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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Undergraduate School:Pittsburg State University

Graduate School:Cleveland Chiropractic College

Hometown:Webb City, MO

Hobbies:Traveling, wood working, golf, baseball.

Interesting Facts:I was a Honorable Mention All-American pitcher at Pittsburg State University my senior year of college (A good tidbit to keep locked away for a game of Trivial Pursuit - Pittsburg State University is the only college in America with a Gorilla as its mascot). In September 22, 2012 I achieved every golfer's dream - a hole in one (with witnesses)!

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is an amazing company and an amazing platform to provide the level of care that I know my patients want and need. It’s almost impossible to put into words how incredible it is to work for a mission-driven company where everyone on board is pulling the rope the same direction.

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by Jerrie Keller

I have a 4th-degree chondromalacia on my left knee. Dr. Clark, in just a few visits, was able to give me relief but he and his staff also gave me the tools to strengthen and support the knees and keep the muscles loose and happy. Going forward I am able to perform the exercises and keep the pain at bay and not cause further damage to the knee.

by Sara Diez

The doctor is amazing. I went to Airrosti with a plantar fasciitis problem. I have been struggling with it for around 9 years. I went to one doctor and recommended physical therapy. I went for almost 6 months. I felt better but it was not really gone. Then I got cortisone shots in the plant of my foot and nothing. Went back to therapy. So between therapy, cortisone shots and excessive, I have not been able to walk for a long distance, dance or do any fun activity that I was used to doing. I saw on Facebook about this new place Airrosti and decided to try. In their video, they talk about looking in the calf of the leg and not just the plant of my feet. The doctor found nods in my calf and took care of them. In one treatment one of my foot+ show more pain went away and the other took 2 treatments. I don’t have to go back to the doctor and they taught me how I can take care of it if the pain comes back. Its been 2 weeks since my first appointment and my feet feel great! Thank you, Doctor Clark and Cassie.

by Joni Sears

I was down to my last limping moment of sanity!! My GP doctor said that I should try and get off all steroid medicines and he suggested I see a Certified Airrosti Provider. I chose Dr. Clark because of his Bio… he sounded like a young guy the patients were responding to. Well, let me just say…WOW!!! I can’t even believe the difference after 4 visits. I had knee surgery 3 1/2 months ago for a torn meniscus and I was also having terrible agonizing back pain from compensating for the bad knee. Dr. Clark systematically worked on both my knee and back. Along with Dr. Clark was Cassie, who worked to train me on the home exercise regime to maintain my muscle wellness and continue healing! I will never be able to thank these two enough for g+ show moreiving me my “Happy” back!

by Amber Meyers

Surgery in May had be on bedrest for three weeks. Following that my hip (not part of the surgery at all) started to hurt. Within a few days I couldn’t climb stairs. My Primary Care doctor did an X-Ray and found a bit of arthritis but agreed that it wouldn’t cause the pain and debilitation I was experiencing and recommended Dr. Clark. The first office visit was successful in even letting me know where the pain was most likely originating. Then, we worked on a solid home program to stretch, strengthen, and repair what was “off” with my hip. It took more than a month of visits – which is unusual – but Dr. Clark didn’t give up on finding the cause. He’d “clear” one tight muscle system and things would improve but I wasn’t pain free yet. Then+ show more he’d design a program to clear another muscle system. Finally he found the cause of the problem – and it had probably working itself into a sad state for months/years. The rest from surgery just triggered a flare up. Once he’d freed that last muscle/tendon from tightness we both had a feeling that we might have found the cause. He said to contact him over the weekend and report progress. The NEXT MORNING I cleaned the house, ran errands, worked in the yard, and didn’t even THINK about my hip. This was the first time in two months that there was no pain – not even a twinge. I texted this happy news and he quickly responded with celebrations on both sides. I knew this wasn’t a bone problem! It was soft tissue. Had I gone to an orthopedic (I actually had an appointment but cancelled it as Dr. Clark was making progress) surgeon I would probably already be under the knife by now. Had I gone to a “traditional” physical therapist I’d most likely still be in pain but much poorer with three visits (and co-pays) a week for months. (That was the case after my rotator cuff repair.) I now have a program that works to keep my hip pain free and a plan if it ever flares up like this again. Dr. Clark, I want to thank you so much – I can’t imagine how I’d keep up with the kids, my professorship, or all the things I love to do had you not kept trying to find the cause of the pain. I lived on opioid pain medication for years before the doctors replaced my knee – I feared that would be in my future again. Thanks to you I am jumping around with the kids, played volleyball yesterday, and walk the classroom interacting with students all the time now. THANK YOU!

by Fran Kastl

After suffering for many years with back pain and after 360 Spine Surgery, ryzotomies , numerous steroid injections and then having the hardware removed – it wasn’t until my spine dr. recommended Airrosti treatments that I finally am having relief. Along with a PT specialist I can be vertical without a lot of discomfort. (Megan Leonard) Thanks to both of them !!!!!

by Sharon Cryer

Dr. Clark provided me with support and help through 2 injuries. The first injury was plantar fasciitis. Through muscle manipulation, Dr. Clark was able to get rid of the pain that comes with this injury and also, gave me the flexibility I needed to stay healthy. The second and more severe was a pulled hamstring. Very painful, but Dr Clark again through muscle manipulation was able to get rid of the horrible bruising, stiffness and pain associated with that type of injury. Several friends told me about Airrosti and how it works and their successes. But really to see for myself was amazing. I truly recommend Airrosti treatment.

by Bre Madden

I am a very active member of the CrossFit community; working out 5 days a week. Even though the coaches are fabulous and focus on form, I definitely put strain on my body from time to time. I met Dr. Clark through our gym at a mobility clinic he taught. Since then there are two times that I hurt my back pretty bad and needed assistance in my recovery. Dr. Clark was the perfect remedy, he helped work through my muscles, his team taught me how to stretch/recover at home. They were a huge reason I was healed so quickly and I have been able to use what they taught me to avoid any other serious injuries. Airrosti is a great option in rapid recovery!

by Samuel Hunn

About 3 weeks ago I was referred to Airrosti for some problem I had been experiencing in my hip for over a month. After being misdiagnosed 2 times by other medical professionals I was looking for a solution. I found it here at Airrosti. I saw Dr. Bryson Clark who quickly diagnosed the issue and began work on me right away. The natural therapy was a little uncomfortable and intense at first but ultimately very helpful. After seeing Dr. Clark I went to Megan for in home exercising instructions. She is very patient, deliberate and supportive in all of her directions. After my first visit I saw immediate results in naturally lowering the pain i was experiencing. I have continued with the at home exercises, and have been to 3 appointments. I + show morecouldn’t be happier with the results! I feel like I am making real progress in getting back to living my life free of pain and I didn’t have to get any shots or injections. All natural! Thanks very much to Dr. Bryson Clark and Megan Leonard! I highly recommend anybody experiencing intense muscular pain to give these guys a try!

by Antonia Ramirez

I met Dr. Clark last year. I wanted to get better quickly so I didn’t have to stop going to CG. Dr. Clark treated my ailment and within two days I was able to resume all my daily activities. He has helped with every sports related injury ever since. Very professional and courteous staff makes you feel welcome. He is an amazing doctor! I recommend him to everyone I know.

by Corina Currie

I came to Airrosti after seeing a traditional chiropractor for a few weeks. Although I was feeling a little better, I was not recovering as fast as I thought I might be able to. One of my co-workers had used Airrosti before so I asked about his experience. He had reported to a different office than the one I ended up with, but his experience was positive and he highly recommended their services. I made my appointment. I was not disappointed. After my first visit I was vastly improved versus about 8 visits with the previous practitioner. I had to wait 2 weeks for my 2nd appointment as both the doctor and myself were on vacation. After this, only 3 more appointments and I am on my own. Not only did the doctor rid me of my pain, but the phy+ show moresical therapist also gave me tools to specifically target my problem areas so I can strengthen the proper muscles to continue to alleviate the problem areas. I’m back to enjoying working in my yard. I don’t have the aches I once did afterwards. Thank you, Dr. Clark & Mo for “fixing” me. I have certainly circulated the word for your services and will continue to do so.

by Sandra Parish

I am a 68 year old female whose lower back pain was really bothering me and restricting my activities. It was especially painful when I got out of bed each morning. I had seen several doctors who told me there was nerve damage, but didn’t offer anything to help it. A friend suggested I see an Airrosti doctor for some possible help. This interested me greatly because my daughter, who lived in another city had just reported how two Airrosti treatments had taken care of her Planters Fasciitis that she had suffered with for months. She knew that they worked on pain in many areas. I called the Airrosti office immediately and got an appointment to see a doctor near my home.At the Airrosti office I was greeted by Dr. Bryson Clark, a very+ show more personable and friendly young man who was extremely interested and willing to see what he could do for me. He spent the first session getting to know me and accessing my situation. He worked some on the lower back wanting to determine if he thought he could help. We decided to give it a try. In each of the next sessions, he spent most of the hour working on my lower back and I would leave with it feeling better. Dr. Clark gave me exercises to do at home. He showed me how to use tape that helped me stand straighter making the lower back feel better. Each time I left feeling the session had been beneficial. My pain has not totally subsided, but it has become less and I have been able to enjoy my days better. The pain I have when I get out of bed in the morning has greatly decreased.I would recommend the Airrosti treatment to anyone needing help with soft tissue pain. It could be very helpful in relieving pain in many parts of the body and certainly worth giving it a chance.

by Angela Speers

For about four years I’ve struggled with some major plantar fasciitis. It was painful to run, walk, sometimes even to stand up for ten minutes. When Dr. Clark said he would try to fix my feet, I tried not to get my hopes up too much. After six treatments, my feet feel so incredible! They are exponentially better than they have been in years. I would definitely recommend Airrosti to people with plantar fasciitis! It has completely changed my day-to-day life. Thank you Airrosti!

by Allena Heath

I have sprained my ankle tons of times and I’ve always gone to Airrosti to help me out but I definitely think this is the fastest amount of time I have gotten back. I play volleyball and we are about to get into the big swing of things. Thanks so much, I recommend Airrosti to everyone.

by Gail Reneau

I just want to say that when I had my first appointment I was in severe pain and could hardly move after just 4 treatments I almost ran out of the office I was so happy and relieved from the terrible pain. Thank you Dr Clark.

by Cody C.

I met Bryson several months ago when he joined our CrossFit box. He talked about what he did and how fast people recovered from their injuries. I was not a believer at first, until I had my first experience with tendonitis. I went to Bryson and sure enough by that 4th visit I had no more pain. No more elbow pain at all. My elbow is still healed to this day. Later on I started suffering from a hip pain that was causing me to not be able to squat without pain. I went to Bryson and same outcome, I have no pain and continue to be pain free.

by Gloria T.

I recommend Dr. Clark to patients with chronic pain. He attended to my wrist which had both tendinitis and arthritis. He treated me with expertise, care and follow-up interest. I have referred his name many times!