Kayla Ahlfinger, DC

Kayla Ahlfinger, DC

Kayla Ahlfinger, DC

Kayla Ahlfinger, DC


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Became an Airrosti Provider:2017

Undergraduate School:Texas A&M University College Station

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:Muleshoe, TX

Hobbies:I enjoy spending time with my family, and playing with my son. We love doing anything outside, and going on our daily walks. My husband and I love doing CrossFit, and finding local restaurants that serve healthy food. You could say we are healthy food "foodies." I am also known for binge watching TV shows on Netflix.

Interesting Facts:After graduating from A&M, I lived in Africa for 6 months to teach science and PE to missionary kids. While I was there, I bungee jumped into the Nile River, and also did some white water rafting. It was an experience of a lifetime, that I will never forget. Luckily, I only saw crocodiles on the safari I also went on.

What Airrosti Means to Me:I was an athlete growing up, and played many sports. Basketball was my main jam, but also ran track and cross country. A few years ago, I started running marathons, including the New York City Marathon. Shortly thereafter, I had to stop running because of knee and hamstring injuries. I was devastated. I also have been an avid CrossFitter up until the birth of my son. I had to take a few weeks off to heal and to work on instability\/weakness issues. Airrosti actually took the time to look at the whole body, my posture, my past injuries, and addressed these issues I have been suffering from for years. Whether you're an athlete or not, Airrosti means getting you back to doing what you love to do again.

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by Katy Beall

After experiencing hip and low back pain for years due to a fall, my company insurance introduced us to the Airrosti program. I thought I would give it a try to see if it would help. Well, that was the best thing that I could have possibly done for myself. After just three treatments and the exercises that I have received, I’m am now 100% pain-free. I did not realize the pain I was feeling was only muscle damage that was repairable. I Highly recommend Airrosti rapid recovery program.. which is less evasive and actually works for people who are suffering from pain. Also, employees are extremely pleasant and very knowledgeable. Thank You and you guys Rock!!

by Dean Alessandrini

I can't express how happy I am with the results from my treatment from Dr. Balza and the Arrosti group. In the summer of 2107, pain in my right shoulder had gotten so severe that I could not lift my arm without pain. I have always trained in the gym, and my training had come to a halt because of the pain. It was so bad, in fact, that I could not even operate computer mouse without wincing in pain. That wasn't the worst part. My six-year-old daughter, Milana, still loved for me to hoist her up so that she can ride on my shoulders. I couldn't do it. This truly devastated me because at 49 years old, she's my last child and I am treasuring these moments while she's little and still wants to be held. An MRI revealed a full-thickness tear in my r...+ show moreight rotator cuff. My orthopedic doctor told me that surgery was the only option ...or live the rest of my life in increasing pain. A coworker mentioned the Arrosti group and recommended that I visit Dr. Balza. When I met with Dr. Balza, he had already examined the MRI, and, explained that there was a possibility of getting me back to pain-free without surgery. My case was a severe one, but after just 5 sessions, I was confident that surgery would not be needed. I stuck to the regimen that was recommended, and the strength began returning to my shoulder, with almost no pain! I was back to doing push-ups and even bench pressing in a matter of weeks. Today, a year later, I am back to the gym 4-5 times per week at 50 years old, and nearly as s

by Carolyn Munzing

I had excellent results after just 3 treatments. Dr. Armstrong took the time to look at my knee issue and came up with the right treatment plan for me. He prescribed exercises and treatment that I could do on my own at home. The experience I have had at the Airrosti clinic is one of best ever. I saw an ad and was investigating it when a co-worker came back to the office after his first treatment telling all about what they did for him. I have recommended Airrosti to others and will continue to as I run across those who are need of treatment.

by Holly Hudspeth

No words to describe how wonderful Dr. Meriwether and his staff are. My husband could barely walk when he went to them with a back injury, and within two visits he was 90% back to normal. I've seen Dr. Meriwether about a recurring neck issue and serious lower back pain. Within the first visit, I was amazed at how much better I felt. He explained that my pelvic region was misaligned, and within a few minutes he had done what no massage therapist or chiropractor has ever been able to do for me. It has not been a band-aid fix, it is lasting relief. I have a few more appointments before I am 100%, but I can tell you that this is the first time in ten years I have no back pain, and I am sleeping without pain. It has been life changing! Lindsay a...+ show morend Tammi are equally as amazing, and have been teaching me the stretches and exercises to maintain the recovery! I truly believe Dr. Meriweather saved my husband from having back surgery, and am so thankful that we found him. For anyone who is on the fence about Airrosti, or might think it is too good to be true...GIVE IT A TRY!

by Andrew Wesolowski

Discovered Airrosti after going to my Dr. for a shoulder issue, Dr said: "oh it's just arthritis" ( I'm 35 not saying it can't happen), sent me on my way with anti-inflammatories and called it a day. After being unsatisfied with what my doctor had to say and the prescription wasn't helping, my wife had heard of Airrosti and called to make me an appointment. I knew with the first visit this is where I needed to be. They take the time to figure out exactly what's wrong with you, and then there's the team who work together to eliminate your pain. If you're not seeing any relief within three or four visits, they don't exactly want you to come back because what they specialize in might not be what you need, they'd rather you not waste your money...+ show more. After four times I am now 90% pain-free in my shoulder thanks to Airrosti. It never hurts to try, so if you have pain give them a call, best decision you will make. Thanks, Ryan and Dr.Andy

by Emily McKelvain

Dr. Ahlfinger helped me a lot - THANK YOU! I developed excruciating arch pain in both feet while training for a rucking event. I think this was brought on by increasing my distance and ruck weight too fast. I'd never had an issue with arch pain before, and it hurt with every step. Dr. Ahlfinger thought it was related to the posterior tibial tendon which then also lead to some plantar pain. The treatment itself was more painful than I'd anticipated and involved fascia work on my arch and along my shin, but it really made a difference. She worked on the right foot/leg the first day, and that night I could tell a significant improvement on the right side compared to the left side. I received a total of three treatments which enabled me to get ...+ show moreback to my training with paces that matched or exceeded my per mile pace prior to the onset of the arch pain. Since my Airrosti treatment, I have still had some minor tightness in my arches and calves from time to time, but nothing that has interfered with my training, and it continues to show steady improvement. I continue to do my at-home therapy of foam rolling, stretching, and ankle mobility to hopefully avoid ever going through that again!! Thanks, Dr. Kayla!

by Melanie Oprea

I struggled with an ongoing knee injury which would flare up a few times a month and prevent me from doing any kind of activity without pain or stiffness. I am a mom of three boys under the age of 5 so being out of pocket in this way was just not an option. Thank goodness I heard about Airrosti from a family member. I went ahead and gave it a shot and made an appointment with Dr. Carpenter. He listened to my concerns and clearly explained what I could expect with our sessions and my treatment plan. After my first session my mobility and pain was amazingly better! I was blown away by how quickly this treatment worked to heal my injury. I was able to get back to chasing after my boys and getting back into the gym after my first appointment. A...+ show morefter only 4 sessions I can say that my knee is strong and pain-free! I am so thankful for this treatment and a doctor that listened to me and helped me get back to chasing my boys with ease.

by Matt Long

I was in a fairly serious car accident just before Thanksgiving in 2016. Luckily, I was able to walk away with the only injury being to my shoulder - "shoulder jam". I had been seen many times for help from another Dr. with not much luck. It had been been about 4-5 months with very little progress. Still with a lot of pain and very little movement. Dr. Carpenter saw me and within weeks, he was clearing me. Pain is virtually gone and flexibility is back. I can now go on with my days without any concern. I have all the tools with me to keep my shoulder healthy. I cannot thank Dr. Carpenter and his team enough.

by Lee Gamel

I hurt my lower back while doing a burpee challenge at work... I compounded the issue by training for my 7th marathon -- needless to say, I was hurting. I needed 5 sessions of this treatment and my pain is 90% reduced... just need to keep up the exercise regiment (for me - twice daily) -- also feel like core work is much more effective after the treatments. Cheers to the staff and Dr. Carpenter for helping me!

by Britt Robertshaw

Dr. Carpenter did a great job on my arm! I am a professional baseball player and I had elbow surgery 18 months ago from tearing a ligament while throwing a pitch. Recently I started having problems with tightness and loss of range of motion. I noticed immediate results after the first visit and am 100% back to normal after just 3 visits with him. I am able to continue workouts and throwing as if nothing ever popped up. If I am ever struggling with pain or tightness anywhere I will absolutely be giving Dr. Carpenter a call. He was extremely helpful and informative and I definitely am thankful I reached out to him!

by Michelle Barnes

Dr. Carpenter treated me for a shoulder impingement. Airrosti therapy is the way to go and Dr. Carpenter was AWESOME!!

by Scott Church

I went to see Dr. Carpenter on a whim to understand if a 10 year old wrist injury would be treatable. I really didn't have much expectation but was pleasantly surprised when after my initial evaluation we realized it was something he could help with. I was blown away at the progress made after the first 2 treatments. As a Crossfit athlete, I'd never before been able to perform snatches without wrist pain. Dr. Carpenter did a fantastic job treating my injury in only 3 visits. I now looked forward to continuing to train and maintain the progress we made in such a short treatment cycle. Thank you Airrosti and Dr. Carpenter!

by Eric Reesing

I've been using Airrosti for three years now and Garrett is my third provider to go to. He has also been the best one I've had work on me. He has got me thru two different injuries from weight lifting. The most recent injury to my elbow has been a tough one to figure out. It took three sessions to even figure out where the problem was coming from. But Garrett didn't stop trying to find the source of my pain and even told me that he exhausted his resources trying to figure out what was going on with my elbow. But once he found the source on our third or fourth visit it only took two more sessions, as usual, to remedy the problem. I am positive I will be seeing him soon, with my upcoming football season getting started. I truly appreciate Gar...+ show morerett and will always use him as my Airrosti provider. Thanks Garrett.

by Jaquelyn K

I had a great experience over the weekend at the Mid Atlantic Regionals. The day before the event my neck went into complete muscle spasm. I couldn't even turn my head left or right. Each morning before the events started I saw an Airrosti provider. They took great care of me! I was able to get through all of the events without pain and had much more range of motion after each session. Thank you!

by Heather M.

I have chronic pain due to what we believe is a connective tissue disorder. I went to Airrosti to help with my shoulder. We did 3 or 4 treatments and I was actually pain free for about a month. I've tried physical therapy, massage therapy, shots and pain medication. Airrosti was what has helped the longest.

by Elizabeth P.

I was suffering so badly with shoulder pain. I had been to a sports surgeon, a chiropractor, neurologist, my family doctor, massage therapist, and physical therapist. I've had Botox injections in my shoulder, many pain pills, pills to sleep, pills for spasms...it was just unbelievable! My daughter told me about Airrosti. I told her I really did not feel like another let down, or giving someone else a chance at taking my money. By then I was just worn out -- it didn't matter how much my daughter believed in them. Well, after my numerous sleepless nights, crying with pain, and being unable to turn my head, I finally gave in. I was very honest with Joanne, I did tell her I had little to no hope that she could help me. I felt hopeless. I was af...+ show moreraid to go back to the sports surgeon for fear surgery was all that was left. Well, Joanne said if she couldn't help me, she would fire herself after four or five weeks. I was AMAZED that after four weeks I was feeling so much better! I had stopped taking my pain pills, muscle relaxers, and sleeping pills. I was late one morning because I over slept! How awesome is that?! If you really want help, try Airrosti. You will feel the difference. I waited several months to write this review because I wanted to be sure I was truly better and not just a quick fix. Check them out, you won't be sorry!

by Brittany K.

I am training hard for The 2014 Reebok CrossFit Central East Regionals. I started to develop some severe hip flexor tendonitis, and it hindered me from training squats. That's when I went to see Dr. Poole. Initially, we could not find exactly what was causing the problem. I would find some relief, but then squatting would cause the pain all over again. Dr. Poole kept searching for the root of the pain by observing my squat and other movements. By my 3rd visit he found it was my ankles causing my hip problem. He worked on them for 2 visits and now I am pain free. Dr. Poole also gave me some exercises to do on my own, which are making a big difference. I am amazed at how observant and determined Dr. Poole is in helping his patients get better...+ show more. He also understands the demands of competitive athletes, where stopping training is not really an option. Having Dr. Kevin Poole and Airrosti as a resource for recovery is invaluable!

by Carol T.

I returned from Boston yesterday after finishing the 118th Boston Marathon in 3:46:22. It is astonishing to me that although my knee wasn't in perfect shape, it held up at a respectable pace through the 26.2 grueling miles of Boston. I know for certain that had I not received Airrosti therapy from Dr. Mike, I would never had crossed the start line, let alone finish in under four hours. It was an emotional day for me as one of the volunteers told me I crossed the finish line almost exactly at the time the bombs went off the year before. The spirit of resilience, teamwork and oneness was everywhere in Boston on that unforgettable day. But the most important person to help me wasn't in Boston on that day. Dr. Mike helped me nine days before th...+ show moree race at his clinic in Oak Park. His confidence that I could succeed and his miraculous technique felt like fate propelling me forward to make it to Boston.

by Karen A.

I am proof that you don't have to be an athlete to benefit from treatments at Airrosti. My ankle injury made it painful to walk, but after only three visits to Airrosti I was able to go on my trip to Big Bend National Park with my sisters and hike both mountain and dessert trails!

by Sarah P

I've never submitted a testimonial for a doctor but I knew after my first visit with Dr. Taylor that I would sit down to write this. It sounds dramatic but Dr. Taylor and Airrosti really have changed my life. Over the past two years, I have struggled with persistent pain in my shoulder and have gone through 2 rounds of physical therapy and other treatments as well with no success. My first visit with Dr. Taylor was the most thorough examination I've had yet. He tested my shoulder in ways that nobody else has and has continued to test through each appointment. What I appreciate most about Dr. Taylor is manner. With my shoulder, I've dealt with dozens of medical professionals and he stands out above the rest. Dr. Taylor didn't just tell me w...+ show morehat was wrong but explained how I'm engaging my muscles in the wrong way. His commitment to excellence is something I really respected. When he says he really wants to make sure I'm back to 100% I know he's being honest and that he really wants to see me reaching my potential.

by Tonya R.

Without the use of invasive procedures, diagnostic imaging, or medication my foot pain was completely gone after 4 visits to Airrosti. They gave me exercises and tools to use to maintain the results, and two years later I am still pain free.

by Carolyn Filson

I heard about Airrosti and Dr. Hall through my employer. I had muscle pain in my neck and shoulders from an injury stemming back over 20 years ago. I also have some arthritis in my neck. Dr. Hall was very up front about what he could help with (the muscle pain) and what he couldn't help with (the arthritis.) After 4 treatments my range of motion improved quite a bit and the pain/pulling that I had just "gotten used to" over the years decreased pretty dramatically. On top of that, I couldn't believe that he was on time for each appointment - he literally greeted me at the door each time. Also, he spent a full 50-60 minutes with me for each visit, which just amazed me. I am from the Dayton area, so this was about a 45 minute drive for ...+ show moreme - but it was well worth it! Thanks Dr. Hall!!

by Anthony R DiDonato

The Airrosti group is unbelievable! When I strained my knee I was very concerned that I may have done some serious damage. At the suggestion of my trainer, I went and met with Ben McKee to discuss my options and whether I was a candidate for the treatment. Naturally I was very skeptical about Airrosti's claim of 95% pain free range of motion in three visits, however Dr. McKee outlined a detailed plan for my rehabilitation and answered all my questions and concerns with professionalism and honesty. After my first two treatments, I'm back to my work out activities with very little pain. I definitely feel my knee getting stronger with each day and my pain lessening with each treatment. Ben McKee and Aly Leon are top notch and will give you ...+ show morecare you deserve.

by Anthony R DiDonati

The Airrosti group is unbelievable! When I strained my knee I was very concerned that I may have done some serious damage. At the suggestion of my trainer, I went and met with Ben McKee to discuss my options and whether I was a candidate for the treatment. Naturally was very skeptical about Airrosti claim of 95% pain free range of motion in three visit, however Dr. McKee outlined a detail plan for my rehabilitation and answered all my questions and concerns with professionalism and honesty. After my first two treatment, I'm back to my work out activities with very little pain. I definitely feel my knee getting stronger with each day and my pain lessening with each treatment. Ben McKee and Aly Leon are top notch and will give you care you...+ show more deserve.

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