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Became an Airrosti Provider:2009

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Hill City, Kansas

Hobbies:I love traveling and spending time with my family exploring the outdoors.

Interesting Facts:I love riding and working on my '79 Harley Shovelhead. In my spare time I also enjoy hunting and fishing.

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by Melissa Mayhew

I was referred to Airrosti & Dr. Ben Renfro from my personal trainer. I am so grateful for their therapy, and the significant improvements and reduced pain I’ve experienced in a short time. I had developed (over months) severe tightness and shooting pain in my wrists, hands. My fingers and hands (and left arm at one point) also started going numb with tingling all day at the tips of my fingers. After two sessions at Airrosti, and exercises at home, the pain and tightness were significantly reduced, and by the third session, the numbness/tingling and pain in my right wrist/fingers are basically gone. And, my left is not as painful and, 90% reduced in numbness/tingling. I’ll continue to do the exercises. Again, I am impressed with my p+ show morerogress/results, and with Dr. Renfro and his great team. They focus on finding the root cause of your pain, and the exercises (which the videos provide great help) are very effective. Thank you, Dr. Renfro & team.

by Elijah Myrick

I am a full time father, fitness nut, outdoor enthusiast, and tactical police officer. I seem to fill up every moment of the day. Due to work and active lifestyle I have been dealing with nagging back issues for several years. Early on a Monday morning I was moving equipment and pulled my back. I could barely breath due to muscle spasms and was no longer able to function at work and couldn’t imagine picking up my 2 year old boy. A friend at work recommended I see an Airrosti doctor as it had worked miracles for him. I am naturally very skeptical and despise going to the doctor but would do anything for some relief. I was able to make an appointment with Dr. Renfro at Round Rock Ortho the same day. Dr. Renfro was extremely personable and + show morespent a lot of time talking with me about my health history and any other potential underlying issues. He identified the problem area and went to work. The therapy was a bit intense but very brief and I immediately had relief. I was amazed. I then saw Patty the Rehab Specialist and she spent time with me working on stretches and preventive care. I went back for one more visit to ensure I had the back issue knocked out and that was it. No return visits needed and no long term hard sell. Simply wonderful treatment and care and well wishes until I might need them again. I highly recommend Airrosti, Dr. Renfro, Patty, and all of the staff at Round Rock Ortho.

by Ryan Gibson

So I had been training for the 2015 Austin City Marathon, and it was about month away. I went for a run and suddenly experienced sharp pains in my knee after just a few miles. It felt like someone had stuck a dagger in my knee.. and my race. After 2 weeks of hoping it would go away, I finally sought help. That is when I received a referral to Dr. Renfro. He diagnosed that I was suffering from an IT Band injury, but he felt it would be possible to get my knee back before the race, which was only 2 weeks away! So I endured the pain of “Dr. Thumbs”, and followed Patty’s rehab routine. Let me say, the pain is gain! After the first session I could already tell that my knee was improving. Patty, my PT, was also able to help diagnose par+ show moret of what caused my injury and used this to tailor my rehab exercises to help fix the problem (my poor underdeveloped glutes!) Improvements continued after the second session. By the third, I was confident that I would be able to run with minimal pain. Finally, it was race day. I was nervous. My knee felt fine on short runs, but how as it going to hold up to 26.2 miles. Well, it did! It held up! I was able to finish my very first marathon. I could not have done it without Dr. Renfro and Patty. They salvaged months of my training and were able to fix me up in such a short time frame. I’m grateful to them!

by Keisha Horton

Dr. Renfro and Patty are the BEST! Went in for a knee injury and some other problems developed but they continued to take care of me! With awesome care and rehab practices I’ve have either little or no pain at all! Thanks for everything!

by LP Carr

Late summer 2014 my goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon started to slip away. While training for the 2015 Houston Marathon, plantar fasciitis flared up on my feet. (I think it came from playing basketball during lunch in old running shoes over several weeks.) It was a struggle to walk during the days and getting out of bed on my feet in the mornings had become a source of sure and agonizing torture. I was prepared to stop running and feared that doctors (after a number of referrals) would have me stop, or worse, offer surgical options. A co-worker overheard that I had an issue and aggressively directed me to the source of those who had helped him; Dr. Ben Renfro and Patty Jackson. I set up an appointment and they examined me, c+ show moreonfirmed the issue, and advised me on a routine of exercises and self-massage techniques that would rectify the issue. I saw them first in on December 1, got back into my workouts and back on schedule with distance and speed. I only had 3 appointments with them. Last weekend I ran a 3:20:40 which qualifies my age group for Boston. The best thing is I didn’t have to take any medication, didn’t have any down time (was encouraged to keep working out), and became educated on what the issue was and how to treat it at home. I referred my two out-of-town marathon buddies at the marathon who were also having issues; one with achilles tendonitis and the other with the ball of his foot. They’re lucky to have Airrosti offices in their areas of Dallas and the Valley, but I wish they could go to Dr. Ben Renfro and Patty Jackson here in my area. Good luck with your ailment!