Motivate Yourself to Move

Starting a new workout is exciting! You lace up your shoes ready to take on the world, but after a few days your enthusiasm may start to fade away. Here are some tips to keep yourself motivated and moving.

  1. Ask yourself if you’ll regret skipping. Parking yourself on the couch for a Netflix marathon may seem perfect right now, but ask yourself if you’ll regret skipping your workout. If you think you’ll feel guilty for not sticking to your plan, get up and go! You’ll feel accomplished and proud.
  2. Give yourself real rewards. Think about little things you can give yourself as a reward for staying with your workout plan. For example, if you complete a month long program, treat yourself to some new shoes or a fancy dinner! Think about things you know you’ll look forward to and tell yourself you can have them once you meet your milestones.
  3. Set small challenges. Instead of a vague, huge goal of losing weight or getting stronger, set small specific challenges. Stop saying you want to get stronger; instead challenge yourself to do 20 pushups in a row. Once you complete that challenge, celebrate and set a new one! It’s all about small victories.
  4. Reflect on how you feel. When you’re not feeling like going to the gym, think about how great you feel afterwards. It helps to write down how you feel or snap a smiling selfie to remind yourself how awesome you feel after you crush your workout.
  5. Get a workout buddy. Working out with a friend not only makes you workouts more fun, but it keeps you accountable. You can push each other to reach new goals while spending quality time together. Plus, you’ll have someone to celebrate with when you meet your goals!
  6. Track your successes. Keeping track of how much weight you lift or taking progress photos can motivate you to keep moving forward. Looking back on how far you’ve come on your fitness journey helps you see the positives and can remind you why you started working out in the first place.

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