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Became an Airrosti Provider:2020

Undergraduate School:University of North Texas

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Houston, TX

Hobbies:Being active! Anything from swimming, hiking, working out etc. I am more of a water person and not so coordinated on land.

Interesting Facts:I used to be a swimmer on the Singaporean National Team.. in my younger days. I'm also a huge foodie. I love checking out new restaurants, breweries/wineries. Tacos are my favorite food.. but I'm a sucker for good salsa verde!!

Awards and Recognitions:Graduated cum laude from Texas Chiropractic College under awards

Professional Affiliations:Certified Chiropractic Acupuncturist by the American Board of Chiropractic Acupuncture

What Airrosti Means to Me:I get the opportunity to focus on patient care and get them back to their daily routine! I also get the chance to work with a wonderful company with so many supportive people!

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by Marika Carpenter

Dr. Tong healed my diastasis and was the best at helping with my postnatal physical therapy! Highly recommend!!

by Jeremy Kriska

Dr. Tong worked wonders for my lower back and sciatica issues within 3 sessions. And I realized an 80% improvement just after the first session. Her explanations of the condition and how to minimize pain were very helpful as well.

by Jia Cazalot

Dr. Tong is knowledgeable, skilled, patient, and has a great work ethic. She cares about her patients, and she is obviously passionate about her work. I went in with a set of complex issues, and she was able to help me relieve the pain and gave me some great health and exercise advice for maintenance and prevention. I highly recommend Dr. Tong.

by Jessica Getz

I had been suffering from low back pain that traveled down to my toes for about 3-4 months. I tried medication, massage therapy, and acupuncture. I would get relief from these but it never resolved the issue. After just 3 visits and home physical therapy, my pain is gone. I am a big believer in Airrosti and Dr. Tong!

by R Martinez

Dr. Tong is wonderful. She is very attentive and quickly identified the issue causing my lower back pain. The pain is gone and I am more conscious of the bad habits that were causing me these issues thanks to her good advice. I would highly recommend.

by Josh Weil

Dr. Tong is simply incredible! I came in with an episode of extreme tightness of my lower back from a 10+ year injury. In just three visits I was nearly completely pain free. She takes such a hands on approach and combines her techniques with rehab to ensure her patients stay pain free. Stop looking, you’ve found your chiropractor.

by Johney Phelps

Came in with pain in my knee when I exercise and after only one appointment Dr. Tong was able to locate the issue and resolve it quickly. She is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. This was the best decision I’ve made to attend in person.

by Alejandro Rodriguez

I got calf strain while playing tennis 🎾 and I was not able to walk well for the first days but after my second visit to Dr. Tong my recovery was amazing fast and good

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