Best Engagement Practices for Employee Benefits

Best Engagement Practices for Employee Benefits

Key Points:

Employers should…

  • Provide consistent communication to educate employees
  • Utilize different forms of communication
  • Engage with employees through both in-person and virtual channels

Despite much time and effort employers put into selecting the best benefits for their company or organization, it has no positive effects if employees aren’t well-informed on those benefits. When adding a new benefit to your roster, there are a few best engagement practices to help keep your health plan members up to speed!

The Importance of Educating Employees on Benefits

Educating employees about their health benefits is crucial, especially considering the significant financial implications. When employees fail to utilize available benefits, they not only miss out on opportunities to enhance their well-being but also risk incurring personal health-related costs in the long run. Additionally, this underutilization impacts the company financially, as investments in benefits go unused.[1]

When employees utilize their benefits, your organization benefits from healthier employees, reduced healthcare costs, and improved productivity and retention. Ultimately, a well-informed workforce that actively engages with their health benefits, especially preventative ones, not only safeguards their financial interests but also contributes to the financial stability and success of the organization.[2]

Consistent Communication

Effective communication is a cornerstone of successfully introducing and promoting new health benefits to employees. Health benefits are particularly crucial, as they directly impact employees’ well-being and quality of life. Having your HR department and leadership within your organization, such as managers, support messaging about health benefits can help spread the word and engage employees. Regular communication ensures that employees are well-informed, engaged, and motivated to utilize the new health benefits to their fullest.[3]

It’s important to recognize that employees might not be aware of all the benefits available to them. This could be due to various reasons, such as changing benefit offerings, employees joining the company at different times, or simply overlooking certain benefits. Never assume that employees have comprehensive knowledge about the benefits they are entitled to.

Multiple Channels

Utilize a diverse range of communication channels to ensure maximum reach and engagement. Different employees have different preferences when it comes to receiving information. Some might prefer email, while others might be more active on the company intranet or company chat platforms, such as Slack or Teams. By communicating through various channels, you increase the likelihood of reaching more employees and members.[4]

While digital outlets can be effective, one powerful method for communicating new benefits is having in-person or virtual events, such as health fairs. Health fairs can be a perfect opportunity to spread the word on health benefits, especially during open enrollment periods. Employers should invite vendors and representatives to come educate employees, as well as provide health screenings or other complimentary services.[5][6]

Gather Feedback from Employees

One powerful and simple strategy for engaging employees on benefits is asking directly! Gathering employee feedback on health benefits is a crucial step in ensuring the effectiveness and relevance of the benefits offered. It allows organizations to tap into valuable insights directly from their workforce, understanding what works well and what might need improvement. By seeking employee input, companies can refine their benefit offerings to align with employees’ needs and preferences.[7]

Measuring engagement is equally vital as it offers insights into whether employees are utilizing the benefits and how well-informed they are about them. Surveys provide a structured way to collect feedback and gauge satisfaction levels. Implementing a strategy to spotlight a different benefit each month, showcasing their features and advantages, not only educates employees but can also spark interest and engagement.

Airrosti Engages Employees for You

When added to your covered in-network benefits, Airrosti provides engagement and communication to you and your organization at no cost! As part of our comprehensive 360˚ engagement offering, Airrosti utilizes a variety of methods to get the word out that your employees can get their pain fixed fast.

Through a mix of traditional communication (email newsletters, text messaging, print material, and intranet resources), as well as unique features like onsite or virtual events and Wellness Workshops, your employees will have access to a range of resources to help them be better informed on the benefits of Airrosti. In addition, Airrosti offers monthly webinars detailing various musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions or injuries, with a live Q&A with our Providers.

If you are interested in adding Airrosti as a new benefit to help your organization and members find quality MSK care, contact us to request a demo here.





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