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Became an Airrosti Provider:2009

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Hill City, Kansas

Hobbies:I love traveling and spending time with my family exploring the outdoors.

Interesting Facts:I love riding and working on my '79 Harley Shovelhead. In my spare time I also enjoy hunting and fishing.

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by Melissa Mayhew

I was referred to Airrosti & Dr. Ben Renfro from my personal trainer. I am so grateful for their therapy, and the significant improvements and reduced pain I’ve experienced in a short time. I had developed (over months) severe tightness and shooting pain in my wrists, hands. My fingers and hands (and left arm at one point) also started going numb with tingling all day at the tips of my fingers. After two sessions at Airrosti, and exercises at home, the pain and tightness were significantly reduced, and by the third session, the numbness/tingling and pain in my right wrist/fingers are basically gone. And, my left is not as painful and, 90% reduced in numbness/tingling. I’ll continue to do the exercises. Again, I am impressed with my p+ show morerogress/results, and with Dr. Renfro and his great team. They focus on finding the root cause of your pain, and the exercises (which the videos provide great help) are very effective. Thank you, Dr. Renfro & team.

by Elijah Myrick

I am a full time father, fitness nut, outdoor enthusiast, and tactical police officer. I seem to fill up every moment of the day. Due to work and active lifestyle I have been dealing with nagging back issues for several years. Early on a Monday morning I was moving equipment and pulled my back. I could barely breath due to muscle spasms and was no longer able to function at work and couldn’t imagine picking up my 2 year old boy. A friend at work recommended I see an Airrosti doctor as it had worked miracles for him. I am naturally very skeptical and despise going to the doctor but would do anything for some relief. I was able to make an appointment with Dr. Renfro at Round Rock Ortho the same day. Dr. Renfro was extremely personable and + show morespent a lot of time talking with me about my health history and any other potential underlying issues. He identified the problem area and went to work. The therapy was a bit intense but very brief and I immediately had relief. I was amazed. I then saw Patty the Rehab Specialist and she spent time with me working on stretches and preventive care. I went back for one more visit to ensure I had the back issue knocked out and that was it. No return visits needed and no long term hard sell. Simply wonderful treatment and care and well wishes until I might need them again. I highly recommend Airrosti, Dr. Renfro, Patty, and all of the staff at Round Rock Ortho.

by Ryan Gibson

So I had been training for the 2015 Austin City Marathon, and it was about month away. I went for a run and suddenly experienced sharp pains in my knee after just a few miles. It felt like someone had stuck a dagger in my knee.. and my race. After 2 weeks of hoping it would go away, I finally sought help. That is when I received a referral to Dr. Renfro. He diagnosed that I was suffering from an IT Band injury, but he felt it would be possible to get my knee back before the race, which was only 2 weeks away! So I endured the pain of “Dr. Thumbs”, and followed Patty’s rehab routine. Let me say, the pain is gain! After the first session I could already tell that my knee was improving. Patty, my PT, was also able to help diagnose par+ show moret of what caused my injury and used this to tailor my rehab exercises to help fix the problem (my poor underdeveloped glutes!) Improvements continued after the second session. By the third, I was confident that I would be able to run with minimal pain. Finally, it was race day. I was nervous. My knee felt fine on short runs, but how as it going to hold up to 26.2 miles. Well, it did! It held up! I was able to finish my very first marathon. I could not have done it without Dr. Renfro and Patty. They salvaged months of my training and were able to fix me up in such a short time frame. I’m grateful to them!

by Keisha Horton

Dr. Renfro and Patty are the BEST! Went in for a knee injury and some other problems developed but they continued to take care of me! With awesome care and rehab practices I’ve have either little or no pain at all! Thanks for everything!

by LP Carr

Late summer 2014 my goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon started to slip away. While training for the 2015 Houston Marathon, plantar fasciitis flared up on my feet. (I think it came from playing basketball during lunch in old running shoes over several weeks.) It was a struggle to walk during the days and getting out of bed on my feet in the mornings had become a source of sure and agonizing torture. I was prepared to stop running and feared that doctors (after a number of referrals) would have me stop, or worse, offer surgical options. A co-worker overheard that I had an issue and aggressively directed me to the source of those who had helped him; Dr. Ben Renfro and Patty Jackson. I set up an appointment and they examined me, c+ show moreonfirmed the issue, and advised me on a routine of exercises and self-massage techniques that would rectify the issue. I saw them first in on December 1, got back into my workouts and back on schedule with distance and speed. I only had 3 appointments with them. Last weekend I ran a 3:20:40 which qualifies my age group for Boston. The best thing is I didn’t have to take any medication, didn’t have any down time (was encouraged to keep working out), and became educated on what the issue was and how to treat it at home. I referred my two out-of-town marathon buddies at the marathon who were also having issues; one with achilles tendonitis and the other with the ball of his foot. They’re lucky to have Airrosti offices in their areas of Dallas and the Valley, but I wish they could go to Dr. Ben Renfro and Patty Jackson here in my area. Good luck with your ailment!

by Cindi Jenkins

Dr. Renfro truly has the patient’s best interest at heart. He is very knowledgeable and tries to educate you on the injury and healing process, giving you information that will benefit you in all aspects of your new “pain free” life. His technique is gentle and caring, and even though I had heard some of the Airrosti procedures can be a bit uncomfortable, his was not. I was able to attain great relief and maintain a relatively pain free life by following his instruction. Thanks Dr. Renfro!

by David Bealmear

I was referred to Airrosti from a co-worker who had a similar injury to his shoulder. After just a few minutes of examination, Dr Renfro started his plan of action. My injury required a couple of visits in combination with some Physical Therapy from Patty who also sent me home with some exercises. After just a couple of weeks, my injury was as good as new. It was tough but I was able to work through to complete rehabilitation. I highly recommend Airrosti.

by Daniel von Thaden

After having terrible muscle spasms in my back and not being able to walk or work because of them i went to see dr. Renfro. Dr. Renfro was able to get rid of the spasms in only three visits which is amazing since no other doctor or medicine could help me. He is now helping me with my shoulder which feels great after two visits.

by Jason Schmidt

I injured my shoulder while working and saw my primary physician and was told that I shouldn’t lift anything heavy with my shoulder for 6 weeks. I did not lift anything with my shoulder and then went back to work and noticed I still had pain and loss of mobility. So I went back to see my primary physician he stated that I might have to switch careers to something that did not require lifting. I thought this was crazy since I am only 30 years old and consider myself a very active person. I felt defeated and depressed and decided to just live with the pain and loss of mobility. Until one day about 1 year later Dr. Renfro and Patty Jackson were doing a free seminar on foam rolling techniques. After the seminar they discussed with everyone t+ show morehe type of injuries they deal with and during that discussion a light went off in my head and realized these are the people I should have seen in the first place all along. I decided to make an appointment and glad I did because it changed my life. I am almost back to doing what I did before the injury and have a better understanding of how to care for my shoulder. These guys are top notch and thanks for the help!

by Staci Thomison

Dr. Renfro and Patty are very professional and knowledgeable. I enjoyed my sessions and felt they helped me with overall flexibility, mobility and keeping injury away.

by Dusty Jolly

Dr. Renfro & Patty are an amazing team! When I looked into Dr. Renfro with Airrosti Rehab, I was sure I was going to be taken care of and I was. My doctor prescribed 6 weeks of physical therapy, but with Dr. Renfro & Patty I was back to CrossFit in just over a week with 3 treatments.

by Lisa Gonzales

I have been going to Dr. Renfro for multiple things. I had tendinitis in my wrist. Planter fasciitis in both feet, my next step before going to Dr. Renfro was surgery on my feet. With the help of Airrosti and the Dr. Renfo I have been pain free and avoided taking lots of medications for pain and surgery. Patti is excellent in helping keep up with my stretches and makes sure I have the tools to continue at home.

by Jason Jones

I hurt my lower back and had been in constant pain for 8 weeks. In just the first visit Dr Renfro and Patty had gotten rid of 99% of my pain and increased my mobility. After the 2nd visit i had full mobility back and no discomfort at all. They really know how to pin point your injury and get it resolved, fast! I could not be more happy that I went and saw them, I wish i had of gone 8 weeks earlier and saved myself some pain!

by Nicci Haynie

“I have had chronic pain in my neck, back and shoulders for much of my life, since that is where I centralize my stress.
It wasn’t until I was injured in a car accident and went through the standard chiropractic treatments but still had a LOT of pain, that my doctor recommended that I go visit Airrosti.

After just a few visits, I was completely pain free for the first time in as long as I could remember.

I continue to live in an elevated state of comfort using the exercises and techniques I learned from the experts at Airrosti. I have recommended them to others who live with chronic pain and will continue to do so to the end of days!”

by Brent A

My Airrosti experience was excellent. I got referred to them by fellow co-workers as being efficient, no-nonsense and focused on true recovery. I had problems with my shoulder and next and they blew me away! I loved the deep tissue treatment (my words) and the treatment options. I felt better after a couple appointments and fully recommend them.

by Jane Chandler

I struggled with tennis elbow for a few years before someone suggested Airrosti. I had gotten steroid shots in my elbow twice but both times the inflammation returned. After 4 or 5 Airrosti sessions my elbow stopped hurting. I was given exercises to do if the problem returned. It periodically returns and I’m able to stop it before it is a problem. I was most impressed that Dr. Renfro was able to treat this with so few visits.

by Buddy Burr

I had developed soreness between my shoulder blades that seemed to only worsen over a two week period. I had muscle spasms while driving that included spontaneous sharp pain. I visited Dr. Renfro at the Round Rock office and within two visits, the pain and spasms were gone and my issue was fully resolved. Thanks so much to the team of Dr. Renfro and Patty for getting me back to normal so quickly!

by Kent Snead

I suffered what I would call a jammed wrist during a fall off my race bike. I had limited mobility and significant grip strength restrictions in my hand and wrist. Dr. Renfo’s expertise and application of the Airrosti technique returned about 85 to 90% functionality within two treatments. It certainly accelerated the healing process and got me quickly back on the bike.

by Gina Harrison

I would have problems with my neck from doing Crossfit. Dr. Renfro was familiar with Crossfit and knew how to fix me up! He was very knowledgeable and was able to explain to me with great detail what was wrong with me. He provided courtesy service and his staff was just as kind. I would definitely recommend Dr. Renfro to other crossfitters. I just wish he would open an office in El Paso, TX where I now live! Thank you, Dr. Renfro for what you do to heal people!

by Michael Tinsley

Airrosti is a great place for sports recovery. They help keep me on the track, by helping me prevent injuries so I can compete at a high level. -Michael Tinsley, 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist in 400 Hurdles

by Cobalt Blue

“After one particular grueling workout I woke up the next day with an unusual pain in my hip. I thought it would go away in a couple of days but after two weeks it hadn’t improved. I couldn’t run. Squatting was painful. Even walking was uncomfortable. Everyone at the gym suggested Airrosti so I made an appointment. I was very impressed with Dr. Renfro. He took the time to analyze my movement and explain to me what was causing the pain. He then made some adjustments and the relief was almost immediate. The pain was about 90% gone and I could move freely. They gave me exercises to help and in a few days I was back to normal.
I would highly recommend seeing Airrosti for any pains that are plaguing you. They can do some amazing things+ show more without the use of drugs or expensive tests and I really liked the fact that they took the time to explain to me what was causing my pain and what I could do to make sure it never returned.”

by Moira McCue

I want to thank Dr. Renfro and his assistant Patty Jackson. I had shoulder pain for several months. I had seen a orthopedist and received physical therapy. I finally went to see Dr. Renfro and after 3 treatments, my should pain was gone. I am able to continue to do the things I love to do – Crossfit! I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me! Anyone that has pain I highly recommend going to them! Thank you Airrosti!

by Savannah Garcia

I came to see doctor Renfro to help my knee pain which I thought was impossible to cure. However, he healed my knees with just 3 sessions. I could not be more grateful for the relief he gave my pain. I recommend him to everyone. Thank you Dr. Renfro.

by William Tran

This is the place to go for aches and pains. I have been there multiple times for different injuries and always feel better afterwards. I refer friends to Airrosti all the time.

by Kristal Timmerman

I was referred to Dr. Renfro by Dr. Neitsch after fearing I had done something bad to my back while giving birth months earlier. I could barely walk without pain in my hip and lower back. After the first visit, I felt exponentially better. I went for 4 visits total which got me back to 100%. I’ve been pain-free ever since. If it weren’t Dr. Renfro and Patty, I don’t know what I would have done. They gave me my quality of life back.. and the greatest thing is it was a natural process. No Rx pills. Just myofascial release, tape and yoga.

by Brandon Brickley

Dr. Renfro and Patty are the best at what they do! When I injured my achilles tendon/calf other doctors sent me home with instructions only to “ice” and “rest” for 4-6 weeks. Since I am an athlete and a trainer by profession taking 4-6 weeks off was way more than I could afford. Dr. Renfro’s treatments along with Patty’s instruction on stretches/exercises had me going again in less than a week and able to perform well at a 8 mile adventure race the following weekend. I now send everyone I can to see these miracle workers!

by Deidre Deen

A couple of years ago I started training for my first triathlon. I developed pain in my shoulders from using incorrect form in swim training. Initially, I sought out help from chiropractors and massage therapists. I could not get any relief. I started getting use to the idea that I would be dealing with this pain indefinitely. Then, I heard about Airrosti Therapy from another Triathlete. I made an appointment and my pain was gone after my second appointment! I was really amazed! Later in my training I developed shin splints. I made another appointment and my pain was gone by the third appointment. Dr. Renfro knew exactly what needed to be done to target the problem areas and his Recovery Therapist Patty gave expert and detailed instructi+ show moreon on the types of stretching and exercises that I needed to do in order to heal fast. After Airrosti therapy, I was able to complete my first Triathlon. Dr. Renfro, Patty and staff are all very friendly, knowledgeable and skilled at what they do. I highly recommend Airrosti Therapy to anyone that is experiencing sports related pain or injury. Dr. Renfro, Patty and Staff are A++ in my book!

by Shannon Brookfield

Airrosti and Dr. Renfro changed my life! I’ve received treatment from Dr. Renfro for two injuries and both times were very successful! I was a week away from my first CrossFit competition and I injured my lower back. Dr. Renfro and Patty fixed me up that quick and I was great! I had the same experience with them later for another injury. They are both kind, thoughtful, and really listen to what you are experiencing to best treat you. I really appreciate how clear they are with explaining your homework too. Give it a try! You will not regret it at all!

by Dawn Grimes

I heard about Airrosti from the P.E. teacher at the school I taught at. She highly recommended them and said that they had helped her. I went for pain in my feet and lower back. The treatment was very helpful and the exercises they taught me have been helpful past my treatment. Dr. Renfro and the associates were very personable and helpful with understanding my daily pain. I have recommended them to many others and I know others have also found success. I know that if / when I’m ever hurting again I can return for a positive experience and healing.

by Roy Davis

I can’t say enough great things about Airrosti. I saw Dr Renfro for lower back pain. His focus was to identify what was causing the problem, address it, then get me back to working out. My personal physician’s plan was for me to take some muscle relaxers and pain meds and stop working out for a few weeks. Huge thanks to the entire Airrosti team for a great experience.

by Chad Randall

I had back pain most of my life (since I was say 21) and was always going to the chiropractor. About 3 years ago, I had back surgery to relieve pressure from a ruptured disk in my lower back. After the surgery I was still having pretty bad pain…so much that I would be down for days at a time. I had shots in my back to help and physical therapy but nothing seemed to work. I went to see Dr Renfro and he did his thing over 3 sessions. It was a very painful experience but since then, I have never been ‘laid out’ from pain for days. I still have aches once in a while (mostly from sleeping wrong) but Dr Renfro taught me how to basically do what he does at home and it relieves the pain instantly. His treatment changed my life. I now can deal + show morewith it and still function normally pain free. I highly recommend his treatment to anyone with chronic back or neck pain. IT WORKS!

by Russell Boyd

After having severe shoulder pain for several years, I tried Dr. Renfro at Airrosti. It took longer than both of us were hoping, but he managed to get me to the next level of rehabilitation. I still have to keep it in shape with massages and exercise, but I can lift without pain now. Airrosti was the turning point.

by Chris Almendarez

I played college baseball and sometimes I forget that I am no longer 18. After throwing batting practice to my son’s little league team for hours, I could barely lift my arm. After ONE visit to Dr. Renfro and Patty, I had full range of motion and was able to throw again. These guys are great and have turned me into a believer! Airrosti works!

by Kelsey Morris

I was suffering from a back injury and everything I tried didn’t work. I was referred to Dr. Renfro by my crossfit trainer and was so surprised how easily they remedied my injury. It took about 3 visits and I was back to exercising normally. He also taught me how to help myself if I have anymore injuries. But if I can’t fix it I know where to go. Love them and their whole office!

by Teresa Arciniaga

I have seen Dr. Ben Renfro at the office in Round Rock TX. He and Patty Jackson are my miracle workers. I first saw Dr. Renfro about lower back and shoulder pain. After my first visit I already felt relief, I had been in severe pain and could not walk very well and by the end of my therapy I was in no pain and able to walk and sit comfortably. Dr Renfro also worked on my right foot due to pain in the arch. Oh my gosh I was in so much pain but once again after my initial visit I was feeling relief. I call him and Patty my miracle workers because of the treatment and care they both gave. Patty is wonderful during therapy and I felt so great after she taped me up. Both she and Dr. Renfro are genuine and explain the injury and what the patie+ show morent needs to do in order to get better. I have missed seeing them but am glad that I am pain free. I would refer anyone who is having pain to get into see them right away! I’m blessed to have been in able to get into their care!

by Ashley Lumpkin

After having my third child I was on a mission to get fit in 2013. In becoming more active I also had a few minor injuries, as is the risk with any physical activity. Two other doctors told me I needed surgery on my wrist and then I went to Airrosti. Dr. Renfro and Patty are an amazing team that can get you back to an active life. The wrist surgery another doctor suggested was solved in three appointments with Dr. Renfro. Even better, they explained why I was in pain, the process to get me feeling better, and gave me the knowledge and tools to help avoid re-injuring my wrist in the future. They also taught me how to stretch and use a foam roller to avoid the lower back tightness that was a constant in my life between lifting babies and l+ show moreifting heavy at the gym. Even better – no surgery and no significant downtime so I was able to stay active.

by Wanda Minnix

I’m so glad I found him. After three visits I no longer had pain. I can’t thank them enough for helping me. If you hurt, pick up the phone and call Dr. Renfro. Really!

by Rosie Hernandez

I have been dealing with runner’s knee for almost two years now. I was very skeptical of getting more shots in my knees! Needless to say, Airrosti came into my life and my knee has never felt so great! I no longer have pain! I am still doing the therapy on my own since I still run.

by Elena Fuentes

I am a nurse and my job is very hard on my back. I have been to traditional physical therapy in the past, tried the McKenzie method, yoga, massage, acupuncture, etc. This is by far the BEST treatment I have had! Dr. Renfro and Patty were able to resolve my 2 areas of back pain in only 2-3 quick visits for each area. What I like best about the practice is that Patty teaches you exercises and massages you can do yourself at home to maintain the pain relief (the lacrosse ball for my trigger points is my favorite!). The really special thing about this program is that they not only make you feel better, they really take the time to teach you how to prevent it from coming back and treat it at home in case it does. I have been recommending Airr+ show moreosti to my friends, family, and fellow nurses because they are so great. I really enjoyed each visit I had with Dr. Renfro and Patti because they were so kind and friendly. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a noninvasive and nonpharmacological treatment. It was such a great decision for me!

by Emsud Horozovic

I had calf injury while running and training. Airrosti, Dr. Renfro, and Patty Jackson took excellent care of my recovery and with 3 treatments I was able to even do better than last year at Kerrville Triathlon. They are excellent and I would highly recommend them.

by Vanessa Leonetti

I was referred to Dr. Renfro by my primary doctor for an ankle and heel problem. I had been in pain for quite some time from an old injury and surgery. I had physical therapy and various treatments for months and it just wasn’t working. I saw Dr. Renfro and he told me exactly what was going on! And that he knew how to treat it. That was just what I need to hear, finally! Between him and his recovery specialist Patty they fixed my pain!! I couldn’t believe it. I had suffered so long. Still to this day, it is doing great! I had suffered so long and they fixed it. I am a very active person and I do a HIIT training and ended up injuring my left knee recently. I knew who to see! Dr. Renfo and Patty, again within a few treatments they got me f+ show moreixed up! They also showed me how to manage any flare-ups I might encounter with exercises. I highly recommend them! I know what it is like to be in pain and these guys CAN help you!

by Dalia Z Garcia

Dr. Renfro and Patty were great, although two different people had suggested I give Airrosti a shot I was very skeptical. So my injury deteriorated and I finally caved. I visited the Round Rock location since it’s conveniently located by my house and the first visit was a little uncomfortable. However, Dr. Renfro and Patty definitely took the time to explain to me the issue and the process in having it resolved in only three visits and indeed they delivered. I had never heard of a foam roller or the benefits of using one, I have since incorporated it into my life and I can definitely see the benefits after my workouts. The issue I came in for is still nonexistent; I am a convert and will definitely return here at the sight of any oncomin+ show moreg pains. Thanks again for exposing me to alternative, drug free results.

by Charles Dougherty

I’ve had a history of left knee problems dating back to 1994 where I was clipped in the left knee playing football in high school. The initial injury was a torn ACL and partially torn MCL. I had the ACL repaired and 9 months later retorn. I played the ensuing season with no ACL, but in a DonJoy custom brace; halfway through the season I tore the medial meniscus. Long story short, I’ve had the ACL repaired one other time in 1998 using a cadaver graft, which has held up very well, but have had 3 more medial meniscus repairs and cleanups. A lot of rehab, time, and effort went into getting my left knee stabilized and strong again……and it still will never be normal. I came to Airrosti because I either had some scar tissue or my IT band+ show more healed a little tight from all the surgeries. In three appointments, I have noticed an improvement in discomfort and elasticity in the IT band. I realize that I have to be in control of my own therapy and maintenance, but in just my 3 visits at Airrosti, I came to realize I can get some relief from the discomfort I was feeling. Now my next step is to continue building and strengthening the muscles in both my legs and to eliminate any discomfort associated with my teenage knee injuries. It is good to know that Airrosti helped teach me some techniques to get me pain free and if the knee should start acting up again, it’s nice to know I’m not far away from getting some additional therapy.

by Kylie Brown

I was having knee pain that was affecting my jumping. Dr. Renfro & Patty helped to get me pain-free and gave me some exercises that help prevent the pain from coming back.

by Mary Unruh

I have had an ongoing lower back/hip/leg pain issue. My primary physician referred me to Dr. Renfro. He pinpointed the causing issue immediately, went to work on the problem and just as advertised I was 100% better after 3 visits. Patty worked with me on my PT, she made sure I was doing all the exercises properly and played a huge part in my recovery! I am very pleased with the out come and know whenever another issue arises where I will be headed first!

by Garland Spitzenberger

I had reinjured my hamstring after thinking that it was almost healed after “self-treating”. At that point I decided to seek professional help and was referred to Dr. Ben Renfro. I was able to get an appointment for the day after the injury occurred and at that time walking and sitting were very painful. In fact I could only walk with great difficulty. Within the first two appointments, I had propounded improvement. Pain was greatly reduced in general and walking became a great deal easier. I was given exercises, instructions, and stretches to help speed the recovery. I did these faithfully. These in combination with the Airrosti treatments paid big dividends. By my third appointment a week later, I was back to walking very close to norm+ show moreal but more importantly, there was minimal pain. Following the guidelines Dr. Renfro and Patty provided, I was able to resume working out. I had been struggling to recover from my original hamstring injury for several months. After Airrosti, my recovery to being pain free was very quick. And within a week I could feel there was real healing in my hamstring. I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience with my Airrosti and Dr. Renfro. I have recommended to my friends that they contact Dr. Renfro for treatment of their injuries. I would not hesitate returning to Dr. Renfro for treatment in the event of a future injury.

by Seabstian Russi

I have visit Dr. Ben for the last two years to get treatment for my Track & Field and Football injuries not requiring surgery, my recovery takes about 2-4 visits depending on the severity, and the office stuff is very friendly.

by Jade Chavez

I wanted to write a few words about my story. I have been an athlete since I was five. I was always playing multiple sports and getting hurt occasionally. Now that I am older, I still am very active, but the injuries don’t heal as fast. A friend told me about Airrosti. His daughters used it for ankle injuries and it worked very well. I do have to say I was skeptical about it and the short time that it was supposed to take to heal. Well, I had an injury to my elbow from golfing. It had been a problem for several years. I had nothing to lose, so I called Dr. Renfro’s office and schedule an appointment. I went in for the first visit not really expecting much. Wow. It was intense treatment, but just after one visit the elbow was feeling bett+ show moreer. I scheduled two additional visits and by the third visit the elbow was feeling great. I do have to say I am no longer a skeptic and have been in for several other injuries and have has huge success with the treatments. I would recommend to everyone to try Airrosti. It helped me and could help you.

by Shawna Jirasek

My first Airrosti experience was in Georgetown in late December of 2011. I had a lot of back issues following two major surgeries that year. I had a couple of bulging disks and was ready to go to a surgeon to fix it when someone at work (ERCOT) told me about Airrosti. We had to work slower than normal due to the recent surgical procedures that were performed on back and abdomen. In just a few short visits, I managed to reduce the pain significantly to a level that I could maintain a good quality of life. Around a year later, I had some neck and upper back issues and met Dr. Renfro. I felt immediate relief on the same day. I had a few more incidents since that first visit but feel that the Airrosti treatment has been most effective and ke+ show moreeps me from having additional surgery. I find Dr. Renfro and Patty to be very professional and caring. They are very personable while also being extraordinarily good at what they do. I was even more impressed with them when I referred my son to work on his neck. Because of my son’s rodeo-related injuries over a course of time, as well as the nature of the current issue, Dr. Renfro ordered an MRI and engaged another physician so that my son received the right and best treatment. I appreciate his conservative approach and wanting what is best for his patients. He and Patty put people first and it really shows. Patty provides excellent feedback and instruction for the exercises assigned in between visits. In a lot of cases she does the exercises along side me which helps me see form and not feel as self-conscience about my inept application of the exercise. Keep up the good work! And thanks for being close by instead of driving all the way into Austin.

by Jamie Lavas

When I finally bit the bullet and made an appointment it was because every step I took resulted in a sharp shooting pain. Well, that and because my kneecap locked and I ‘bumped’ the car in front of me at the drive thru at Starbucks because my leg was not functioning correctly at all! I guess like most Moms, I was just sucking it up running around taking care of everyone else. After just the first visit with Dr. Ben and Patty, I was relieved to know that not only was my knee pain something fixable but that I could walk out of the clinic without pain shooting down my leg. I was amazed at how quickly I was seeing results, not that it wasn’t hard work on both of our parts though! Dr. Ben was very candid and direct about what the treatment en+ show moretailed and what his concerns and expectations were. It was obvious he was well versed in his area of expertise but could still explain injuries in a way that made sense to someone that wasn’t knowledgeable with medical terms. I’m not sure where I would be today without Ben and Patty, but I imagine it would be somewhere in pain. They were so fantastic with me that I didn’t think twice about bringing my nine year old in with his sports injury. They have been awesome to work with and have worked wonders on our active family!

by Michelle Griffith

Dr. Renfro has helped me with a sprained ankle so that I could quickly get back to training for my half marathon I ran last year. Since then, I have also needed attention on my neck and shoulders. The treatments and rehab exercises that Patty has taught me has helped me tremendously, and I am able to maintain better posture and able to prevent future pain.

by Cathy Ruiz

All three of my boys have benefited from the Round Rock Airrosti with Dr. Renfro and Patty. They are all competitive baseball players playing at different levels and have at some point needed work done on past and recent injuries. They truly believe that they receive the best care and conditioning after treatment from the Round Rock location and even come in from the Dallas area to see Dr. Renfro instead of visiting one of their local Airrosti’s. Thanks a ton and I’m sure we’ll be back at some point or another.

by Doug Nelson

I have been treated two different times for different problem areas on my shoulder and arm. After 3-4 visits each time my range of motion returned and the pain I was having went away. Will go back if I have any issues again.

by Daniel Griggs

My experience with Airrosti was way above my expectations. As a Pro Football Player I’m all about staying as healthy as possible and that’s exactly what Dr. Renfro and Patty have done for me. One of my most serious injuries was my sciatic nerve. I went into Airrosti and literally could hardly even walk I was in so much pain. Dr. Renfro did some work on me and Patty showed me rehab exercises to do. When I left I could walk a lot better and pain had subsided quite a bit. This was in the early afternoon. Later that evening I felt 10 times better. I could walk a lot more upright and pain was very minimal. The next day I was able to do a light workout without any pain. Two days later I was back at 100 percent. For all athletes we want to get + show moreback healthy and on the playing field as soon as possible and that’s exactly what I received from Airrosti. I’ve also had plantar fasciitis along with ankle problems and the results were all the same. Fast recovery in a short period of time. There’s no other place I go to except for Airrosti. As I said, the results were way above my expectations.

by Mike Marcade

I have been to see Dr. Ben Renfro on several occasions for hamstring & back issues. Dr. Renfro is always very attentive and responsive to my situation. He is very experienced and I have always had good results within a few visits. Special mention must go to Patty Jackson, the Certified Recovery Specialist that works with Dr. Renfro. She has an extensive sports medicine background and really knows her stuff.

by Amanda Barkema

I’ve struggled with ankle sprains throughout all my sports in high school and college. While doing Camp Gladiator bootcamp, it was acting up and not allowing me to perform at my highest potential. I saw Dr. Renfro and Patty at Airrosti and they helped work out the soft tissue build up in my ankle. I am feeling great and sprinting better at camp gladiator.

by Terri Sanchez

Dr. Renfro has helped me with several running induced injuries. First my Achilles tendon, thought my running was going to be over for six months however Dr. Renfro worked on my lower leg and the best part is I never had to stop running. He’s also worked on some hamstring overuse injuries as well as my IT band. Along with the rehab from Patty they are my first call when I over do my running routine and something is bothering me.

by David Wang

Three years ago I found Airrosti and have recommended Dr. Renfro & Patty to three people that have gone in and experienced the same positive results that this 43-year-old male did. I have had knee, foot, hip, shoulder, and neck injuries from tennis, softball, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. I never look forward to getting injured, but when I do get injured or look for better performance on the field; I call Dr. Renfro & Patty for an appointment.

by Jeannie Richter

I have gone to Dr. Retro for treatment of two herniated discs in my neck. My doctor referred me to physical therapy after 3 treatments at physical therapy in which it became worse. I then started going to Airrosti. Over the years I was treated by several doctors at Airrosti. Dr. Renfro is wonderful. The best doctor I have been to. He has also treated my sciatic nerve pain. I highly suggest it over a chiropractor or physical therapy first.

by Austin P.

I’m very active and play a lot of sports, as a result I get injuries form time to time. I have never done physical therapy until I was referred to contact Airrosti. It was the best choice I made since my back and neck were in a tremendous amount of pain. Every time I had treatment the better I felt. After a few short sessions my health was back to about 90 percent. I highly recommend Airrosti so you don’t have to live in pain and injuries won’t get worse.

by Amanda A.

I went to Dr. Renfro because I had limited mobility in my shoulder. After just a few sessions it’s as if there was never any problem.

by Sherry A.

My experience with Airrosti began when I injured my Achilles. I had originally been to an orthopedic doctor for the injury. They instructed me to stop exercising and pretty much reprimanded me. I had read about Airrosti through social media and immediately made an appointment. I loved that they encouraged me to continue to exercise throughout the treatment process. They are very knowledgeable about sports injuries, had me back to my regular workout schedule, and good as new within three visits. I would definitely recommend to anyone with an injury to make an appointment.

by Perry S.

Dr. Renfro and Patty were able to get me back on track by working on my IT band, then showing me how to stretch to keep it loose. My legs and back feel much better, allowing me to enjoy more outdoor activities. Great Job!

by Calvin S.

I injured my back seven years ago at work and I have been experiencing cervical pain and muscle spasms since the accident. I have tried pharmaceuticals, physical therapy, chiropractic and home remedies with little long-term success. Until Now! Since meeting Dr. Renfro and Patty Jackson at Airrosti, we have developed a relationship where they have taught my track club how to take care of their bodies and developed a program of stretches and exercises to continue at home. This is an amazing treatment and I couldn’t even imagine not living without pain until I met this great group of people. I train different ages of athletes and when I encounter any soft tissue, back or ankle problems, I refer all of my athletes, family members and schoo+ show morels to Airrosti for a hands-on approach to improve and prevent future injuries. Again, I would recommend anyone who is experiencing chronic pain to give Airrosti a call.

by Stephanie M.

Back in October 2013 I injured my hip while doing sprints. I ignored it for a week or so and then decided I needed to see a doctor. I saw one and was told, after numerous x-rays and MRIs, that I would need surgery due to having a torn hip labrum. I looked at the doctor straight in the eye and said “This does not work for me, I am a runner and I have a huge 15+ mile obstacle race in five weeks. What else you got?” He mentioned getting a cortisone injection in my hip that may temporarily do the trick. I opted for the shot. I heard that Airrosti was going to be at Fleet Feet in Round Rock on the following Saturday, so I decided to go in and see what it was all about. That’s where I met Dr. Renfro and discussed my conditi+ show moreon. He suggested I come see him, as he was certain he could get me better without having to have surgery. That was music to my ears. I went in about a week later and was seriously nervous. The movements he had me do and the pressure he was putting on my sore spot was pretty uncomfortable. When he was done, I went to the next room to see Patty. She is amazing. She taught me how to use a foam roller and a lacrosse ball. I did my exercises at home as promised and actually came back to the next visit for more treatment despite the temporary discomfort. Both Dr. Renfro and Patty are amazing! I am proud to say, that I have run numerous marathons and about ten mud obstacle races since then. Oh, and all surgery free! I highly recommend Dr. Renfro and Patty to anyone that is having issues!

by Sara H.

I had originally gone to a foot specialist for heel pain. I thought it was caused from heel spurs, but I found out in most cases spurs are not the cause of heel pain. I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. The doctor started injections. A few days after the fifth injection, I experienced the most excruciating pain in my right foot. I was put in a boot and sent for MRI’s. Come to find out on the MRI I had 5 inflamed tendons. Surgery was recommended. I started seeking a second opinion and started other treatments. I tried electromagnetic and shock wave therapy. After going three times a week for several months with little change, I found Dr. Renfro. I saw Dr. Renfro for maybe eight to ten treatments, which was above the normal, but I was+ show more not a normal case. After seeing him, I started to finally get relief from the pain and out of the boot. I am currently pain free and feel amazing. I never realized that it could get so bad so quickly and started to think I would never walk normally again. Dr. Renfro gave me hope. It’s been a year I still have not experienced any pain and recommend him to everyone that even mentions pain. My only regret is not finding him sooner and seeing him before I received the injections. Both Patty and Dr. Renfro are amazing!

by Tim J.

It would be easy for me to sing the praises of Dr. Renfro and Patty given that I’m married to the latter, but the results I’ve seen from the various treatments I’ve had speak for themselves. I’ve had multiple areas worked on – neck, back and feet – and I’ve always seen results almost immediately after I’ve completed a treatment. Not only does Dr. Renfro treat the affected area, he also explains the science behind the reason for the injury and how and why he’s going to treat it in a language I can understand. Yet the healing is only halfway done as, I well know, the active-recovery portion of the treatment is just as important. Patty’s educational background, experience and personality make her the perfect teammate and compliment to the+ show more manual therapy portion. She has a passion for getting people healthy and it shows through her interactions and physical therapy knowledge. Most importantly, her and Dr. Renfro work together as a team to get YOU better, and it’s very apparent how well they work together. As you can imagine, I promote Airrosti everywhere I go, and have sent multiple people their way mostly because of the results I have personally seen.

by Rubicelly R.

I went to an orthopedic doctor because I had injured my ankle while jogging. He took x-rays and said it was not broken, but badly sprained. He put me in a walking boot for a minimum of three weeks. I walked out of there in that walking boot, and felt it was just a matter of time before I wrenched my knee because it was extremely awkward for me to walk. I called and got an appointment with Dr. Renfro the very next day. I walked out of the first appointment boot free without limping. We did two more follow-up sessions and I was back to jogging in no time! I just wish I had gone to see Dr. Renfro first!

by Breanna P.

Three years ago I started having problems in both of my knees. With the multiple school and club sports I played I couldn’t afford to sit out. I iced my knees twice every day and tried many different knee braces, some of which helped the pain, but none that made it go away completely. I’d heard about Airrosti and decided to give it a try. My mom calls the treatment a miracle. Not only did Dr. Renfro and Patty fix my knees completely, they made sure that I didn’t have to spend any time on the sideline either. Since then they’ve also fixed my calf and my hip. I told all of my teammates about Airrosti and every one of them was satisfied with their results. What I love most about Airrosti is their quality of service. They’re so nice and genu+ show moreinely want you to get better. They give you quality information about your injury and are always honest with the results. It doesn’t feel like a typical doctors appointment, it feels like going to see your friends that want nothing but the best for you.

by Stephen R.

I was done. Nothing was working. I tried medication, workout modifications and new ways to sleep. My back was in PAIN! The kind of pain that only hurt when you stood, laid down or walked. One night while at my boot camp, I met a wonderful person. Patty Jackson. We became friends and one conversation that came up was “Dude, you look old. Why are you all bent over and moaning?” After I told her my story, she invited me to try Airrosti. I am a skeptic, but at this point, why not? When I went in for my visit I was first greeted by the wonderful staff that took my insurance and other information, processed quickly and got me back to Dr. Renfro. I was told I only needed three visits. I was thinking “Yeah right!!” Anyway, th+ show moree doctor put me through some stretches and he worked my back and hips over. Pain went from a solid 9 to a 5. He gave me some at-home tips, and then escorted me to Patty’s office. It initially looked like a torture chamber with all the foam rollers every where. Patty taught me four or five different foam rolling technics. I was instructed to do these after my workouts. The following week was my second visit and pretty much the same routine. This time I went from a 7 down to a 3. One more visit was the claim. I went in for the last visit. When I left there I was amazed. Zero amount of pain! The professionalism and the friendliness alone were worth the visit! When I am in pain, first stop? Dr. Renfro & Patty! Thanks guys!

by Wylie B.

I first came to Airrosti after dealing with a nagging shoulder injury for several years. I was sure I had to have surgery, but I was putting it off until I couldn’t stand the pain any longer. Dr. Renfro and Patty Jackson came by the fire department I work for and talked about the treatments Airrosti provided and how and why the Airrosti method works. I decided to give them a try and my shoulder pain has mostly disappeared. When I feel pain in my shoulder, I revert back to the exercises Patty taught me and my pain is usually gone within a few days without having any medical attention. Since my initial treatment, I have been back to see Dr. Renfro several times for other injuries I have suffered. I consider myself a very active person and + show moremy job can be physically demanding. With Dr. Renfro and Patty’s help I am able to continue my active lifestyle and provide the best service I can to the citizens in the city I work for. Dr. Renfro and Patty are extremely knowledgeable and always explain the treatment they are doing. They take time to thoroughly answer questions and I feel like they truly have a passion for helping their patients.

by Hilary G.

I have received treatment off and on from Dr. Renfro and Patty for the past two years. Every time I have something feeling “off” they are quick to squeeze me in and immediately fix my injury. I have recommended multiple people to Dr. Renfro and everyone has had great success with the treatment given. Dr. Renfro and Patty always go above and beyond!

by Janiece N.

As a Coach/Teacher I am on my feet all day and suffered from recurring plantar fasciitis. I had tried numerous treatments over the past ten years. I had too many cortisone injections to count, thought I had done every physical therapy exercise known to man, and even tried experimental sound wave therapy… and my feet continued to hurt. Then my husband mentioned Airrosti and that some of the firemen he worked with had gone for all kinds of injuries. I was skeptical but thought what could it hurt to try them. After the first treatment I saw some improvement. Then it continued with each visit until I walked out after the last one and was pain free. Pain free in just four treatments!

by Michele A.

I am a local law enforcement officer and a veteran. Because of my job, and having to wear my duty belt, I struggled for nearly 20 years with lower back pain. I would use a chiropractor for adjustments, and I would have to use medication for pain and inflammation. It was getting to the point to where I was no longer able to play sports or work out. I heard about Airrosti, from several other police officers and they swear by the results. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I made my appointment. Let me tell you it was the best health care decision I have ever made. In the three treatments I was amazed that my pain was gone. No more limited movements. No more medications. I am 100 percent satisfied with the results. I have been back with ot+ show moreher problems that have developed with the same results. Dr. Renfro and Patty, the physical therapist, are the best! Every time someone complains of pain I tell him or her about Airrosti and Dr. Renfro.

by Bill S.

Airrosti has provided care to three people in my family. For example, my daughter is a Division 1 athlete. Airrosti gives her the ability to quickly reduce/eliminate pain and she has never missed a game. Airrosti has improved the quality of life for my family.

by Angela O.

There is nothing like going to a doctor’s office barely able to move and walking out with virtually no pain! I am pain free thanks to Airrosti!

by Kelsey M.

We love Airrosti, they have saved me and my friends & family so much pain. Airrosti gets rid of the cause of the pain. It works!

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