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Became an Airrosti Provider:2022

Undergraduate School:McNeese State University

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Lake Charles, LA

Hobbies:My hobbies include spending time with family and friends, golfing, fishing, and live music.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti gives me the opportunity to provide patient-centered care for any limiting pain or injuries. My drive is to help others get back to a pain free lifestyle in the fastest and most effective way. Our team at Airrosti helps me pursue the passion I have for health care and wellness.

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by Harris Kirmani

Ashton fixed my Achilles tendon pain in three visits and helped me recover quickly!

by Ashley Thomas

I came in for chronic pain in my shoulder blade and neck area. I’d been dealing with this for YEARS and had only found mild and temporary relief. With weekly visits and focusing on daily stretching and exercises, my pain management has improved a ton! The pain has mostly subsided and is a lot less severe. Dr. D was knowledgeable, caring, and intentional with my visits and the care he provided. He’s also quite personable. I can’t recommend him enough!

by Kirkland Vandervoort

I had pain, soreness, and awkwardness from my right shoulder down to my right hand. Dr. St. Dizier noticeably reduced the pain and discomfort in the first visit and also gave me exercises to do. Between the exercises and the follow-up visits, I feel much better, and I am almost back to normal in a pretty short time. Many thanks – it is nice to be comfortable again during the day and at night!

by Maria De Lima

I came to Airrosti after I was in a car accident with some shoulder and lower back pain. Ashton was very helpful, attentive & welcoming during each visit! He made sure to explain everything thoroughly in a professional manner, and I can happily say that my pain has gone away. He made himself available during my recovery and ensured that the treatment was working.

by Spruha Kamdar

I came in more than a month back with a bad herniated disc, which radiated pain through my sciatic nerve as well. I could barely walk or move and was in pretty bad shape. Dr. St. Dizier was very warm and comforting and guided me as to what the problem was and what the solution would be. He helped me in each session by explaining the exercises I was to do and helped me understand the progress I had made as well. I found him to be very positive and encouraging. He patiently answered all the endless questions I had as well. I feel lucky to have been his patient, and I strongly recommend him and Airrosti to anybody who wants to get well soon and sustainably!

by Christina Moreno

I came to Airrosti for help with my hip/IT band pain, a running injury that reoccurred almost ten years after my initial injury. Dr. St. Dizier was very knowledgeable, and kind and was able to significantly reduce my pain within just a few short visits.

by Aurora Chartrand

Dr. St. Dizier has helped me with several different injuries I’ve had in the last few months because I am a runner and currently training for a marathon. Dr. St. Dizier is always very patient, listens to all of my concerns, is very thorough in his examination, and looks at the issue at hand with much detail before he determines the best course of action. Dr. St. Dizier is very knowledgeable and understands the fine line between following a rehab program and the anxiety that we runners feel about getting back to running as soon as we can. I would recommend Dr. St. Dizier to anybody who is struggling with either a chronic or a recent injury and who needs to heal quickly and effectively.

by Ann Gibson

I had been suffering from severe neck pain for several days. Luckily, I discovered Airrosti and I was to get a next-day appointment with Dr. St. Dizier. He listened to me and very quickly found my problem. The exercises that I was given and the myofascial release that the doctor performed on my neck and shoulders worked wonders. By the following week, my pain greatly reduced, and my range of motion had vastly improved. I never expected such rapid improvement and it’s all due to Dr. St. Dizier.

by Aaron Fader

Dr. St. Dizier effectively reduced the pain in my back. I noticed a big difference after each visit. He made it very easy to understand the stretches and exercises. They made a huge impact on my recovery and are now a part of my daily routine!

by Milo Lombardi

Dr. St. Dizier is actively involved with my local sporting club, the Houston Lonestars Australian Rules Football Club. He has on several occasions presented himself at our events to detail how Airrosti goes about treating pain and injury. He inspired confidence in the group and I was encouraged to make an appointment after speaking with other club members who had already done so. I was suffering from Achilles tendonitis which limited my ability to run. Dr. St. Dizier outlined how long (ie. how many visits) he thought my treatment would take. He was spot on. Within two consultations, my pain had all but gone and I was back to performing at the level I was before seeing him. I found his treatment and advice most effective. The mobile app w+ show moreas an excellent resource to consult between visits when I had exercises to do. The third visit was a check-up to confirm I was pain-free, and with no actual treatment required, I wasn’t charged for that appointment. If you have pain and or limited movement ,you can do no better than see Dr. St. Dizier at Airrosti.

by Hengameh Rezaei

I came to Airrosti because I had chronic neck and shoulder pain. Dr. St. Dizier was very helpful in relieving my pain. He is very knowledgeable and understanding. He diagnosed and explained the source of the pain in detail. I felt much better after each session, and after three sessions, I was almost pain-free. Thanks to him and Airrosti for such good care and experience.

by Gerald Rubiano

I had been having some hip flexor pain on my right side, usually from going to the gym or even walking upstairs would make it hurt. I came to Airrosti and Dr. St. Dizier really took care of me. Any pain or discomfort I had, Dr. St. Dizier paid attention and helped me understand where the pain was coming from. He gave me some exercises to do at home specifically for my situation, and in as little as three visits, my pain was almost non-existent. Dr. St. Dizier is a great doctor, and overall, I had a great experience.

by Rachel Walsh

Dr. Dizier was so helpful with helping relieve my pain. He was very thorough when diagnosing the issue at every visit and very thoughtful in creating unique rehab plans for home. I always felt almost immediately better after each visit and he helped come up with a plan to keep my pain gone even after discharge.

by Heather Chung

I just completed four weeks of magical therapy for neck and back pain and I’m now 99% pain-free. During my sessions, I was able to have rich open dialogue regarding the pathology of my pain and had exercises that I can continue post-discharge from the program. I now experience deeper sleep and am pain-free. I highly recommend it.

by Ronald Cheng

Dr. St. Dizier performed magic! Three days before going to Airrosti, I had been struggling with severe TMJ/jaw/neck pain to the point where I could not sleep for two nights in a row. After the first session, the pain went down by at least 50%, and I was able to sleep again. By the end of the second session, I was already 85% recovered. As I continued to do the exercises recommended by the doctor, my pain was completely gone by the third visit!

by Michael Brown

I have an old back injury that flares up on me now and again out of nowhere, which usually puts me out of commission for about a week or more. Usually, I just deal with the pain and do some stretches and yoga poses I find online. Although this usually helps, it doesn’t really solve the problem. I’ve never really gone to anyone to get help but this time it was really bad. When I got to the office, I was only in the waiting room for a few minutes. Once I was one-on-one with the doctor, we went over the issue I was having and what causes it to flare up. He quickly came up with a plan for me and we got right to it. The plan included some muscle and tissue work and a list of exercises I could do to get more relief once I got home. The doc+ show moretor was easy to talk to, a super nice guy, and very knowledgeable in his profession. I felt like I was having a conversation with a friend. He made me feel comfortable and didn’t push me too hard or rush me during the visit. He also followed up with me after the visit and went over any concerns I might have had. Second visit, he did some more muscle and tissue work and gave me more exercises to do, which he loaded up on my Airrosti app that I had downloaded during the first visit. The app was also very convenient and very detailed. When selecting the exercises, there was a demonstration for every exercise and a timer. I was very impressed with this company and especially the doctor. I would recommend this place to anyone, and have recommended this place to many of my friends.

by Ruhi Abbasi

Dr. St. Dizier was a miracle worker and cured my low back pain due to a sprain within just four visits. He was attentive, kind, and efficient, allowing me to feel heard. With a short assessment, he identified the muscles and regions of my body that needed strengthening. Between manual therapy and exercises prescribed by him, my intense and unrelenting pain eased up quickly! I am so grateful to him and the Airrosti team for their help!

by David Long

I visited Dr. St Dizier for recurring neck stiffness and pain, probably a computer-related RSI. He was able to pinpoint the muscles in question immediately and start trigger point therapy in the first session, which relieved tension to be manageable. After the second session three days later, the constant stiffness was completely gone. Although I have been using trigger point therapy myself for years, he was able to teach me new target areas and several new techniques, like pin and stretch exercises to help increase the range of motion, which have been very effective. I won’t hesitate to go back to see Dr. St. Dizier again for any muscle-related issues. It is so refreshing to find a chiropractor who treats trigger points and muscles rath+ show moreer than just cracking joints and who aims for you to helped in as few visits as possible! It was an awesome experience.

by Gay Nunnally

Having tried for a year and a half to find relief from an injury, Dr. St. Dizier pinpointed the problem and got to work immediately. After three appointments and vigorous exercise at home, I am almost pain-free. He is professional yet personal and easy to talk to. He offers many options for recovery depending on your level of strength and can explain body mechanics to the layperson. I highly recommend Dr. St. Dizier. I finally have my life back!

by Ryan Bridges

I came to Airrosti with lower and mid back pain and was not sleeping due to the pain. Dr. St. Dizier was so knowledgeable and came up with a wonderful game plan on day one. We continued our sessions twice a week for 3 weeks and I am free of back pain now. He really worked with the muscle tightness and also assigned great workouts for me to do at home.

by Victor Beghini

Very professional in analyzing the correct procedures. Use of manipulation and exercise regimen was very effective. Following the rehab program allowed Ashton to progress his treatment more effectively cutting down the number of treatments for discharge. they performed as expected. Got rid of my pain fast.

by Pete Luan

I came to Dr. St. Dizier as my shoulder was bothering me. He diagnosed the issue, did some muscle manipulation then we did some exercises. I immediately felt better. I performed the exercises that Dr. St. Dizier recommended after my visit. I returned after one week and I definitely felt much better. I found the doctor to be very knowledgeable and more important there is no doubt in my mind that he wanted me to feel better. He’s a great doctor!

by Fibi Youssef

I’m a personal trainer so being in shape and in good condition is very important for my job. When I started having pain in my hamstrings I was very worried because exercise isn’t just a hobby for me, it’s my source of income and important for my mental health. I had hoped that I could keep working it off and it would fix itself. But after about a month of constant pain after almost every workout, I decided to give Airrosti a try. Dr. St Dizier was able to pinpoint exactly what was wrong almost immediately and we started treatment. That same day I went home already feeling better. Over the course of a few weeks, I felt like I not only felt better but went above and beyond my goals for coming in. The team is truly amazing and I would+ show more recommend Airrosti and Dr. St Dizier to anyone who might need some recovery.

by Will Grubitz

I came in with chronic back pain, constantly bandaiding the pain with small fixes but never fixing it. Picking up kids or lifting weights always reset the pain. Dr. St. Dizier helped me understand how our muscles connect and what types of exercises will stretch and strengthen the right things. I always felt like I was in good hands, with the right level of explanation, and support. Highly recommend you book time with him.

by Sharon Prophet Gordon

I can really say Dr. St. Dizier, is a phenomenal doctor he is hands-on with the care he gives you. I’m very excited and pleased with his work and can say I’m not in pain anymore. I highly recommend him. I appreciate your special service. Again you are phenomenal Dr. St. Dizier, it was a pleasure seeing you as my doctor. Thank you!

by Dasha Pominov

I am a rugby player and also a trainer at F45 Tanglewood. Over the past couple of weeks, I was in and out of the Airrosti with 3 different injuries (knee, hip, pectoral/trapezius). Dr. Dizier worked with me through every single injury and I walked out feeling SIGNIFICANTLY better than I came in. It got me back to work and back in the field pain free! Over 5 stars!

by Benjamin Parker

Dr. St. Dizier was very kind and I really appreciated the work!! I was actually surprised by how quickly the pain resolved! Thank you, sir. 🙏

by Linda Poplardo

I was experiencing lower back and hip pain, it hurt to walk, lay, or sit too long. Dr. St. Dizier helped my body get pain free. If you are willing to follow the plan, you will be pain free like me.

by Norna Vasquez

I had neck problems and the aciatic nerve on my left leg. I was in a bad shape. I was having problems lifting objects . Now, I am able to walk and workout. Thank u to Dr. Dizier. He listens and very patiently. I highly recommend it.

by Matthew Stephenson

I am a recent college graduate, looking for my first out of college job. I had excruciating back pain and I came to Airrosti to help it. I wasn’t able to get it solved, as SI joint pain is a difficult beast. I was able to get it manageable though, and have the strategies to keep it mostly at bay.

by Marcia Vilas

As a runner, I always have a nagging pain somewhere. Airrosti and Dr. Dizier are able to quickly identify the reason, work on the area and get me back to my old self in no time.

by Ruel Cooper

Dr. St. Dizier and the folks at Airrosti have done a great job helping me with various injuries. I had a nagging hamstring issue that Dr. St. Dizier was able to pinpoint quickly, relieve the pain and even allowed me to exercise later that evening. The thing I like most about Airrosti, is that unlike most chiropractic offices, their goal is to get you healed up and pain free in just a couple of sessions. Knowing I have a place to call the next time I get injured or just have pain, is of great comfort to me. I would definitely recommend them for anyone who needs pain relief. Keep up the good work!

by Haifa Hamdi

Dr. St. Dizier provided me with a program that relieved me from terrible back pain that was significantly affecting my daily activities. He quickly detected the zones that I needed to work on and provided an amazing program with exercises that are well explained and easy to perform. He worked hard on helping me every time I met him and took time to answer all of my questions thoroughly. Before meeting Dr. St. Dizier, I was hopeless but after the first week of work with him I was confident that the pain will be under control. Dr. St. Dizier was very encouraging and help me and provided a long term plan with very detailed instructions to prevent the problem from coming back and avoid surgery in the future! I can’t thank him enough for his + show morewonderful work and care!