5 Tips to Help Fix Snapping Hip Syndrome

5 Tips tp Help Fix Snapping Hip Syndrome

If you notice your hips popping or snapping when you move a certain way, don’t be alarmed. There are several reasons why you might feel your hips clicking or snapping during movements. Hip snapping is a common occurrence, especially in physically active people. However, chronic hip snapping followed by pain is often a telltale sign […]

Off-Ice Warm Up for Figure Skating

Warm Up for Ice Skating

https://youtu.be/-glNDj7FKZQ?si=5dBDqeh97-jjaGIM Set yourself up for success before you head out to the ice rink. Watch as Airrosti’s Cari Roberts, DC walks through three exercises and stretches that can help warm up and activate your lower body, so you can remain flexible and stable as when you stick the landing! ⛸️❄️ *Disclaimer: Always consult with your […]

Provider Spotlight: Rene Ramon, DC

Provider Spotlight: Rene Ramon, DC - Corpus Christi, TX

Meet our Provider of the Month, Rene Ramon, DC. We caught up with him to learn a few of his favorite movies, what local restaurants he enjoys around Corpus Christi, and what his favorite recovery tool is! schedule now Where is your practice? Corpus Christi, TX. Where are you originally from? Alice, TX. Go Coyotes! […]

Best Hip Flexor Stretches & Exercises

Best Hip Flexor Stretches & Exercises

The hip flexors play a pivotal role in our lower body’s movement. However, they can be tense, imbalanced, or inflamed due to several causes. If you have noticed you have tight hip flexors during your daily life, keep scrolling for a few hip flexor stretches and exercises that can help strengthen vital muscles and reduce […]

Hip Pain Misconceptions & Facts

Hip Pain Misconceptions Webinar Snippet

https://youtu.be/M7Ord8nr9QE?si=QWe0heJIzOzWyjER Is hip pain affecting your mobility and performance? Watch as Airrosti’s Cari Roberts, DC clears up some misconceptions on hip pain and explains possible causes. This is just a snippet from our free monthly webinar series that covers many of the most common conditions that we see in-office. If you’d like to sign up […]

Hip Flexor Injuries 101

Hip Flexor Injuries 101

The hip flexors play an important role in everyday mobility and exercise. Most movements either directly or indirectly use the hip flexors, which is why injuries to this region of the body can be detrimental to your ability to move. In this blog, we explore what causes hip flexor pain, how to recover from a […]