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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida


Hobbies:Family time first with my amazing wife and our 2 perfect babies, and then I get selfish and ride my motorcycle, play tennis, golf, skateboard, and hik

Interesting Facts:Traveled by foot for over 2000 miles on the Appalachian Trail and forgot to shave my face along the way.

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by Mark Flury

I was experiencing pain in my AC joint for a couple of weeks after a bench pressing injury. After the first session of deep tissue massage at Airrosti, I instantly felt 50% better! Not only did they help with my shoulder injury, but also gave me tips on improving my lower back pain. They provided me with advanced stretching techniques I still use today, as well as valuable information to use in my field of studies. With only 2 sessions, my shoulder mobility and strength have continued to improve for the past 2 years. I would highly recommend Airrosti for any type of sports injury or injury in general.

by Carolanne Green

For the past 6 years, I have not been able to run without severe pain due to an inflamed low-back facet joint. After trying just about every method available to relieve my pain, I read about Airrosti and decided to give it a try. Although my progress was very slow at the start, I knew the doc was onto something that other doctors in the past had never considered. They even decided to bring in a second opinion for added results and options. I thought it was pretty awesome that they were able to work together, keeping the patient in mind 1st. The doctors spent the next 1/2 of my sessions focusing on my hip flexor, as well as combining exercises from both doctors and that seemed to do the trick!

I have finally been able to run wit+ show morehout pain for the first time in 6 years! I have an exercise regimen specific to my needs and as long as I maintain proper stretching and do my exercises, I should be good to go. Both Airrosti doctors were so nice to work with. They were kind, patient, thoughtful, dedicated, and GREAT at what they do. I am so thankful I gave Airrosti a try! Thank you so much for your help!

by Kim Hartley

My lower back was hurting to the point that I could not stand to walk. My primary care physician spent 5 minutes with me, then sent me home with pain killers and muscle relaxers, which did not help me recover. A friend suggested I see an Airrosti provider. I contacted the appointment center and was scheduled for an appointment with the same day. I had trouble walking into the building that day but walked out straight as a rod. The doctor discussed my problem with me, determined goals, and described the treatment plan they recommended. I was concerned about the cost, but they put me at ease and promised we would find a resolution and that they would treat me until I recovered. I saw them for a total of five visits. Each and every + show moretime, they took time to talk to me about my progress and my goals. They took into account my whole health picture, not just the immediate pain of my lower back. Through our consultations, I have put together a much clearer picture of my overall well-being and what I can do to further my health. Airrosti went FAR above and beyond what I expected, and their approach to my pain and to me as a whole person has helped me immeasurably. I’m so grateful for them to not only have helped me completely recover from my pain, but get me back on a path of overall wellness. I wholeheartedly recommend Airrosti to anyone with chronic or acute pain.