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Became an Airrosti Provider:2011

Undergraduate School:Texas A&M University (WHOOP!)

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Corpus Christi, TX

Hobbies:Fishing, basketball, my kids.

Interesting Facts:I’m licensed to perform weddings.

What Airrosti Means to Me:An avenue for me to help others with my abilities.

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by Casey Vialtor (Team Lone Star CF)

2 weeks after the 2021 CrossFit Open I developed a sharp pain in my right pectoral. After seeing Dr. Bazan and having him do some active mobility with hands-on manipulation, my pectoral loosened up. Following recovery procedures after that day helped me fully recover and got me back to 100%. Without the treatment, I would’ve been uncertain of the time frame when my pectoral would be healed. Going to Airrosti gave me the confidence to be active again.

by Rachel Harvey

I had tennis elbow. I was told by my other Dr that I would need surgery. I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Bazan worked on it and it’s been 5 years ago. Still pain-free

by Shannon Villarerreal

I have suffered for almost 3 years with arm numbness and pain due to spine issues. I have tried physical therapy, medication and needle manipulation with no improvement. I started seeing Dr. Bazan 3 weeks ago and I can honestly say that I am finally sleeping at night and feel almost 75% better. He is amazing and magical. I highly recommend him! Shelly is amazing too. Great people, great service. It really works!!!

by Susan Simpson

Years of pain, steroid shots and pills, multiple prescriptions and over the counter pain relievers with no signs of relief. I had suffered with sciatic pain that radiated down my entire right side. It made it nearly impossible for me to do any daily activity without doses upon doses of pain medication. I had never heard of Airrosti therapy before a friend suggested it to me. I was willing and ready to try anything to gain my life back and be rid of this pain. I quickly did a search for my area and found Dr. Daniel Bazan. The online sign up process was quick and easy and I had an appointment for an evaluation right away. My appointment was on time and very thorough. Both Dr. Bazan and Tim were very helpful, personable and knowledgeable. + show moreThey made me feel at ease and educated me on my first visit. My initial therapy session was scheduled. After just a few days I began to notice significant improvement. I began to eliminate some of the pain medications and was still feeling better than ever without them. By the time I went in for my second session, one week later, I reported to Dr. Bazan that I felt a 75-85% overall improvement. I was released from future treatment after just 2 visits. This is one of the best things! Quick and easy results! No long term care and treatment. Saved me a lot of time and money and has given me my mobility back. I left there with knowledge and the tools to help me continue to heal and feel better every single day. I cannot say enough good things about my Airrosti experience and will continue to spread the word to anyone that will listen, especially if they are experiencing pain in their daily lives. Thank you Dr. Bazan. I hope I don’t ever “need” to see you again, but I will always remember you and know the first place to go if the situation arises.

by Gwen Burnell

I injured my foot when a heavy pipe rolled off the back of the truck, striking the top of my left foot. It hurt and it was bruised but did the typical ice, rest, etc. As time went on and especially when I did incline, treadmill, steps the pain became unbearable and again I rested, iced and thought it was good to go. That lasted a year and finally I knew that I was losing out on so many activities due to the pain. After seeing an orthopedic doctor and 2 x-rays that showed no harm I got cortisone injections and then the pain would continue to return. Finally an MRI showed the stress fracture across the top of my foot. Was fitted for a boot and off I go for 6 weeks, as soon as I began normal use the burning pain was back, another MRI showe+ show mored it had not healed. Now a boot, bone stimulator and no weight on the foot. Thought I was good to go until I was set loose and now my pain shifted to the inside and felt like deep tissue as I had learned the difference by now. I put myself back into the boot so I could travel on business and finally a year in the boot I am in so much pain when I try to have normal activity. I had a yearly check up with another doctor who told me this had gone on long enough and made me a referral to Airrosti. I was seen the next day By Dr. Bazan and I was not prepared for the pain that I would endure. The first treatment with exercises improved me 80%. I cannot express my joy as I knew I was in the right place. I stayed faithful to my exercises and moving and made my treatman plan end sooner than expected. I cannot say enough for the personal care and education I received. I am their biggest fan and encourage everyone to not think living in pain is normal!!! Thank you Dr. Bazan and Tim who have given me my freedom back. This week is the first time in 2 years I have been on a treadmill and enjoyed it!