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Became an Airrosti Provider:2011

Undergraduate School:Phoenix College, Phoenix, AZ

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA

Hometown:Wherever I am. I grew up in Fairfield, IA

Hobbies:Messing around with my family, gym, inventing stuff, martial arts, skateboarding.

Interesting Facts:I lived in England for about 7 years

What Airrosti Means to Me:Wow! Airrosti is a way that I can help a lot of people. I still love traditional chiropractic and go to mine for regular tune-ups. But, for musculoskeletal injuries, sprains, strains and tears, Airrosti is blowing my old stuff away. 3-4 visits on average as opposed to starting at 12 visits. Definitely not traditional chiropractic. This stuff is awesome!

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by Jess Appel

I had a nagging shoulder/neck injury and finally sought treatment from Kurt Edeker and his team at Airrosti Brodie South. I was so impressed with how smooth the reservations system was and the treatment I got from Dr. Edeker was top-notch. My pain was significantly diminished after my first visit. Now, I’ve seen him twice and my body is functioning completely differently. I feel great and more able to engage and stabilize my shoulder than I have been able to in a long time. Without his treatment, I would not be able to recover as well or as fast. I’m so excited I went!

by Keara McGraw

I injured my neck at a volleyball tournament and couldn’t move me head at all. I couldn’t even sit up in bed without head from someone. I went to another doctor, but the pain only went away for a couple hours. I then went to airrosti desperate because I had to get back on the court fast. I felt results after only one treatment. I was back on the court and even competed in my track meet the next day. After my third visit I was completely pain free and haven’t had any issues since.

by Jim Cahalan

I confess that I chose Airrosti and this particular location only because it was the closest physical therapy place of any kind. I was even a bit skeptical before I went there, wondering if Airrosti was some kind of gimmick. Instead, I’ve become a true believer! Back north where I’m from I went to more conventional physical therapy places many times for many different problems over the years, and that was very helpful. But I was impressed by the amount of ongoing individual attention with Airrosti, and I how learned effective strategies that I continue at home and never would have thought of on my own. For example, it’s even counter-intuitive to “park” the sorest spots of my strained calf muscle on top of a lacrosse ball perched on + show morea firm yoga block, because that hurts, but as I leave it there, the pain decreases and the ball stretches the necessary parts of the muscle deep inside my leg. Airrosti completely cured–quickly–the problem that got me there to begin with: a very sore area beside my knee that had made it painful, for a whole year, to run, ride my bike, or sometimes even walk. After 4 visits, that was totally gone. (But I keep working that area to make sure that it stays gone.) And these folks are really nice, a pleasure to work with. Thanks!

by Angela Melito

I had back surgery 12/2014 for a herniated disk L4/L5. Prior to surgery I tried everything. It was an unusually tough recovery and if I had known this I would not have had the surgery. I developed scar tissue. I did do physical therapy prior to surgery but didn’t go right after surgery due to no insurance. But I did do the exercises at home after surgery and walked. But it still wasn’t enough. I ended up going to another PT place that had a DC, NC and massage therapist but it was the same excerises and I wasn’t getting any results. I also had injections which did not help, neither did acupuncture. A friend told me about Airrosti. Of course I was skeptical but felt better after the first session. They educated me on the fact that after th+ show moree surgery I developed scar tissue and unless that is broken up, you will never get rid of the pain, no matter how many excersices you do. The exercises help with core strength & back BUT only using the Lacrosse ball will break up scar tissue!! Why didn’t any of the other doctors tell me about this simple yet effective tool? I wish I had found Dr. Edeker & Angela years ago! They are amazing & know their stuff. If you have pain, Airrosti will get rid of it for good!!!!

by Robert Diaz

Back in May of 2012, I was going to the gym 4 times/week lifting weights and doing cardio just to keep fit. I developed a terrible swelling pain in my right wrist. The pain was so bad I was not able to hold a pencil with my right hand. I had to quit going to the gym because I couldn’t use any of the machines. I also had to stop my marathon training because the pain was so bad when I ran. I went to my primary care doctor and he immediately said it was gout. I didn’t think it was gout because there wasn’t any redness or heat. After a week of excruciating pain and no relieve from Gout meds, I went to an Internal medicine doctor to get a 2nd opinion. This office did x-rays and then an MRI. Neither of these test showed what was wrong, + show moreso the doctor said that I needed to get a cortisone shot. I didn’t know what to expect and I thought the doctor knew what he was doing. This was the most painful procedure I have ever experienced! I let out a bunch of cuss words and I nearly passed out from the pain! I wanted to punch him out! The nurse said I did well but in about an hour the pain was going to get worse. Boy was she right! I had to make sure to get home and in my house before this happened. The pain was so bad I had tears. I had to get this fixed. A few days later, I wasn’t getting any relief and I was discussing my issue with a friend. She suggested I go see her acupuncturist. I did go to an acupuncturist before with a positive outcome. After a few sessions and no relief my other half suggested I go to Airrosti. I was miserable, this was 2 months after the pain started. I looked it up and there was one in my area in Cedar Park. This is where I met Dr. Kurt Edeker. He examined me and explained how the sessions may be a bit painful. Well after that cortisone shot, nothing could be that painful. It was, but after one session I actually could feel a bit of relief. I walked out of the office feeling very optimistic about this treatment and I honestly felt immediate sense of relief. I was still in pain but it was less than when I walked in. After 4 treatments from Dr. Edeker and doing the assigned exercises throughout the day my wrist was healing. I was back at the gym starting out slowly but I was able to use my wrist again. I also started my marathon training. I really wish I would have gone to Airrosti much sooner. I now see Dr. Ellspermann (aka El Superman) because it’s so close to UT Campus. I have sent several of my friends to Airrosti because of my positive experiences.