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Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Undergraduate School:College of William and Mary – Go Tribe!

Graduate School:Logan College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Houston, TX

Hobbies:Anything I can do with my family, woodworking, CrossFit.

Interesting Facts:I am a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner. I can (poorly) play 5 different instruments.

What Airrosti Means to Me:I love how quickly our treatment model gets people out of pain. They come in not knowing what to expect and not believing it is going to help them, and usually even within the first treatment they are improved. We spend an hour with every patient, so not only do I get to help them, I get to know them, and I love learning people’s stories.

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by Angella Hullum

Dr. McGaughran is the BEST! I had suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for 2 years. It had gotten progressively worse, to the point I really had given up. I contacted Airrosti, honestly not expecting a lot, but figured I would give myself one more attempt. I am so glad I did! After 3 visits I was discharged with an amazing home program and very close to being pain FREE!! Thank you Dr. McGaughran and Jen! There are no words to express how grateful I am to get my life back!

by Joanna Alders

To be honest, I really can’t convey how grateful I am for Airrosti in a few paragraphs, but I’ll do my best … I was very skeptical when I first heard of Airrosti. It seemed expensive. And really, too good to be true – it sounded like too simple of a solution. But I had gone to the chiropractor 80+ times over the last 2 years, and tried everything under the sun to help my pain … despite it all, I was getting actively worse. I was in constant back and neck pain, that traveled to my legs and arms and hips and head. I was having debilitating muscle spasms that would last for weeks. Even light exercise left me with injuries (and I am an activity-loving person). I could barely sit for 10 minutes at a time because of excruciating pain. + show moreI would only have relief for a few hours at best after a chiropractic adjustment. I was falling apart in so many ways. So out of desperation, I went. And I will be thankful that I did until the day I die. Dr. McGaughran and Jen are some of the kindest and most competent people I’ve ever met. They go above and beyond, and then some. They saw me, and they saw my pain, and they have worked repeatedly and expertly to fix it (and believe me, I have given them a boatload of pain to deal with). They have helped me in a way no other doctor or chiropractor had been able to. They have brought me incredible amounts of relief, and greatly increased my quality of life. I will continue recommending them as often as I possibly can. The money is absolutely worth it. They ARE as good as they sound. If they can’t fix you themselves, they will help you figure out where you need to go next. I am forever grateful to Airrosti, and especially to Dr. McGaughran and Jen.

by Jen Hamlin

In college, a BLT injury left me unable to walk for two days…Bend. Lift. Twist. OUCH! For the next 22 years of my life, I suffered bi-annually recurring low back spasms and pain. It was ultimately frustrating, as a fitness professional. I knew how to move with biomechanical efficiency and yet, with good form, I still hurt. Finally, I had the joy and pleasure of finding my way into an Airrosti clinic and I haven’t had back pain since. I’m not bulletproof, but anytime back pain tries to rear its ugly head, I know JUST HOW to smack it down. It’s a beautiful thing. Thanks, Airrosti, for the pain-free living that you’ve helped me enjoy!

by Sherry Watson

I have had a pulled muscle in my back several times before, but this time was different. A few days after pulling my back muscle again, I began to have a shooting pain coming around my hip, through my groin and down my thigh. I had a flooding, burning feeling just above my right knee that occasionally shot down the outside of my right knee. I had never experienced so much pain before. After seeing my PC Physician having an MRI and getting only pain pills given, I was frustrated. My MRI showed no signs of disc issues, and the medicine was not helping the problem. Being into Cross-fit, my son suggested Airrosti to my husband, so he called and made me an appointment at the nearest location, Dr. McGaughran in Tyler, TX. I was so very impress+ show moreed by his professionalism. I am a very modest person and I was concerned about what would need to be done in my groin area. Dr. McGaughran was very careful to work in that area respectfully, and really set my mind at ease. Each appointment I got better and better. I will say the muscle manipulation was very painful for me. I often had some bruising and tenderness in the treated area, but also felt almost immediate relief from the pain. As I began to heal and regain my flexibility, the pain would subside for longer periods of time and the bruising and tenderness was less noticeable. I had a couple of emotional breakdowns in his office along the way, but he always reassured me that it was ok for me to be frustrated and that healing takes time. I am so very thankful for Dr. McGaughran and Jen. I honestly do not know what I would have done without them and their support. Now, I recommend them to everyone I know having any kind of issue with body pain. I still continue to do the exercises that Jen gave me, and have regained almost all of my flexibility. They treat their client’s physical needs with compassion and empathy. In my humble opinion, that is the very best kind of care you can get. Thank you Dr. McGaughran and Jen, from the bottom of my heart! May the Lord richly bless you both.

by Janet Clemens

I had fallen about 2 months ago and landed on my right hip. At the time, it didn’t seem to be a problem. But shortly after, I began having a pain in my backside and down my leg. It hurt every day, especially standing up after sitting. I treated myself with over the counter meds, massage, oils, etc. Nothing gave me more than a couple of hours of relief. It even began to affect my blood pressure and my meds were not controlling it. My husband had used airrosti in another city where we used to live and had great success after 4 treatments for a similar pain. He suggested I try it. I was desperate. So I made an appointment. After the first treatment, I could tell a difference even driving home. No tightness in my leg. After 2 days of the at + show morehome exercises, my pain decreased about 80%. I had such relief- I was shocked! I had one more treatment and I believe it will be my last. I feel better than I have in months and my blood pressure returned to normal range after the first treatment. Airrosti is a miracle. Brian McGaughran and Jennifer Hamlin are amazing and caring professionals who offer personalized, effective help for your pain. Don’t suffer anymore. I have no hesitation recommending them or airrosti to anyone.