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Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Undergraduate School:Vassar College

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida Campus

Hometown:Madison, NJ

Hobbies:Swimming - Member of Masters of South Texas Swim Team

Interesting Facts:Captain of Vassar College Woman's Swim Team. Provided chiropractic care to people in the Dominican Republic on ChiroMission. Former Daytona Beach Lifeguard.

Awards and Recognitions:Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Palmer College

Professional Affiliations:Executive member of Palmer Chiropractic Sports Council.

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by David Gallimore

Headline: Airrosti and Dr. Bradley resolved a 12-year-old shoulder injury to help a sailor keep sailing. Dr. Bradley and her team are experts at what they do: listen deeply, diagnose well, and provide a treatment plan both inside and outside the office to help solve and prevent re-injury. When I was inconsistent in doing my exercises at home and on the water, I received helpful insights – a bit more “why” and loving support – to help me own my part of the treatment plan to heal faster. I’m so grateful to Airrosti, Dr. Blaire Bradley, Stephen, Katie, and Ryan for their commitment to excellence. I highly recommend the Airrosti approach to wellness and the Federal Way team!!! Cheers, Captain David Gallimore

by Rich Haynie

Dr. Bradley has successfully addressed the pain issues that I have endured for over 4 decades! I have visited doctors, surgeons, therapists and chiropractors; tried acupuncture, massages, and workouts/therapy that have focused on stretching but NO ONE addressed the specific areas that she diagnosed instantly in my first visit. After just two visits, my pain has been eliminated and I am so grateful for Dr. Bradley and Airrosti for their services. I cannot more highly recommend this service and particularly Dr. Bradley for her professionalism, expertise and personal care for my specific physical situation.

by Libby Ross

I couldn’t figure out why I had pain in my lower left abdominal area. I finally went to see Dr. Bradley after a colleague referred Airrosti to me. She knew immediately that I hurt my hip flexor. She worked her magic on that muscle and other affected muscles and her physical therapist helped me with at-home exercises. After 4 visits the pain was finally gone! Now I’ve learned to walk, run and exercise a little differently to avoid stress and strain on my hip flexors that I had been using too much in lieu of more appropriate muscles. Dr. Bradley was knowledgable, efficient, friendly and so very supportive during the process! I whole-heartedly recommend her! You won’t be disappointed and you won’t be in pain anymore! Thank you!

by Viridiana Rivera

After returning from a European vacation, I began to develop sever hip pain and noticed that my left hip was sticking out far more when I was laying down. I visited my primary care doctor who then referred me to a chiropractor, OBGYN, urologist, and an orthopedic surgeon. Needless to say, 9 months went by and I had to endure MRI, two ultrasounds, countless x-ray, embarrassing pelvic floor physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments and a very painful cystoscopy. I began to think that these doctors thought I was making all this up, and I honestly felt there was no hope. One night my pain was so severe that it woke me from my sleep and all I could do way cry and pray that the pain would stop. I then picked up my phone and remembered that my+ show more husband had told me about Airrosti. He had mentioned that his uncle had nothing but wonderful things to say about Airrosti, so naturally I did my research. The next morning I did some research and made an appointment. I met with Dr. Bradley and after a thorough assessment she was able to tell me what she thought was wrong with me. Naturally I was skeptical given all I had been through. I began my session with her and her wonderful recovery specialist Naomi and immediately noticed a huge difference in my pain level. I could not believe that the sources of my pain was this muscle I had never heard of before….Psoas. Dr. Bradley explained in detail the connection between this muscle and the hip flexor. Needless to say I was given a lot exercises to be completed at home which I did religiously. Going to Airrosti was the best gift I could ever give myself and I would do it all over again. My quality of life has improved and I owe it all to Dr. Blair Bradley and Naomi Nanez-Wueste. Thank you.

by Barbara Peterson

I was unaware that the pain I had for over 25 years could be treated. Five treatments later and I’m feeling like I’m a new person. It’s wonderful. All this time of being misdiagnosed….Gone! I was privileged to work with Dr Carrie Officer twice, once with Dr Campbell and Dr Cramer, the grand finale with Dr Bradley. And let us not forget the wonderful Naomi on recovery. I followed Naomi to a T and I am doing fantastic. I never thought I would feel this good again. It’s like a new lease on life. I’m still recovering at one week after my final treatment, but I feel AMAZING.

by M. Williams

During basketball season my son had rolled both ankles several times. Rest, ankle braces, and lots of icing provided some relief, but the ankles were never pain free and his performance on the court diminished. My son had two therapy sessions with Dr. Bradley and her awesome staff. The therapy, combined with the stretching and strengthening exercises they taught my son, brought prompt relief and healing to his ankles. Thank you Dr. Bradley and staff for taking such spectacular care of my son and giving him back his basketball season! You all are the best.

by Jessica Aelvoet

I completed my Airrosti treatment this past Monday after spraining my Sacroiliac Joint during a heavy deadlift. My team and I have been training very hard over the last 9 months to prepare for the Crossfit open, which starts next week. Horrible timing! It hurt to walk, bend, sit up, lay, turn over- you name it. I visited Dr. Bradley and the morning after the first visit I could already feel the results. Dr. Bradley and her CRS Naomi got me back on my feet and after resting for 10 days, I was able to get back into the box. I’m very happy with the treatment and super thankful for getting me back so quickly!

by Ruben Martinez

My story is not “great” but very positive for “me”. I have always been relatively active playing sports. Needless to say I was very distraught when I began to encounter pain in my Hip area. It prevented me over time from doing alot of the things that I really enjoyed doing. When I came in to see Dr. Bradley I was hesitant that anything could be done, but after spending several sessions with Dr. Bradley I was able increase my flexibility and now I enjoy being active again. I thought those days were over. I don’t have total mobility (I’m not the best at following instructions), but I am very confident that I am in good hands Dr. B and Naomi her new assistant, have my best interest at heart. I also feel better every time I leave her+ show more office. Thanks Airrosti for being there and thanks Dr Bradley and Naomi for everything you do. Don’t ever leave!!!

by Gary Kuentz

These two ladies were my health providers. Both were very professional and very comfortable to be around. They put me at ease with my lower back issues. Recommending to me stretching exercises and foam rolling exercises. They both physically demonstrated each exercise for me before I did them myself. This was very helpful. Never did they mislead me into something I didn’t need. Only things that were applicable to my situation. I would HIGHLY recommend these professionals to anyone that might have a need for their skills. Thank you once again Blaire Bradley, DC and Naomi Nanez-Wueste Certified Recovery Specialist.

by Elvia Briones

THANK YOU AIRROSTI!!! After months of suffering from dizziness, nausea, feeling light headed, & the worse of them all sever headaches. (Which, by the way, I went through multiple test, exams and doctor visits. I was even referred to a neurologist before finding out what was really wrong). My first visit with Airrosti went GREAT. I had finally had semi-answers to what was highly causing all this pain. I was suffering from SEVER tension in my neck, traps & the sub occipital part of my head. I was scheduled for 3 visits. During those visits I was told I would feel a huge difference. I am so happy to share my story, as Airrosti has lead me back to my daily workouts and feeling soooo much better. No more headaches, dizziness, or nausea. Airr+ show moreosti has done wonders for me & it can for you too.

by Olivia Hayden

I came to Airrosti because I had been having problems with my wrist for many years with no relief. Keep in mind that it has been more than 5 yrs of pain, I have been tested for carpal tunnel & arthritis with negative results. So I decided to try Airrosti due to what I read online about their success with 3 treatments on injuries. I was amazed as well as Dr. Bradley when I told her after the first session I have no pain after I came home & did all my household shores without the brace I had to use to get them done. Again I had been in pain so long that I couldn’t do anything without the brace until I had my treatment with Dr. Bradley. I also had problems with my ankles from a very old sprain & again I responded very well to the treatment + show moreand only needed 2 visits. I am able to run with little to no discomfort. If you have been suffering from any type of injury I would recommend you give Airrosti a try.

by Beatrice Veiga

I was diagnosed with 2 bulged vertical discs and my occipital nerve was so hypersensitive it caused severe spasms, which were truly unbearable. With proper medication and the addition of Airrosti’s medical treatment by Dr. Blaire Bradley, I made vast improvements. Dr. Bradley was both professional and caring. I had a better range of motion within the first visit and continued to minimize pain in the following weeks. She provided insightful posture tips and followed up with my progress. Dr. Bradley is a wonderful physician and I would highly recommend both Airrosti and Dr Bradley to anyone with a spinal injury or other related injuries. Thanks Airrosti!

by Joshua Aubrey

I just wanted to take a second and say thank you for treating my lower back pain. I am truly amazed at how much better I felt leaving your facility today. When I arrived I was in a incredible pain and worried that I had done some real damage that would be difficult to remedy. Thankfully, as a result of your treatment, I left with much less pain, increased mobility and a tremendous sense of relief. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to see me and help me out.

by Lucy E.

I went to Dr. Bradley with chronic lower back pain. I had suffered with this pain for years. Under the impression it was sciatica, and being over 50, I thought it was just something I was going to have to live with. Recently the pain had increased and was affecting my quality of life. Over the years I had seen several doctors, all of who told me the only real help would come from muscle relaxers and offered to write prescriptions for painkillers. When I refused the prescriptions, the doctors would tell me there was nothing else they could do.
Dr. Bradley, unlike anyone else, had me stand up and with in minutes diagnosed the problem as my hip flexor. She then showed me diagrams of the area and explained why I hurt. Then she sta+ show morerted her magic. The myofascial release treatment made a huge difference, but the real relief came from the exercises I was shown. I was given a packet with detailed instructions on how and when to do these exercises. Now whenever my back starts hurting I know just what to do.

by Paige N.

I went to Airrosti and was lucky enough to get Dr. Blaire Bradley, DC, ACP. She was warm and kind, very proficient and very professional. She explained to me about Airrosti and what she might do to help diagnose and treat me. She did some tests on me and realized almost right away my injury was from my Psoas muscle group. She started to work on me and within 1/2 hour I was able to bend over and stand up straight. In my mind – I was shocked! This couldn’t believe this was happening — at least not that fast.
Over my next couple visits – she focused on the areas near my Psoas and lower back muscles. Now – mind you I am thinking this whole time this can’t be right. How can I come here and get so easily fixed when I had already been se+ show moreen by the 5 other medical professionals and not one of them even brought up these muscles. It took me 3 visits along with all the exercises Dr. Blaire Bradley, DC, ACP recommends and I was almost 95% back to normal.

by Wynette K.

Airrosti has been a life-saver!… Dr. Bradley was amazing, not only did she assess my pain, she would study ways to help me in between appointments.