Bill Kempe, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Undergraduate School:University of Delaware

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida

Hometown:Port Jefferson, NY

Hobbies:CrossFit, cooking, reading, hiking and finding the best tasting cheap food in town with my wife.

Interesting Facts:I did stand up comedy and improv comedy through High School and College, I'm allergic to shellfish, and I've liked every meal I've ever had that involved bacon.

Awards and Recognitions:Airrosti Ambassador Award: 2013, 2015, 2017 Leadership Symposium: 2015-2019 Airrosti Achievement Award: 2019

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti has given me the opportunity to deliver excellent, high-quality care to every single patient, on every single visit. I get to focus on getting people better because Airrosti provides an excellent support system, so my focus is 100% on doing what is right for the patient.

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by Joe Fesperman

I was referred to Dr. Kempe by an acquaintance who had been seeing him for chronic pain. His philosophy of treatment with regular directed exercises (after a thorough evaluation) and his commitment to the improvement of symptoms without multiple return visits resonated with my Family Medicine training. My concern was slowly worsening and persistent knee pain from osteoarthritis. With an upcoming trip to Ireland and a desire to not be limited by knee symptoms, I scheduled an appointment. Let me just say he was great, just what I needed. The final assessment was actually that “I was not bad enough” to require his expertise. We decided on a physical therapy referral and the rest, as they say, is history. With his recommendation, low dose a...+ show morenti-inflammatory therapy and a regular home PT program my trip was unhampered by knee symptoms. Many thanks to Dr. Kempe for starting me on the right track.

by Charlie Romero

I cannot say enough great things about the miracle work that Dr. Bill Kempe does out of his practice. A few years back, I came in with major IT band issues three weeks before I was supposed to run a marathon. He did some great treatment and gave me the exercise to do and taped me up. I ran the marathon and hadn't been back. A couple of years ago, I came in with some back issues and again same great treatment and prescribed mobility therapy and all fixed up again. This morning I came in and had shoulder mobility issues. He diagnosed in 5 minutes, found the exact spot to work, and gave the exercises. He truly is amazing - it may seem like the cost is too much but the experience, the treatment, and how he prescribes long term health is pricele...+ show moress. Hoping he can soon reverse the aging process for me too. Thanks, Dr. Kempe!

by Laruen Yesko

Dr Kempe in Virginia is just amazing. I am a mom to a toddler and pregnant. I threw my back out getting my toddler out of her crib and Dr Kempe was able to completely resolve my problem in 2 visits and more importantly give me the tools to prevent it from happening again. As I mom, I can't take any sick days; I still have to lift a 30lb tiny human in and out of the crib regardless of how I feel. So having an option like airrosti with immediate results is invaluable. Dr kempe also really cares about his patients and it's obvious that his goal is to fix them as quickly as possible unlike other non-surgical treatments I've tried. I would whole-heartedly recommend Airrosti to anyone. It's amazing what a wide range of issues you all can fix! Dr ...+ show moreKempe is always my first go-to doctor when I have any body/muscle problems and I've always had fantastic results.

by Robert Manning

After six years of back pain and four separate physical therapy regimes at major hospitals and two separate pain clinics, also at major hospitals, I had no success. Airrosti and Dr. Kempe have given me the best treatment I have had.

by Sean McVey

I've had chronic back pain for years. After starting CrossFit it only got worse. Pulling bars from the floor or anything involving heavy weight led to constant tweaks and being out of commission for weeks at a time. Working together with Dr. Kempe and my CrossFit coaches, we went back to the drawing board and came up with a strategy. Starting with limited workouts and careful scaling, paired with consistent therapy at the office, it was only a matter of months before I was back on track. Now I am more confident than ever, attending 5 CrossFit workouts per week with no limitations. I couldn't be happier with my accomplishments working with Airrosti and I'd recommend them to anyone experiencing back issues. Thanks!

by Jenny Tison

I moved to Cambodia in 2014 to help start and serve as a full-time coach for the country's first and only CrossFit gym, CrossFit Amatak. Located in Phnom Penh, the gym had members from over 35 countries - a true CrossFit melting pot! In December 2015, I felt some sharp pain in my right hip when standing up from a front squat. Given our somewhat remote location in Southeast Asia, I didn't have access to a place like Airrosti at the time, but I was able to do some physical therapy online. While this helped mitigate some of the lingering pain, I couldn't get the pain to go away fully and continued to feel unstable when squatting and running. As a fan of the CrossFit Games, I'd heard about Airrosti before and I was excited to learn about the Ai...+ show morerrosti Supports Affiliates program during the 16.1 announcement. It sounded like a great program, even if it was one I couldn't take advantage of geographically. Luckily, after the Open, I was visiting my parents in Northern Virginia and was able to stop in at a local Airrosti clinic. Given that I was a visiting CrossFit coach from overseas, Airrosti gave me the go-ahead to participate in the Airrosti Supports Affiliate program for my treatments! Dr. Kempe was able to fully resolve my hip pain in just 2 visits and set me up for success going forward - I left with a very clear plan in place to keep myself on track and pain-free! I'm excited to feel 100% for the first time in months - I can look forward to a big hike my husband and I have pla

by Jordan Gleason

Shortly after moving to DC, the nagging pain came back in hip/lower back. I searched around and saw an ad for Airrosti during the CrossFit Open and decided to give it a shot.After 3 visit, my pain was gone. They took the time to explain the pain and what is cause it. They provided me with treatment to specific area of pain and rehab exercise. The rehab not only helped with the pain, but strengthened weak muscles in my body and has increased my quality of movement in the gym.

by Katie Hart

Dr. Kempe not only helped me to live pain free, but he also helped me complete the biggest race of my life. Because of his dedication, extensive knowledge and compassion, my pain was healed within several sessions. Dr. Kempe consistently goes above and beyond. He is an asset to Airrosti! Thanks for all you do!

by Erin Mooney

I came to Airrosti with a multitude of fluctuating injuries, pains and misalignments. These problem areas were mainly my hips, upper back and neck, to name a few. As a yoga teacher in my mid-twenties I felt very confused and frustrated by the pain in my body because it's my life's work to help others find relief in their bodies. I couldn't understand how my own physical condition was so volatile and susceptible to injury when I understood so much about healing and movement. Dr. Kemp revealed to me the source(s) of my systemic pain in a very simplistic way. I was surprised to learn how much of the pain I endured was actually caused by lack of rotation in my spine. He was careful to thoroughly explain how parts of the body dictate the movemen...+ show moret in other seemingly unconnected parts. This wasn't a new concept to me, but he demonstrated the validity of it in my own body during each of our sessions. It was amazing and empowering to witness the evidence. During our sessions we tested the mobility of a problem area, Dr. Kemp made sure to show me diagrams of the muscle system as a reference for understanding in my own body. He isolated and treated the spot through massage and pressure, and then prescribed an effective series of exercises designed to treat that very specific need. Some exercises were intended to strengthen and some to stretch or loosen the tissue. No other system of healing is as comprehensive, nuanced, personalized and effective as Airrosti-- and I've tried many. My yo

by John Thoren

Over the last few years I have experienced some minor injuries in my back, neck and arms. I have used traditional physical therapy on my back in the past, but never gotten true pain relief and correction to my problems. I was introduced to Airrosti through a friend who had nothing but great things to say about it, and I have never looked back! Through three distinct injuries I have sought Airrosti treatment, and each time the results are the same: 2-3 visits, pain relief and back in the game! The difference is in the real diagnostic part of the treatment, there is always a thorough series of tests to identify the issue, then issue some therapy, but most importantly provide a solid path of treatment to maintain all the gains made. I can...+ show more't thank them enough for finding a better solution to not just treating pain, but also creating a plan to prevent it.

by Ann Pohlers

Dr. Bill is magic! I went to him with both right shoulder and hip pain. The should pain prevented me from lifting my arm over my head. In just one visit the pain was cured and with some additional PT it has now been gone for a year. I am not a big supporter of the chiropractic industry so I was doubtful when Dr. Bill was suggested to me. That said, the whole Airrosti approach is different from anything else other chiropractor's do and I am now a believer.

by Bert Childs

After years of shoulder pain I decided I could not stand it anymore and was at my whits end. I would have pain through the day and limited mobility. I could not carry a grocery basket in my right hand without pain. I thought this was just old age just turning 50 and is what I had to deal with. Oh No in just one visit with Dr. Kempe my pain was gone. I had gained mobility again and could do yoga classes without any shoulder pain. The second visit was even better. With some PT and exercises Joseph showed me I was pain free. I could not believe the difference and how great I felt. I have been telling all my friends and family. This has changed my quality of life. Much appreciated Dr. Kempe and Joseph and the Airrosti Team.

by Alexis Tressler

I came to Airrosti with a nagging shoulder issue. I am a yoga instructor and the injury prevented me from both practicing and teaching several of my classes. I came to Airrosti and within 3 visits worked on building shoulder stability and strength, that allowed me to transition back to both practicing and teaching! I am grateful for their service and knowledge!

by Lauren Gehrig

I've been a sports enthusiast for as long as I can remember, which would be something like 4 years old, running around my house swinging a baseball bat and trying to avoid all of my mom's delicate decor. I love sports, being part of a team, indulging in all that a competitive environment has to offer. At age 24, I started dabbling in weight lifting, power lifting, Crossfit and Strongman and couldn't seem to get enough; the comradeship was what got me through long work days and looking forward to putting on my sneakers to go train. But, I soon came to find that I'm not as resilient as I once was as a small child; my injuries -although sometimes minute - seemed to be keeping me off the field and out of the gym due to the amount of pain I freq...+ show moreuently endured. I injured my back and suffered from severe pain in my lower back, left leg and left glute regions. My hips were always tight, to a point where normal stretches weren't possible without the presence of extreme discomfort. After seeing multiple doctors and receiving months of PT, dry needling, E-stim therapy and other approaches, I was still in pain and still could not work out. I travel more than 50% of the time for work and the pain I experienced was only worsened during long plane rides, train rides or driving for more than an hour at a time. I woke up multiple times during the night to adjust my body and try to relieve the pain in my back and my hips. It felt like I was going to live with this forever, and mentally I had a

by Anastasia Kranias

I picked up CrossFit about 2 years ago, and while it is one of the best life changes I've made, it took a bit of a toll on my shoulders. My otherwise “little wings” were being trained to hang on bars, throw weight around, and hold my body in a handstand. Against better judgment and contrary to the advice of my awesome, cant-praise-them-enough coaches, I would work out in the morning, immediately shower, and head to work without stretching. Party foul. Well, my right shoulder decided to quit on me and I was convinced it was torn. By quit on me, I mean steering my car, clothing myself, holding my purse, and quite literally any physical activity was painful. I did exactly what you shouldn't do, and Googled every shoulder ailment po...+ show moressible. I was positive it was torn and I would need surgery. After weeks of avoiding the doctors, I began to ask around (it doesn't help that I am one of these odd people that does not take Tylenol and basically avoids the doctor unless I feel close to death). I was told by everyone in my box to go see Dr. William Kempe – or “Dr. Bill” as he's better known to us. He apparently had “magical thumbs” and would fix me. K, fine. I'll go to the doctor. My first visit, I'll be honest, I was discouraged. It was painful, my shoulder made cracking and popping noises, and I wanted to be like, “see, I told you so, I need an MRI, this is not going to work.” Three visits later, I kid you not, my shoulder was fix

by Holly R.

I'd been plagued with an issue in my neck for about eight years. The muscles were so tight that they would go into a spasm at the slightest hint of exertion or wrong turn. When in spasm, I couldn't do anything, not even wash my hair because the movement & pressure from my fingertips was excruciating. It was awful. I tried to be aggressive about treatment and went to physical therapy and massage therapy numerous times over the years and it all helped temporarily but the underlying problem still persisted because it kept coming back. Just recently I met someone who had even worse neck pain than me and found relief with Airrosti. Because of his background in science and medicine, I trusted his recommendation and sought care from Dr. Kempe an...+ show mored he was absolutely fantastic. He did a more thorough evaluation than any other practitioner I tried and knew exactly what to target. I was skeptical that I'd see so much improvement so quickly, but he worked on loosening scar tissue in a way no one else had done and it was so effective that I returned back to have an old hip injury investigated. I feel good as new!

by Jennifer E.

I thought I was a 35-year-old woman stuck in a 90-year-old body until I found Airrosti! I live and work in Haiti with street kids. My daily life involves A LOT of activity. During a sabbatical stateside, I picked up a 2 year old and hurt my back. I thought after two times to a chiropractor I would be fine. After 2 months, my lower back issues spread to my upper back. The pain got so intense I thought I had a broken rib. Meanwhile, my left toe was numb and I couldn't pick up kids at all. Sleeping was uncomfortable, sitting up was painful, and standing/walking was exhausting. How can I care for my kids when I get back if I can't play sports with them or even pick them up!? Through two degrees of separation I was told about Airrosti. Thank ...+ show moreGod! After only four appointments, a lot of intense muscle treatment, and some new stretches and exercises I am in great shape and getting stronger daily. The best part? The Airrosti staff is amazing. I live a life based on helping others through relationship. Bill and Joseph didn't just get me in and out of the office, they were personable. That immediately made me comfortable working with them. Thus, my conclusion is, not only is Airrosti an amazing treatment, but they hire phenomenal and highly qualified staff!

by Christy Adkins


by Lauren Y.

Airrosti saved my ski vacation! Just 3 weeks before my ski vacation to Telluride, I got achilles tendonitis so severe that I couldn't walk. I was in a panic - a vacation I had planned for so long and spent so much money on would be turned into a boring trip sitting in the lodge sipping hot cocoa watching the rest of my family ski. I stumbled across Airrosti from a recommendation at my gym - which had to be divine intervention. I was skeptical at first - to be fully fixed in 3 visits seemed impossible! Well, Dr, Kempe must have magic hands because he literally saved my vacation! He had me moving and skiing double black diamonds for 4 days straight with only 2 visits and in less than two weeks. Not only did he make me mobile & walking aga...+ show morein, but gave me the exercises to make sure that it didn't come back in the middle of my vacation. I would recommend Airrosti to anyone - it literally is a miracle!

by Charlotte F.

I spent more than a year and well over a thousand dollars trying to get to the bottom of the knee pain that had sidelined me from my formerly active life of triathlons, ultimate frisbee, hiking, and rock climbing. I tried everything from months of ice, rest, and physical therapy to chiropractic, ART, and Rolfing. I event spent hundreds of dollars on custom orthotics. Nothing worked. Then I met Dr. Kempe at my climbing gym and, within minutes, he had identified the origin of my knee pain. After one appointment I was running with less pain than I had felt in months. After three appointments I was fixed! I'm now back to my beloved sports with no pain. Even better – I now know stretches and exercises that can help keep me that way! I rec...+ show moreommend Dr. Kempe to everyone I know with an injury. And when I pulled a muscle in my neck recently, you better believe the first person I called was Dr. Kempe! His magic hands took me from almost complete immobility to the frisbee field ONE visit!

by Dalton H.

I was several months out of shoulder surgery with chronic pain that was apparently non diagnosable. I spent months in physical therapy and rehab with no improvement. Within one visit to Airrosti I noticed a tremendous relief in discomfort and pain. And within three visits, the pain was more than manageable. Thanks, Airrosti, for doing what others could not.

by Katy R.

After almost 7 months of feeling like I was walking on glass due to plantar fasciitis I went to Airrosti. One visit in I was already seeing results! Seeing Dr. Kempe has been a life changer. I am now back to my regular activities and most importantly, walking pain free. I can't express how thankful I am for Dr. Kempe's work and determination to get me pain free.

by Dave D.

During my marathon training, I ended up hurting my IT band about 6 weeks prior to race day. I could barely lift and bend my left leg. A friend told me about Airrosti. I called, and I was in for my first appointment the next day. Couldn't have been happier with the quick turn around. Things only got better from there. I was blown away with the Airrosti approach to treatment and how they focus on healing you so you can get back to training quickly. What's more, Dr. Kempe explained in simple terms what he was going to do for treatment and why. It was not short of miraculous. I had three appointments in three weeks. Each appointment was split between treatment and then flexibility/strengthening exercises. At the end of my treatment, not only wa...+ show mores I cured, but I'm now more flexible and stronger. It was an incredible experience - not only with the quick results but in the strategic approach to treatment. I got a PR in my marathon last week. Couldn't have done it without Dr. Kempe and Airrosti. Thank you!!!