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Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Undergraduate School:University of Delaware

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida

Hometown:Port Jefferson, NY

Hobbies:CrossFit, cooking, reading, hiking and finding the best tasting cheap food in town with my wife.

Interesting Facts:I did stand up comedy and improv comedy through High School and College, I'm allergic to shellfish, and I've liked every meal I've ever had that involved bacon.

Awards and Recognitions:Airrosti Ambassador Award: 2013, 2015, 2017 Leadership Symposium: 2015-2019 Airrosti Achievement Award: 2019

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti has given me the opportunity to deliver excellent, high-quality care to every single patient, on every single visit. I get to focus on getting people better because Airrosti provides an excellent support system, so my focus is 100% on doing what is right for the patient.

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by Noel Adams

Dr. Bill Kemp is my go-to PT whenever I have a running related ache or pain. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to do virtual sessions with him and I have found them just as effective as in-person treatment. He and Erin make a great team!

by Ruthie McGinn

I was seeking treatment from Dr. Kempe for a hip impingement issue before the coronavirus pandemic was declared – we only had one visit in person and I had to finish the treatment through Tele Visit and was amazed how effectively it worked. Dr. Kempe helped me apply pressure on myself using a lacrosse ball to get at the root of the issue and Erin Kelly, my Certified Recovery Specialist, was able to go through and teach me my exercises by video. I was really grateful for this effective and safe way to continue to pursue relief even in the midst of such a time of restriction and I am now moving without any pain at all. I have been to Dr. Kempe for multiple injuries and I will keep returning – I am full believer in and advocate for the work+ show more they do.

by MB

Using the telemedicine option was a great alternative to coming into the office. I highly recommend it. Was great to see Dr. Kempe and Erin.

by Diana Waller

After watching Bill Kempe treat two of our teenage daughters, I found myself making a new patient appointment amidst the coronavirus lockdown because of excruciating sciatica pain. Previously, Bill was fantastic with our daughter who had a volleyball related injury. I watched as he walked her through a series of exercises and was able to show us exactly where the weakness was in her muscles that had shifted use to other muscles, created the pain and limited chest expansion which limited her ability to take deep breaths. Bill uses a dry marker and a great anatomy illustration on the wall to show us the muscles impacted, the muscles he wanted her to strengthen and how they were connected. We both came away understanding exactly what was re+ show morequired and why. His colleague Erin walked my daughter thru the exercises he recommended, and the app they provide with images of each exercise, the directions AND a video. A really great technology delivery right to your phone. Yesterday, Bill was able to identify the source of my discomfort after walking me thru a range of motion exercises and explained it on the full body chart and additional white board drawings. He showed how the pain was generating from my disc and how the treatment would effect it. Bill worked on my back by applying a great deal of pressure which was painful at the time, but it is clear today the treatment has already made a significant reduction in my levels of pain. I then received my exercise regime from Erin and practiced all of them with her and received the link to follow along. I cannot say enough about this team’s professionalism, expertise, clarity and compassion. After weeks of pain, I safely entered their office with my mask after curbside check-in, and walked out with pain reduction and an easy to follow path to recovery. Run (if you can) to avail yourself of Bill’s experience and clear and direct explanations of your pain and the exercises and treatment to help. And, he always calls to follow-up and answer any questions.

by Joe Fesperman

I was referred to Dr. Kempe by an acquaintance who had been seeing him for chronic pain. His philosophy of treatment with regular directed exercises (after a thorough evaluation) and his commitment to the improvement of symptoms without multiple return visits resonated with my Family Medicine training. My concern was slowly worsening and persistent knee pain from osteoarthritis. With an upcoming trip to Ireland and a desire to not be limited by knee symptoms, I scheduled an appointment. Let me just say he was great, just what I needed. The final assessment was actually that “I was not bad enough” to require his expertise. We decided on a physical therapy referral and the rest, as they say, is history. With his recommendation, low dos+ show moree anti-inflammatory therapy and a regular home PT program my trip was unhampered by knee symptoms. Many thanks to Dr. Kempe for starting me on the right track.