Top 5 Reasons to Start Exercising

photo of man doing tricep dips in the middle of the city. Text reads "top 5 reasons to start exercising"

Working out is hard. It takes time, commitment, and a whole lot of effort. You get sweaty and sore, so why even bother?
Aside from the obvious goal of wanting to look better, there are many underrated reasons to include exercise in your routine. These reasons delve beyond the exterior and get into what makes you, you.

Reasons to Workout

  1. It makes you happy. You will literally feel amazing after you workout, seriously. Studies have confirmed that there is a direct link between exercise and the release of feel-good hormones like serotonin. Other recent studies have shown that levels of these types of hormones within the hippocampus significantly increased immediately after a sweat session. This suggests that physical activity and exercise may help manage depression.
  2. It makes life easier. Being stronger and more capable makes for a more manageable life. Need to move a heavy box? No problem. Your grandma needs you to move some furniture? You got it, Granny. Your Great Dane won’t get in the tub for a bath? No more avoiding the suds, Buddy. Just work on lifting something a little bit heavier each day, and, due to the law of progressive overload, you’ll get stronger and life will get more manageable.
  3. It helps you succeed. Setting and achieving goals in the gym can help you set and achieve goals outside of the gym. By repeating the setting/reaching goal cycle, it becomes a habit you can apply to your daily life or career. Breaking down big goals into smaller, more attainable milestones allows you to positively reinforce your work and accomplishments, making it easier to apply the “set-work-achieve-repeat” mentality to anything you want to accomplish.
  4. It strengthens relationships. Taking care of yourself and your body helps you take care of your relationships with your loved ones. The people you love deserve your best, so making time to take care of your health allows you to be the best version of yourself for them. By building strength, you’re able to support them when they need help and encourage them to join you in striving for an active, healthy life so that you both can stick around for as long as possible.
  5. It makes you grateful. It’s easy to consider exercise a chore. But really start to think about it, and you’ll realize it’s a blessing. Take inventory of what you’re fortunate enough to have. Legs to carry you, arms to lift things and a strong heart to keep you going. These things often get overlooked, but exercising should be a celebration of how amazing your body truly is.

These are only a few of the plethora of reasons to get your body in gear. All in all, exercise makes your life better, so there’s really no downside.
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  • Helen K Kreller
    Posted at 12:52h, 23 April Reply

    Could you show me some exercises I should start with to exercise. I am 66 years old and very active tutoring but need some leg and core exercises.

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