Foot Pain: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Join Airrosti’s Dr. Jenay Zelaya as she discusses the common causes of various types of foot pain. Dr. Zelaya explains how muscle imbalances in the feet can also cause pain up the kinetic chain. She also discusses traditional treatment method options and goes over how Airrosti’s hands-on approach is a little bit different. At Airrosti, we treat pain at the source to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Learn more about what to expect at your first Airrosti visit.


Feet are flexible structures made of bones, joints, muscles, and soft tissues that allow us to perform most daily activities. From walking and standing upright to playing sports and doing gymnastics, your feet go through a lot to keep you mobile. Feet are made of many complex parts and act as shock absorbers for the rest of the body during movement. As a result, your feet become easily susceptible to pain and injuries when they are not given proper care.


Foot pain could be caused by a recent acute injury, such as a fall, or it may be a chronic condition that has slowly gotten worse. Most foot problems are sustained from mechanical issues such as overuse, improper footwear, or arch issues such as flat feet.

You’re more likely to experience foot pain if you don’t practice proper foot mechanics, wear heels or shoes without arch support, or work in occupations that keep you on your feet for extended periods of time.  You’re also at a higher risk of foot injuries if you’re obese or flat-footed.

Some common causes of foot pain are:

·       Plantar Fasciitis

·       Achilles Tendonitis

·       Sprains and strains

·       Stress fractures

·       Sever’s disease

·       Heel spurs

Foot pain tends to be localized in the ball of the foot, arch, top of the foot, or in the toe joints. However, an injury to the foot can also cause pain in the ankle, knee, hip, and the low back. Foot pain can be sharp, dull, tingling, or burning. Some injuries that cause foot pain and inflammation can also develop other symptoms such as weakness, bruising, swelling, and tenderness.


Your doctor may ask you about your medical history and if you’ve had a previous foot injury. They may also request an x-ray or MRI to determine the condition of your foot and rule out what may be causing the pain.

Depending on the cause, treatments can vary. Foot pain treatment methods may be as conservative as using shoe inserts to provide arch support or prescribing nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain relief. A foot injury caused by overuse is typically treated using the RICE method, and your doctor may request you wear a boot or brace to keep your foot from suffering further damage during your recovery.

In cases of chronic or severe foot pain, treatment becomes less conservative, more time consuming, and sometimes risky. In some cases, your doctor may suggest an injection or surgery.  These procedures can be costly, and recovery may require physical therapy.


Chronic foot pain can cause recurring problems, keeping you from enjoying many of your favorite activities. However, Airrosti providers are experts at accurately diagnosing and fixing pain at its source to provide rapid relief with lasting results. With conservative, hands-on manual therapy combined with individually customized rehab exercises, we can correct the underlying cause of your pain and prevent future injuries in as little as three visits (based on patient-reported outcomes).

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