Tips to Help Avoid Summer Injuries

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With summer well underway, our days are filled with lounging by the pool, sipping cold drinks, and enjoying our favorite outdoor activities with friends. On the not-so-bright-side, this warmer weather can also open doors for nagging pain and injuries, leaving you stuck indoors. Here are some quick tips and tricks to help keep you cool and injury-free this summer.

Aching Feet

Wearing your newest sandals or flip flops may seem like the easiest option in the summertime, but these shoe choices can quickly wear down your feet. Sandals and flip flops are usually flat, offering very little support for your arches. Your toes will also be working overtime to keep those shoes on your feet. While some sandals may have straps to help hold them in place, most flip flops lack that structure and are notorious for slipping off at the most inconvenient times.

Even if you don’t trip and fall from an escaped sandal, you can still end up with a painful foot condition called plantar fasciitis. Not only can plantar fasciitis cause arch pain, but it can also cause long-term mobility issues if left untreated.

To avoid a painful shoe-related injury, make sure your summer kicks are the proper size and can fit snugly on your feet. Most importantly, opt for sandals with added structure and arch support. Switching to sturdier sandals will help you stay on your feet all summer long.

Overworked Joints

Something about summer makes you want to dive right into new outdoor activities. Swimming, biking, and other sports can be great options for staying active in the warmer weather. Before you jump into these activities headfirst, remember to always take a few minutes to warm-up and cool down between activities.

Cold muscles and joints that aren’t properly warmed up before exercise are more likely to be injured. It’s important to warm up the whole body since every athletic movement involves multiple muscles and joints working together as a unit.

A good warmup involves dynamic stretching as well as some light activity to get your blood flowing and your heart pumping. Do a few jumping jacks or jog in place for a few minutes to get your body loose and ready to go!

Dehydrated Muscles

Proper hydration is crucial when you’re spending your days outside in the summer heat. Dehydration happens when your body loses more fluid than you take in. Higher outdoor temperatures can accelerate this problem as your body tries to keep cool by sending your sweat glands into overdrive. As you lose fluids, heat exhaustion can set in and cause muscle cramps, fatigue, headaches, and can even slow down your brain function.

Stay hydrated by drinking water even when you don’t feel thirsty. Drinking water throughout the day will help you stay cool and might even be able to help you avoid post-workout muscle soreness.

If the lack of flavor in water turns you off, try infusing it with some fruit or cucumbers. You’ll gain the benefits of taste while also replenishing important vitamins and nutrients in your body.

Keep Your Summers Shining with Airrosti

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