Bill Kempe, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Undergraduate School:University of Delaware

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida

Hometown:Port Jefferson, NY

Hobbies:CrossFit, cooking, reading, hiking and finding the best tasting cheap food in town with my wife.

Interesting Facts:I did stand up comedy and improv comedy through High School and College, I'm allergic to shellfish, and I've liked every meal I've ever had that involved bacon.

Awards and Recognitions:Airrosti Ambassador Award: 2013, 2015, 2017 Leadership Symposium: 2015-2019 Airrosti Achievement Award: 2019

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti has given me the opportunity to deliver excellent, high-quality care to every single patient, on every single visit. I get to focus on getting people better because Airrosti provides an excellent support system, so my focus is 100% on doing what is right for the patient.


by Lauren Y.

Airrosti saved my ski vacation! Just 3 weeks before my ski vacation to Telluride, I got achilles tendonitis so severe that I couldn't walk. I was in a panic - a vacation I had planned for so long and spent so much money on would be turned into a boring trip sitting in the lodge sipping hot cocoa watching the rest of my family ski. I stumbled across Airrosti from a recommendation at my gym - which had to be divine intervention. I was skeptical at first - to be fully fixed in 3 visits seemed impossible! Well, Dr, Kempe must have magic hands because he literally saved my vacation! He had me moving and skiing double black diamonds for 4 days straight with only 2 visits and in less than two weeks. Not only did he make me mobile & walking aga...+ show morein, but gave me the exercises to make sure that it didn't come back in the middle of my vacation. I would recommend Airrosti to anyone - it literally is a miracle!

by Charlotte F.

I spent more than a year and well over a thousand dollars trying to get to the bottom of the knee pain that had sidelined me from my formerly active life of triathlons, ultimate frisbee, hiking, and rock climbing. I tried everything from months of ice, rest, and physical therapy to chiropractic, ART, and Rolfing. I event spent hundreds of dollars on custom orthotics. Nothing worked. Then I met Dr. Kempe at my climbing gym and, within minutes, he had identified the origin of my knee pain. After one appointment I was running with less pain than I had felt in months. After three appointments I was fixed! I'm now back to my beloved sports with no pain. Even better – I now know stretches and exercises that can help keep me that way! I rec...+ show moreommend Dr. Kempe to everyone I know with an injury. And when I pulled a muscle in my neck recently, you better believe the first person I called was Dr. Kempe! His magic hands took me from almost complete immobility to the frisbee field ONE visit!

by Dalton H.

I was several months out of shoulder surgery with chronic pain that was apparently non diagnosable. I spent months in physical therapy and rehab with no improvement. Within one visit to Airrosti I noticed a tremendous relief in discomfort and pain. And within three visits, the pain was more than manageable. Thanks, Airrosti, for doing what others could not.

by Katy R.

After almost 7 months of feeling like I was walking on glass due to plantar fasciitis I went to Airrosti. One visit in I was already seeing results! Seeing Dr. Kempe has been a life changer. I am now back to my regular activities and most importantly, walking pain free. I can't express how thankful I am for Dr. Kempe's work and determination to get me pain free.

by Dave D.

During my marathon training, I ended up hurting my IT band about 6 weeks prior to race day. I could barely lift and bend my left leg. A friend told me about Airrosti. I called, and I was in for my first appointment the next day. Couldn't have been happier with the quick turn around. Things only got better from there. I was blown away with the Airrosti approach to treatment and how they focus on healing you so you can get back to training quickly. What's more, Dr. Kempe explained in simple terms what he was going to do for treatment and why. It was not short of miraculous. I had three appointments in three weeks. Each appointment was split between treatment and then flexibility/strengthening exercises. At the end of my treatment, not only wa...+ show mores I cured, but I'm now more flexible and stronger. It was an incredible experience - not only with the quick results but in the strategic approach to treatment. I got a PR in my marathon last week. Couldn't have done it without Dr. Kempe and Airrosti. Thank you!!!