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Became an Airrosti Provider:2008

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College


Hobbies:I like spending time with my wife and two little girls. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and listening to live music.

Interesting Facts:I have climbed 10 mountains over 14,000 feet.

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by Mary Jane Fox

Thank you Dr Corey & Adelia for your time, patience and assistance In Dealing with my hip tendonitis. I see an improvement! And can move around easier! Great team!!

by Adam Muery

I had a spinal fusion in 2001. For the next 10 years, I continued to struggle with horrible back pain and my doctors only wanted me to go through another surgery and I refused to try everything else possible. In 2011 I had reached a point where I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t stand, I couldn’t lay down, I was constantly in excruciating pain. I was finally ready to give up and have another surgery when a friend recommended Airrosti. I went through five sessions with Dr. Corey Fabling and I was fixed. I’m not saying the five sessions were pleasant experiences, because they were painful, but they worked. Since then I’ve lifted weights, climbed mountains, and trained in Mixed Martial Arts all without issue. I praise Airrosti to everyone+ show more that I speak to.

by Forest Gibson

I have been using Dr. Fabling off and on for years now. I have been to several spine doctors with no success in helping me with chronic back pain and upper shoulder and neck pain. After several visits, Dr. Fabling and Adela had me up and walking straight again and enjoying life. I have gone as long as 1 year without severe pain. When I do the exercises and use the equipment I go about my daily routines with no pain but, when I don’t I make an appointment and they get me fixed up again. I highly recommend anyone who is suffering from any kind of injury to try them. I have recommended them to a lot of my friends when they are hurting from an injury or chronic neck or back pain. I will continue to use them from now on. I Will not go anywher+ show moree else. Dr. Fabling and Adela Castillo are very professional and personable.

by Trinity Herrera

My daughter went to see Dr. Fabling after suffering a 3rd degree sprained ankle while playing volleyball. We were initially told by trainers that it would be 8-10 weeks before my daughter could return to playing. Dr. Fabling and Adele along with a lot of hard work were able to cut that time in half to 4 weeks. Thank you Dr. Fabling and Adele for making that possible!!

by Omar Carrizales

I had a terrible pain in my neck and shoulder blade that went all the way to my arm and even fingers, after seen my chiropractor for more than 3 times a friend of mine told me about Airrosti, at that point I was ready to try everything!! Doctor John was AMAZING on telling me how they work and he explain me step by step what will be the process, I will say The first session was a bit painful but was what I was expecting since doctor John Explained to me what was the process, after the first session and with the exercises I will say that night was the first night I was able to sleep the whole entire night since weeks, the tension Bands that they put on your back are amazing they keep your posture and help you during the process, doctor Joh+ show moren was very professional and was in contact with me after every session to see my status and how did I feel, I’m totally impressed im how better I feel after just a few sessions with Airrosti, I will totally recommend the treatment and I totally recommend doctor John Coughlin in Bulverde TX, since he is very profesional and very personal, he makes you feel like you are in good hands and not just another pattien.

by Agda Alderete

Airrosti is awesome; they have helped me with my neck problems and lower back issues. Having a desk job caused my neck muscles to become very stiff and knotted, and sitting in chair all day caused lower back issues Airrosti has given me hope and exercises to strengthen my muscles. My issues have been resolved. Dr. Fabling and Adele are wonderful & caring people. I definitely recommend them highly. I truly appreciate, thank you.

by Janet Neeper

Dr. Fabling is a miracle worker! Been to him once before a few years ago. Finally went back after having foot and knee pain for over 3 months. By the time I saw him I could barely walk. After 3 visits have almost no pain…..will never wait that long again!

by Mel A.

I had almost hung up my running shoes when my employer had Airrosti in for a wellness clinic. I had never heard of them or a foam roller. What a difference I felt after a few visits! My knee pain was nearly gone even while staying on my running schedule. Best of all, my recurring shin splints went away too! Thanks to Dr. Fabling and Jessica for keeping me on the road!

by Linda V.

Airrosti has been more beneficial to me than any amount of physical therapy I have gone through previously. I can expect immediate relief every time I visit them… When I went to them with my injured knee, I was at the end of my rope. I was pretty sure I would never walk right again without an operation and even then probably with significant pain. After one visit, I was walking better than ever. After two visits, I was able to schedule the family vacation I thought I wouldn’t be able to make. Dr. Fabling and his team are my heros.

by Debbie Byrnes

I hurt my sacroiliac joint a few years ago. It got worse over time, which is when I started Physical Therapy. I was frustrated because it didn’t seem much better. Recently I learned about Dr. Fabling at Airrosti. After my first visit I felt so much better. I learned a lot about my condition from Dr. Fabling. Jessica, his certified recovery specialist, worked with me then to practice exercises that would strengthen that joint. The two of them are amazing. I would recommend Airrosti if you’re tired of being in pain. It really does work.