Billy Kuykendall, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2008

Undergraduate School:Austin College

Graduate School:Parker

Hometown:Carthage TX

Hobbies:Spending time with my family, crossfit, obstacle races, reading, music

Interesting Facts:My wife, Andrea, and I met during a heart dissection in chiropractic school! I am the proud dad of three great kids-Hudson, Molly, and Mason. We also have four furry kids running around at home.

Professional Affiliations:USA Weightlifting Sports Medicine Society

What Airrosti Means to Me:To me, being a member of an organization like Airrosti is an honor because of each ACPu2019s dedication to providing excellent care and great results to our patients. I am proud of Airrostiu2019s dedication to making each patientu2019s experience great. Airrosti is also the culmination of a dream Iu2019ve had since high school to work in a results-based rehab setting that gets all levels of athletes back to doing what they love.


by Tammy Stuckey

Last November I could barely stand or sit my lower back hurt so bad. My movement was extremely limited. I made an appointment with Dr. Billy Kuykendall in Allen. Before leaving his office I could bend and touch my toes! I was amazed. Following the treatment I saw Michael Deal for PT! The exercises he gave me were very helpful . That night Dr. Kuykendall even called to check and see how I was feeling. After two more visits, no more pain! I would, and have, recommend this treatment to anyone with back issues.

by Tiffany Stephens

I was experiencing pain in my neck, shoulders and upper arms. Dr. Kuykendall worked to make sure I was feeling no pain. The exercises I learned have helped tremendously. I have recommended so many people to Airrosti and Dr. K.

by Elise Williams

I was having chronic headaches every weekend that would not go away. I tried everything I could think of to get rid of them, but there they were every weekend, all weekend long. I decided to give Airrosti a try and I am so glad that I did. After just my first visit, the headaches were virtually gone. I was ecstatic! And after just three visits total, I was released from treatment! I was told to not hesitate at all if the headaches came back, but otherwise to just keep up my exercises. I even get "just checking in" emails occasionally to make sure I don't need anything. It's been several months now and the headaches are still gone. For very minimal effort (and very minimal expense), I have gotten great results. I recommend Airrosti to everyo...+ show morene I know and they will be my first choice if I ever have the need again.

by Peggy Lewis

I can't say enough about Airrosti, Dr. Kuykendall, and Mike. For the past year I have not walked without pain (or a boot for most of the year). I saw two orthopedic doctors during the year. The first one said "wear the boot" as his only answer. The second one helped and got to the root of the problem. However, I still could not walk without pain. I was feeling SO discouraged; then, a family member referred me to Airrosti. From the start, they were amazing. I went to Dr. Billy Kuykendall; he is a miracle worker. From my very first visit, my foot started feeling better. After 5 visits, my foot has no more pain. I can walk freely with no boot, no orthopedic shoe! Michael Deal is Dr. Kuykendall's athletic trainer. He is wonderful! He gave...+ show more me exercises to strengthen my foot. Mike always made sure I understood exactly how to do the exercises with no pain. Dr. Kuykendall and Mike are both very caring and compassionate. Dr. Kuykendall called to introduce himself before my first appointment. After seeing me he gave me his cell phone number and email and said to let him know, even on the weekend, if I was having any problems or pain. They were so wonderful! I am SO very happy I was told about Airrosti! If you are experiencing pain that won't go away, I highly recommend Airrosti and Dr. Billy Kuykendall.

by John English

Fantastic Doctor and a great person as well. Really cares about the people he works on. I highly recommend him. You will be glad to have seen and met him. Was worth every penny! Thank you Dr K