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Became an Airrosti Provider:2015

Undergraduate School:USF / Florida College

Graduate School:Logan College

Hometown:Orlando, Florida

Hobbies:I have a passion for English soccer (Chelsea FC). Spending time with family, traveling the world with my wife and kids and embracing culture, food and new experiences. We have been to over 10 countries with our children and can’t wait for our next adventure! I have really gotten into gardening/permaculture recently and have also planted over 15 fruit trees.

Interesting Facts:I had the great privilege of working with the University of Missouri football team during their first year in the SEC. I spent days during the summer working with all of their athletes while they were going through their off season strength and conditioning programs, as well as NFL players who would come back to work out there in the summer. I was able to participate in USA track and field/AAU qualifications where I was able to treat the athletes as they got ready to attempt to qualify for the Olympics. I worked in a clinic in downtown St. Louis which provided free treatment to underprivileged and homeless individuals around the city. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I had while in school. Every individual seemed to have a level of gratitude and appreciation that was so refreshing to see. I also worked with Paraquad which is a clinic for the disabled. Here we were able to work directly with post injury victims who had gone through trauma, post stoke/heart attack, autoimmune disorders and those who were handicapped or amputees. I also worked with Missouri Baptist and a variety of local high schools to help with return to play and treatment of soft tissue injuries.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is something that has been life changing for me and so it has been my passion to create life changing moments for every patient that I work with. Working for Airrosti means you have a passion for helping others and that the patient is our primary priority. Our goal is to positively impact every patient we encounter through amazing one on one treatment and due to this we have both a fantastic success rate and a very high level of patient satisfaction. It is amazing to work with a group of professionals who are all trying to achieve the same goal!

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by Amber Potter

I am so grateful for finding Dr. Story and Mike at Airrosti Pearland. I am married, have 4 kids and work full time and many times put my own health to the wayside- but I’m so glad this time I didn’t. I had been dealing with carpal tunnel like pain/numbness that has since resolved after receiving treatments and therapy from Dr. Story and Mike! I am now receiving treatment on another area which has numbness/tingling in and which I always felt I’d have to just learn to live with. I am so thankful for these 2 providers! I highly recommend them and truly feel you will be so glad with your decision after your first visit!

by Jeff Sundberg

I’m an avid runner, and over the past year my left hip — specifically my upper hamstring — was tight and bothered me when I’d go for a run. It wasn’t debilitating, but it was uncomfortable and something was definitely wrong. Over the past two years during Covid I worked from home and my home office setup wasn’t ergonomic, which ultimately resulted in the recurring hip pain I was experiencing. It was frustrating, and despite rest and some stretching, nothing was easing the pain. I heard about Airrosti from a family member who had experienced similar discomfort, so I thought I’d give it a try. Dr. Story and the treatment was extremely helpful. He worked with me to identify the issues I was experiencing and focused treatment i+ show moren a targeted and progressive manner to alleviate the discomfort and underlying issues. My discomfort hasn’t fully subsided (it will take time to reverse two years of negligence), but the treatment he provided and the home stretching and strengthening exercises have helped tremendously! I plan to continue with the plan provided and look forward to being back to normal very soon!

by Kathleen Specht

I suffered from severe back pain for several months. I tried medications, steroids, and traditional physical therapy, None of these methods gave me the relief required to function without pain. My doctor recommended Airrosti and I soon discovered these treatments provided the solution I was seeking. My first appointment with Dr. Story focused on relaxing the targeted areas of pain identified by me. I was amazed at how good my back felt the following day. Initially, I had doubts and assumed the pain would return. I had several weekly treatments that included exercise sessions with other therapists and an outlined routine to continue home. The pain has not returned. and I feel great physically and mentally. I am so grateful that I was intr+ show moreoduced to the specialized treatments provided at Airrosti Pearland. Dr. Story and the physical therapy staff are considerate professionals whose priority is to ensure all clients receive quality care, Thanks to each and everyone as I continue to improve.

by Amber Barefield

I suffered for four months with back & hip pain. I had two pregnancies back to back and believed that I HAD to just deal with the pain. But after four visits with Dr. Story & AL, I was pain-free. They helped me understand that my body had gone through a lot and that we mommies have to take care of ourselves as well. There was a plan put in place for me and still to this day when I feel a little pain coming on; I immediately go back to doing the exercises that I was taught. I would recommend this service to any mommy who suffers from back & hip pain; who thinks it’s just part of life. It’s not and you do not have to be in pain to be an awesome mom.

by Robert Dunlap

My wife, Angela Dunlap, referred me to the Pearland location. I am forever grateful for the professional care of Dr. Brian Story and Al Vasquez. I entered the clinic in early November 2021 with pain from my lower back that extended through my hamstring and foot. The amount of pain made it impossible to run and walking was very limited for extended periods of time. Dr. Story took the time to understand my circumstances and my options. I would never consider surgery and Dr. Story encouraged me to give his treatments and the physical therapy exercises that Al directed me to do regularly. While it took time for the treatments and physical therapy to begin my recovery, I was encouraged to increase the frequency per day. The last week of Chris+ show moretmas 2021, was my last visit for treatment and evaluation. I was planning on a baseball trip at the beginning of January and to be honest there were times when I wanted to cancel the trip thinking I would not heal in time! I did not give up and to my surprise on December 30th, I was pain-free and able to run and walk without any pain. What a joyful feeling indeed. Thank you very much, Dr. Story and Al, for your professionalism and for creating a plan to get me back on track! I will certainly recommend Airrosti to my family and friends!

by Kimberly Harris McConico

I came for treatment post-Covid. They helped me but I had more recovering to do. I have resumed intermittent treatment with them and their help has been invaluable!! I don’t know what I would do without them. The personalized program is available to me when I’m away and I have been able to set a reminder. I’m currently on hiatus AGAIN due to another surgery but able to use part of my personalized program!!! I’m looking forward to returning ASAP.

by Charlie Rhodus

Have been dealing with severe back pain that would flare up occasionally, thanks to Dr. Story and Mr. Vazquez, I no longer spend a week in agonizing pain when I get a flare-up.

by Piera Cross

Dr. Story and Al were referred to me by my orthopedist for a lower back injury that was causing severe nerve pain down my left leg. The pain was so bad it was keeping me from getting a good night’s sleep. After the first session, my pain was significantly reduced, and by the third session, I was pain-free. In addition to being treated in the office, I was given some very simple and effective exercises to perform at home with no special equipment necessary. I am really amazed at how quickly they were able to get my pain under control. I am recommending them to everyone I know.

by Kimberly Scoville

I used to have pain with every step and pain that would keep me awake at night, but thanks for Dr Story and Al at Airrosti Pearland, that pain is gone. I appreciate the drug-free approach and their emphasis on educating the patient. I learned about my injury and how I can address it and prevent it from bothering me again. Getting rid of my pain was a real quality of life improvement! Bring on the sunshine and rainbows.

by Araceli Bravo

As a recreational soccer player, I often find myself with random injuries but I have peace of mind knowing that I can come to Dr. Story and get fixed right up. I have been coming to Dr. Story for several years now and he has helped me recover from several injuries. I have recommended him and Airrosti to several friends who have also seen great results!

by Stefani Morrison

Dr. Story did an amazing job identifying that my plantar fasciitis was actually being caused by weakness in my hips. He created an easy-to-follow plan and I’ve been pain-free for the first time in years. Thank you for all you’ve done to get me back on my bike!

by Kris Benavides

I was in a car accident back in March and injured my back and shoulder. Dr Story has done a great job on both my back and shoulder. Dr Story is very thorough about explaining everything he is doing to you. He helped me understand how a pulled shoulder affects your back and other parts of your body. I now have no pain and feel great. Physical Therapist Al Vasquez is great at showing you various exercises that will help you improve quickly. I love the fact that he sent me videos of my exercises so I could do them at home. In the future, if I do experience pain, I am able to do my exercises to work out the issue! Overall, I’m very pleased with the treatment I received!

by Decara Freund

When I first came to Airrosti and had my first appointment I was on a cane and moving slowly. After my first visit, I felt so much better.IT did not take long before I did not have to use the cane anymore and the pain was almost gone. Would tell everyone I know that DR. STORY Is a wonderful doctor and knows what it takes to help you be able to walk again.

by Leo Vance

I have been treated by pain intervention specialist for 12 years, having over 22 shots in the back. I’ve been prescinded hydrocodone-Apap 10-325 tablets every 6 hours a day and morphine sulfur tablets 2 times a day. For about 9 or 10 years. And then for the last 2 or 3 years oxycodone every 6 hours. After 3 treatments of airrosti by Bryan Story I no longer take any pain medication. I feel better now, than I have sense I can’t remember.

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