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Became an Airrosti Provider:2015

Undergraduate School:University of Florida

Graduate School:Life University

Hometown:Panama City, Florida

Hobbies:Travel, exercise, cheerleading.

Interesting Facts:I've chased kangaroos in Australia, I was in an 80's cover band, and was a professional cheerleader. I love trying new and exotic foods (the weird kind you see on TV), riding motorcycles, and would consider myself an expert skee-ball player. A cow-bison hybrid is called a beefalo and the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Serving patients with the two most effective tools in healthcare; Highly effective treatment and rehabilitation and PASSION for helping others live life without restrictions caused by pain.

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by Patrick Hatcher

I just wanted to take time to give Travis and Airrosti a thumbs up! Prior to seeing Travis I was in bad shape. After months of physical therapy and intensive surgery, I had lost hope that I would get better. After my first session I was already doing better. By the end of my treatments, I was back doing things I hadn’t done in months. Travis gave me the tools I needed to keep me in the game. Being in the military, it is vitally important to stay healthy. Travis was able to get me back and so far I’m staying there! Thanks again!

by James Adkins

I have had shin splints since my time in the Marine Corps back in 2007-2012. I’ve never known running, or life really without them. They caused a stress fracture in 09′ which set me back almost 3 months. Within 2 sessions with Travis I went from a 7 to a 1 in pain, and now it is almost non existent. This is the first time I have felt like this as long as I can remember. Especially as a Crossfit/Endurance athlete.

by Forest Kim

I had been training with my wife for my first half-marathon for 5 weeks when calf pain struck. I continued my training despite episodic pain. However, two weeks before my race, the pain slowed my pace to a crawl. I needed help if I was to run, so I reached out to Airrosti. I noticed a difference in my pain level after my first treatment. After the second treatment and following my prescribed ‘homework’, I felt like completing the 13.1 miles was possible. I ended up finishing my race. But what was even more remarkable was that with just two treatments and homework in just one week, I kept pace with my wife (a more seasoned runner) and felt no pain the entire time. I’m proof that Airrosti works where there are limited or no other treatment+ show more options, particularly with an extremely constrained time frame.

by Nena Ramirez

A friend referred me to Airrosti with Dr Travis Owens after her son was a patient there . I decided to go see Dr Owens after years of taking pain meds and muscle relaxers for back and neck pain . After 3 visits with Dr Owens I am feeling great . I cannot Thank Dr Owens enough for guiding me in the right direction . I feel like myself again pain free . His professionalism and extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his patients is what makes Dr Owens great . I would highly recommend him to all my family and friends .

by Elizabeth Steen

I would like to tell you about my parents Frank and Teresa Farris and our experience with Airrosti. My mom, has had three CAT scans performed in three different ways; without barium, with barium and one using Intravenous dye, Endoscopy and Colonscopy, blood work and no physician could find the reason for my moms discomfort. My mother, Teresa was unable to sleep, eat certain foods, brush her hair and could barely feed her self. She lost approximately 14 lbs from January to March and struggling to maintain the weight. My father, Frank Farris, could only walk bent forward. He was loosing his balance and he was taking 400mg of gabapentin for pain. Needless to say, both of my parents were loosing self esteem and their independancy. My pa+ show morerents rapidly improved..GREATLY with the help of Dr. Leomo (her angel, as she refers to him) and Dr. Owens. They both set goals for them and they were patient with them. Both of the doctors were happy to see my parents and took their time treating them. My parents felt comfortable under their care and they gain my parents trust. My mother is now able to move her arm better, much reduced abdominal discomfort, brush her hair, buckle her seat belt, etc. My dad is able to walk MUCH straighter than two weeks ago. It is a GREAT improvement. Thank you Dr. Owens and Dr. Leomo for being compassionate towards them, for being professional, for giving them hope and helping them to continue to be independent. We will always be grateful to you. I would like to mentioned that Jordan, a gentleman that answered the phones, was very friendly, recognized my voice when I call, and followed throughed, having someone to call when available appointments came about. Judith Siron, was always friendly, knew who we were and offered us water at our visits. We also would like to thank you, Mr. Green for hiring the right kind of individuals. Many think of financial gain, but it is clear to us, Airrosti is not in the business for money, but rather to help those who truly need it. We will continue to spread the word of the Airrosti Experience. Respectfully, Frank Farris, Teresa Farris and Elizabeth Steen.