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Became an Airrosti Provider:2009

Undergraduate School:University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner)

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:Oklahoma City

Hobbies:Running, CrossFit, photography, reading, shoes, College Football, snowboarding, mountain biking.

Interesting Facts:Yes, I’m from Oklahoma and I don’t have an accent.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Has given me an opportunity to help a wide variety of people and athletes quickly.

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by Michael Howe

In brief, every time Brian has treated me, I’ve experienced rapid and complete recovery. I’m not sure how he knows how to zero in on exactly the problem and come up with exactly the right treatment, but he does every time. I highly recommend his services for sports (and life) related issues and injuries.

by Kim Malone

I was in a lot of pain for a few days. I called Airrosti and they made my appointment the same day! The staff from start to finish was excellent! Dr. Wilson was amazing! I felt instantly better after one treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Wilson and Airrosti.

by Joel Heinen

I came to Dr. Brian Wilson in The Woodlands, TX after having trained and competed in Jiu-Jitsu for 3-4 years without tending to my body. My neck and shoulder tightness was affective my quality of life. A few sessions with Brian improved my ailment tremendously. Not only the treatment itself but the advice given after the visit to help treat and prevent the injury in the future. I’ve been visiting him regularly in the last few years and couldn’t be more pleased with my overall health. My latest is that I’ve been dealing with some seriously painful and debilitating issues in my upper body the last couple weeks and Dr. Brian has been performing my primary treatment in 30-minute sessions. A major problem is getting better day after day, allo+ show morewing me to train around it, and keeping me in the game. Thanks to Airrosti I’ve been able to train 6x a week and win and make the podium at the highest level Jiu Jitsu competitions. I can’t recommend him enough for all the tweaks, muscle tightness, and unknown pain you may encounter.

by Skye McLain

A friend of mine recommended Airrosti treatment to me after a back injury that had me in quite a bit of pain. I saw Dr. Wilson at the Airrosti Waterway office and within four visits, he had completely eradicated my back pain and worked out some other muscle issues in my upper back, shoulders, and neck that I have been dealing with for years. I cannot recommend this treatment enough! Dr. Wilson did an evaluation of my range of motion and the location of my pain before showing me all the potential causes of it. He was very thorough in his treatment and taught me how I could prevent future pain and injuries as well. I really feel that Airrosti focuses on treating the actual injury itself, rather than treating the symptoms of the injury, whi+ show morech is so important. In addition to Dr. Wilson, working with Keisha for my rehab was very helpful. She taught me how to do the exercises correctly and that is a big part of the Airrosti treatment plan. If you’re unsure if Airrosti is right for you, I really recommend giving it a try! I am extremely pleased with my results!

by Marcus Ratclif

I came in to see Dr. Brian Wilson with pain on the inside of the front of my lower legs. The pain was keeping me from my run training for an upcoming half marathon. After my first treatment, my pain was almost 100% gone and subsequent runs thereafter were pain free. A few additional treatments, along with the rehab exercises prescribed, I quickly got back to 100% and I remain 100% pain free to this day. Thanks to Dr. Brian Wilson and his team my training continues and I plan to set a new Personal Record in a few months. All the Best, Marcus Ratcliff

by Mike Kuykendall

I am a 54 year old male athlete. I continue to pursue my passion in long distance running, biking and swimming – even now with more intensity than when I was younger. But as much as I want to defy age, it catches up with me in ways never imagined. Over the years, lower back disc pains, neck cramps, painful calf muscle pulls, leg ligament issues, and knee stains have threatened to derail my pursuits. Thankfully I have a “secret weapon” in my corner named Dr. Brian Wilson and Megan Ritter in The Woodlands, Texas. Each time I think “this might be the beginning of the end” these two use Airrosti treatments to get me back to being better and stronger. Today, I reflect on my previous triathlons and marathons and know there is no way I could ha+ show moreve completed several of them without their intervention. From trigger point pressure treatments, proper physioligcal positioning, and teaching me proper stretching regimes for what ails me, they have allowed me to keep training and competing. Yes, sometimes I do need to back off or defer a race in order to come back stronger. But Dr. Wilson and Megan provide me choices and alternatives with clear, concise ’cause and effect’ information that allow me to make the decisions that are for my own good. I can’t recommend highly enough the Airrosti treatments for injuries, trouble spots and physiological performance counseling. And while I’ve heard other athletes say they’ve “tried it once or twice” I think Brian and Megan are the best “partners” I can possibly have as I continue my pursuits in the many years and races to come.

by Allison Stephan

I found Airrosti four years ago after a laundry list of running injuries. I had run just five marathons and had two torn hips and terrible tendonitis in my hamstring to show for it. After seeing a traditional chiropractor, two orthopedic docs, numerous hours of PT, platelet rich plasma and two shots of cortisone, I decided as a last-ditch effort, before I quit running, to try Airrosti. After my first visit, I knew I had finally done the right thing. As time went by, Dr. Wilson unraveled every single issue I had. I switched to triathlon’s to give my body a break from running and soon had the Ironman bug. At that point, I was running again thanks to Airrosti, but I hadn’t gotten anywhere close to even 10 miles. Despite my body’s shortcomin+ show moregs, I had total faith in Dr. Wilson and knew that if I were going to complete an Ironman, it would be under his care. As the long months of training passed, Dr. Wilson met every ache and pain with a swift fix and proactive therapy. I was elated! My hamstring not only felt better, but I was able to do track workouts for the first time in almost four years. In May, I not only completed my first Ironman, but I blew my goal time out of the water and felt great doing it. I had no pain and was running again just a week later. I know that there is no way that I would have been able to do that without Dr. Wilson and his expert approach to the impossible. I continue to race and place in my age group and will be competing in my second Ironman next year!