Pregnancy/Postpartum-Related Back Pain: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Airrosti’s Brooke Green, DC, discusses some of the common causes of prenatal and postpartum low back and hip pain. Find out how hormonal changes within the body can affect joint health during pregnancy and learn how different treatment methods approach pregnancy-related pain.

Back pain during pregnancy can range from mild pain associated with specific activities to more acute or chronic pain that persists throughout the day. Pain most often occurs between the fifth and seventh month of pregnancy; however, low back pain can begin as early as 8 to 12 weeks after becoming pregnant and continue after delivery.


Pregnancy Back Pain

Two common types of back pain related to pregnancy include: lumbar (low back) pain and posterior pelvic (hip) pain. Both conditions may be caused by several factors related to changes that naturally occur in your body while pregnant. Weight fluctuations, posture, changes in musculoskeletal structure, fatigue, and hormonal changes are all potential triggers of back pain during pregnancy.

Pregnancy-related low back and hip pain can be brought on or worsened by certain activities, such as rolling in bed, climbing stairs, sitting down, rising from a seated position, and bending forward.


Lumbar pain during pregnancy is generally located at and above the waist in the center of the back. This condition often worsens when bending, lifting, and sitting or standing for extended periods. Tenderness may also be present in the muscles along the spine during pregnancy.


Posterior pelvic pain is often felt deep within the hips and waistline. Pregnancy pelvic pain may be experienced on one or both sides. It can extend down into the buttock and upper portion of the back of the thighs. This type of pain may not resolve itself with rest, and morning stiffness may be present.


It is important to note that labor pain is a different type of pain. It is like an intense menstrual cramp and has the following characteristics: the pain is persistent, it increases in intensity and frequency over a short period of time, it is not affected by your level of activity. This is not the pregnancy-related low back/pelvic pain Airrosti can have an impact on.


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Any pregnancy-related pain that lasts longer than six to eight weeks should be treated to avoid chronic back pain or recurring back problems. Chronic lower back pain during pregnancy that lasts for weeks to months is a common predictor for postpartum back pain. For this reason, pregnant women are often encouraged to seek appropriate back pain treatment during pregnancy.

Traditionally, pregnant women suffering from back pain had few treatment options due to the significant risks involved with common treatment options like pharmaceuticals, injections, and imaging tests. Most available options involve only partial and temporary relief from the pain, including ice or heat, braces or support devices, some medications to treat inflammation, massage, adjusting sleeping patterns, or making major lifestyle adjustments.


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Airrosti offers a noninvasive and highly effective treatment for low back and hip pain. Our providers spend significant one-on-one time with every patient to thoroughly diagnose and design a treatment plan to help resolve pain at the source. We combine hands-on manual therapy with an individualized active rehab exercise plan to help improve soft tissue and joint strength, mobility, and stability.

We also provide tools and resources you can use from the comfort of home to speed your recovery and minimize the risk of future injuries. The Airrosti treatment process is designed to significantly reduce or eliminate pain at the source, often in as few as three visits (based on patient-reported outcomes.)

If you or someone you know has been struggling with pregnancy-related hip or low back pain and need some relief, schedule an appointment with an Airrosti provider today. To learn more about treatment with Airrosti, click here or give us a call at (800) 404-6050. We offer both in-office and virtual appointments to best suit your needs.

*Disclaimer: While some discomfort during pregnancy is normal, periods of prolonged or intense pain could be a sign of an underlying condition. It’s important to maintain open communication with your doctor and health care team about what activities you can reasonably do during and after pregnancy to help minimize any potential risks.

All Airrosti treatment provided during pregnancy is co-managed with your prenatal care provider. Your Airrosti Provider will work closely with your prenatal care provider to ensure you receive the best, most comprehensive care during your pregnancy.

Reviewed by Mikel Richter, Doctor of Chiropractic.


I am in shock! This was my first time working with Airrosti, and it was amazing! If you had told me a few weeks ago that I would be pain free in two days I would have laughed. I was in so much pain for a month I went to urgent care was given muscle relaxers and Motrin to relieve the pain and be able...+ show more to play with my twins. I thought I had sciatic nerve pain with twins but it turned out to be a sprain. Within two days after treatment and easy-to-follow exercises at home, here I am without pain. I wasn’t even able to walk at a point. I am completely grateful and for sure come back if needed!

Celia Aranda

Nov 2018

I was referred to Airrosti by my OBGYN while I was pregnant with my 3rd baby. I have a long history of lower back problems and hip pain. I have done every treatment possible: traditional chiropractic, acupuncture, PT, etc. Nothing was a long-term solution for my pain. When I'm pregnant everything fl...+ show moreares and gets worse. Once I started seeing Dr. Camp I have never felt better while pregnant and in post. I fully threw my back out at one point while 7 months pregnant and Dr. Camp had me up and walking, moving, and functioning in less than a week. In postpartum, I developed sciatic pain and again, managed quickly and I'm back to working out and feeling great. I cannot thank him and the team enough! I tell every mom and person I meet to come here!

Melissa McCartney

Nov 2018

For the past several years my wife Brittany has been dealing with debilitating pain all throughout her lower body. It started after the birth of our third son. In the beginning, it was an annoying clicking and tightness in her pelvic region, in the hips specifically. As time progressed the affected ...+ show morearea began to expand, and the pain began to intensify. The clicking in her hips became a sticking in her hip sockets which required her to "crack" them almost every time she got up from a lying or sitting position. Eventually, the hip pain expanded to her lower back, knees, and even her calves. After many months of treatment from chiropractors and massage therapists, we began to search out alternative ideas as to what may be causing her issues. We have tried several different diets in an attempt to eliminate inflammation in her body, which had a negligible and short-lived effect. We began to suspect that the problems originated from the three c- sections she had endured for the births of our sons. That idea slowly turned into our thinking that her endometriosis, which had been diagnosed when she was a teenager, had taken a turn for the worse, causing tissues to invade some of her body cavities and causing her now INTENSE pain. The point is that we explored many different avenues and treatments. All to frustratingly dismal results. Our next option was invasive and expensive testing toward the idea that she would need surgery of some kind. We then had an off-handed discussion with a recent acquaintance about what she had been suffering. He was the first person that had ever mentioned Airrosti to us. He had a seemingly miraculous experience, and gave us another thing to try before we moved on to the world of surgeries! We made her appointment and went together to my wife's first session. We had very tempered hopes. Within the first few minutes of our visit Josh Paulson, (he was our assigned practitioner) we felt very comfortable and optimistic. He seemed to think that he would be able to help, dramatically, in only three to four sessions! Definitely seemed too good to be true, but we thought that even a small alleviation of her pain would be a dramatic improvement. I know it seems tiny, but after only one hour, when my wife was putting her shoes back on, she lifted her foot up onto the chair she was sitting in and tied her shoe. Only after she had done it did it dawn on her that this was unusual. That was not something that was able to happen only one hour prior! There were many times that I had to tie them for her because she was so tight or limited in her movements. This was extremely encouraging! I couldn't make it to her other appointments, but she informed me that she literally SKIPPED out of the office to her car after her 3rd visit!!! I am ecstatic at the improvement in such a short period of time. She is at least 65 to 70 percent better after only three visits! She is happier and more pleasant to be around too. The pain had been causing a kind of hopelessness and depression that has completely disappeared. I can't recommend Airrosti, and Dr. Paulson enough to somebody that has constant pain that has been sucking the joy out of their life. Thank you Josh!

Christopher Hennessey

Nov 2018

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