughter play volleyball

Interesting Facts:I have been to the top of Mt Vesuvius

Professional Affiliations:Florida Chiropractic Association Gamma Phi Beta

What Airrosti Means to Me:To me, Airrosti means excellent patient care and a positive clinical environment

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by Jillian Smit

A few months back, I fell. Fast forward, I developed pain in my hip and leg. My PCP advised me to Airrosti, and I was privileged to find Dr. Stephanie Cahill, who did a phenomenal job relieving my pain. I could not sit in a chair for more than an hour without experiencing consistent, annoying pain. When I first saw Dr. Cahill, my pain level was a nine. With the planned exercises recommended by Dr. Cahill, I made tremendous progress in reducing my pain level to zero. Thank you so much, Dr. Cahill, for guiding me through this painful process. I highly recommend Dr. Cahill. You’re the best!!!