Warm-Up Exercises for Hockey

Warm-Up for Hockey

https://youtu.be/sU430dx_0vw?si=kbOMQEdIEArUBcpn Like any other sport, warming up for hockey is necessary to help activate your muscles, as well as reduce your risk of injury. Watch Airrosti’s Nick Askey, DC demonstrate a few warm-up exercises for hockey that can help prepare your wrist, forearms, and hips. Try these exercises before your next hockey match; they might […]

Provider Spotlight: Michael Hilton, DC

Airrosti Provider Spotlight: Michael Hilton Richardson TX

Meet our Provider of the Month, Michael Hilton, DC. We caught up with him to who his favorite director is, what he does in his spare time, and which recovery tool is his favorite! schedule now Where is your practice? Richarson, TX. Where are you originally from? Natchitoches, Louisiana; got any good recommendations for gumbo […]

Sciatica Myths, Facts, and Causes

Suffering from Sciatica? Airrosti Webinar: Sciatica Myths, Facts, and Causes

https://youtu.be/zyQPz_jzLX0?si=BgJQgI8Sru90XitL Sciatica is not fun and can affect several areas of your body. Watch as Airrosti’s Cari Roberts, DC dives into some misconceptions, interesting facts, and possible causes of sciatica. This is just a snippet from our free monthly webinar series that covers many of the most common conditions that we see in-office. If you’d […]

5 Workout Ideas for Couples

5 Workout Ideas for Couples

As the holiday of romance, Valentine’s Day is a symbolic invitation to let love flourish. While a nice, cooked meal can be a great way to spend an evening together, you may want to try something a little more adventurous with your partner when it comes to this special day. Keep reading for five couples’ […]