How To Loosen Your Hips

If you’re like most adults in today’s economy, you spend most of your day sitting. You sit at your kitchen table, you sit in your car, you sit at your desk, you sit in your car again, and then you sit on your couch.
All of this sitting can leave you with tight and immobile hips. This is where the domino effect starts. First, the hips get tight, then the IT band starts acting up, and then the pain starts in the knees. Next thing you know, your posture becomes impaired and your back and neck start to ache.

Learn to Sit Less

One of the easiest ways to loosen your hips is to simply sit less. Since most of the sitting often occurs at work, one change you can make is to start using a standing desk instead of a traditional seated desk. A standing desk keeps your muscles activated during the work day, slowly building up your strength.
If a standing desk is not an option, make a point to take breaks throughout the workday to walk around. It may be helpful to set a timer or reminder alert on your phone or computer so that you don’t forget. These short little breaks get the body loose and moving.

Stretch Your Hips

During your breaks, or when you’re at home watching TV, take a few minutes to do these simple stretches to limber up your hips.

  • Leg Swings

    • Begin with the forward leg swing. Hold onto a stable chair for balance.
    • Start off swinging one leg backward and forward as high and as far back as you can.
    • Do this 20 times and then switch legs.
    • Next, repeat steps 1-3, but swing your legs side to side rather than forwards and back.
  • Grok Squat

    • This squat is similar to a catcher’s stance in baseball. Simply squat down until your butt touches your ankles while keeping your heels on the ground and your back straight.
    • Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds.
    • If you’re really tight, it may take a few practice squats over a few days until you can reach the full squat position.
  • Table Pigeon Pose

    • Start by placing your leg on a table or bed with the knee bend at 90 degrees.
    • Then, place one hand on the table and use the other to grasp your foot laying on the table.
    • Lean forward and hold this pose for 60-90 seconds.
    • Next, lean slightly to the left and hold, and then slightly to the right and hold.
    • Once completely on one side, switch legs and repeat.
  • Couch Stretch

    • You don’t actually need a couch for this stretch, but it makes it a little more comfortable.
    • First, place the bent knee of one leg against the back cushion of your sofa so that it makes a “V” shape, and place the foot of the other leg on the floor.
    • Slowly adjust your torso so your spine is straight and tall. As you straighten, squeeze your glutes and abs.
    • Hold this position for four minutes, then switch and repeat.
    • You can make this harder by bringing the foot from the floor up to place it on the seat of the couch.

Airrosti and Hip Pain

Tight hips can sometimes lead to hip flexor strains. This often occurs when tight tendons or muscles are stressed too quickly and become inflamed or irritated. At Airrosti, our providers are specially trained to eliminate the pain associated with tight hips and hip flexor strains. By conducting thorough injury assessments at each appointment, our providers are able to pinpoint the cause of the pain and correct it—rather than just treating the symptoms.
If hip pain has been stiffening your stride, contact Airrosti to find a provider near you.

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