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Andrew Buller

Andrew Buller, DC


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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Lake Charles, LA

Hobbies:Weightlifting, music, reading, camping, hiking, and indulging in excellent meals. More specifically, enjoying all the above with my wife.

Interesting Facts:I am an Eagle Scout, and I used to play lacrosse into my adult years, but I stopped playing after suffering an ACL injury which required surgical repair. While that was pretty unfortunate, I feel it has given me a new perspective on what it is like to be patient.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is a team working together to elevate the current standards of healthcare. We are a group that is truly dedicated to providing patient-centered care and always striving to deliver the best for our patients.

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by William Yanta

Had back pain that gravitated to the hip. Was walking 5-6 miles per day, but after onset of pain and numbness, could only walk 1/2 mile. Coach at St Thomas HS and have sent athletes to Airrosti with good results. Called and got appt….visited with Andrew and Kenneth. After first visit, was able to walk out of facility with no pain and was able to walk 1 to 2 miles. Relief lasted about 3-4 days. Returned and got additional treatments and followed the exercise programs. Intense pain subsided, but could not get to go away completely. Started to develop prolonged numbness in leg and had appointments with Orthopedic specialist. Went thru battery of X-rays….MRI…pills….and nothing helped except the program provided by Airrosti. Yet as we+ show morell as it worked, pain kept returning. A spine specialist found cyst on spinal column….will have to have surgery. If that does not stop pain….will definitely return to Airrosti.

by Kristina Nguyen

I had chronic back pain for over half a year. It became unbearable and was an interference at work so I decided to see a chiropractor. I got a reference to visit Dr. Buller and after my first 2 visits, I was a bit skeptical. I continued going and performing the therapy at home that Dr. Buller and Kenneth recommended to me, and after my third visit, I started to notice improvement. Today, I’m 90% better. I’m still continuing to do my home therapy and my boyfriend and I invested in a tempurpedic bed (another recommendation by Buller). I’m confident I’ll be back to tip-top shape. Thank you Airrosti!

by Carol Godsey

I went in with some pretty severe IT Band issues about a week and a half before Houston Marathon. Dr. Buller worked with me 3 times and set up some exercises to work on at home. Before my first appointment, I was struggling to get through a 10 mile run. On race day, I managed to PR with a time of 4:08:08! I couldn’t be more happy. I will definitely be going back to see Dr. Buller should anything else flare up!

by Tracey Griffin

I was miserable with a pinched Ulnar nerve. I couldn’t sleep & work as a dental hygienist was difficult. He was so awesome. I’m 100% better now. Thank You so much!!

by Erica Brown

Dr. Andrew Buller attended a health fair at my job and during my evaluation his confidence in being able to assist me with my knee injury and get me back in heels and the gym within 4 treatments made me very optimistic. That optimism continued after each session when I was able to move in ways I had not been able to in months, realizing the changes during the sessions. I improved more with each session, sharing the good news with others and just after four sessions I was on my way. Even though the treatment was painful at times, it always felt worth it afterwards. Each session was personalized to my needs and not a general treatment you get from other places. Dr. Buller answered every question I had in a way that I could understand and I+ show more am so grateful he saved me from an unnecessary MRI.

by Samuel B.

I was recommended for Airrosti treatment as an alternative for possible surgery for a slightly torn meniscus & chronic knee pain. I felt that the treatment kept me from under the knife, as well as strengthened my knee to the point where the chronic pain was not so prevalent.

by Ben B.

I was experiencing pain on the right side of my neck, lower right back and right hip. After the first visit, my mobility and pain improved. After completing the three visits with the doctor, I was pain free and my mobility was greatly improved. I was and am very impressed with the treatment that I experienced and how quick I was able to get moving again.

by Malcolm C.

Just after 1 visit my hand condition felt better. Andrew took his time with me and explained everything he was doing to me, kept asking if I was ok, how the pressure was, and sincerely concerned about my well being. I found Andrew to be upfront and honest about the whole process. I would highly recommend him.
Malcolm Clark

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