The Benefits of Having a Workout Buddy

Benefits of Having a Workout Buddy

If you’ve been struggling with motivation at the gym, you may want to consider recruiting a buddy to sweat it out with you. Aside from having some nice company, there are other benefits to having a workout buddy that can help you reach your fitness goals.

6 Reasons to Get a Workout Buddy

1) Gain Some Accountability

Social support from a friend helps keep your exercise routine on track. Sharing with a friend the workouts you’ve done, the ones you plan to do, or any that you have missed puts an emphasis on consistency and accountability. In turn, the more consistent you are with your workouts, the sooner you’ll achieve your fitness goals.

Also, having a workout partner means scheduling your workouts in advance. This makes them much more important and a part of your daily routine, so you’re more likely to follow through and less likely to ditch gym days.

2) Explore New Workouts

Having a partner by your side gives you the confidence to try new workouts and equipment. Your buddy may also inspire you to try a new activity that they love. Working out with someone with a different skill set and fitness level can open the door for many new workout routines.

3) Improve Your Form

While your workout buddy is likely not a personal trainer, they can still help you keep good form during your workout, and you can do the same for them. By visually checking each other throughout your workout session you can each catch improper form and help prevent injuries.

4) Add Some Competition

Most people have at least a little bit of competitiveness in them. The spirit of competition can make you want to perform better. Many people work harder when paired up with a workout partner who can offer some support, encouragement, and a bit of a challenge. If you’ve got a running partner, you can challenge each other to a race. Going to the gym? Have a competition to see who can do the most sets of pushups in two minutes. This motivational factor can help you achieve your goals and keep them for the long term.

5) Workout Safety

Having a spotter when you do bench presses or lifts can make exercises much safer. Outdoor workouts are also safer with a workout partner since there are two pairs of eyes on alert. If your buddy is more seasoned in the activity, they can also give you tips on how to best perform these new workouts and correct your form to help you avoid an injury.

6) Celebrate Success Together

Having someone there to celebrate your successes is great! Your partner has an outside perspective and can sometimes notice strength or endurance improvements in you that you may overlook. They can help you keep track of your progress and stay motivated to continue – and don’t forget to take those progress selfies!

How to Find a Workout Partner

One easy way to find a workout partner is through your family, spouse, or friends. But sometimes those connections may not be available, or their fitness priorities may not align with yours. If you’re currently looking for a workout partner, you can also use social media or apps like Meetup.

Another great way to find a partner is by joining a group fitness class. Your local gym should have an updated calendar of group fitness classes and times. There are so many types of group fitness options out there like CrossFit, Camp Gladiator, and Zumba that offer a variety of workout styles.

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