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Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Undergraduate School:San Jacinto College

Graduate School:Western States Chiropractic College

Hometown:Alvin, Texas

Hobbies:I love spending time with my family as well as anything fishing especially fly fishing!!! I also enjoy wood working, camping.

Interesting Facts:Both of my brothers work for Airrosti. I run a charity that gives beds to kids who don’t have beds or adequate beds. I once owned a roach farm.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Over the last six-year Airrosti has made an incredible difference in my life. It’s been awesome working for a company who really puts patient care first. I love coming to work knowing that there is a team of people whose whole mission is to help me fix my patients. I love what we do for patients as well. I was skeptical at first that the treatments worked as well as they claimed, but seeing patients get better so quickly has been amazing. I never tire of helping people get back to the things that they want to do and eliminate their pain.

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by David Newman

I had pain in my buttocks, hamstring and calf. At first I was not sure what it was, but later learned it was a pinched nerve, from bulging discs. Dr. Arnold genuinely cared about me and getting me past the pain. Dr. Arnold and his staff worked with me and my schedule. They were professional, caring and helped me learn exercises to help me with my immediate issue and that I can do from my home to improve and make sure that this issue doesnt return.

by Andrea Sharp

Dr. Arnold is awesome, we as a family have gone to him for over two years and it always helps us feel better. Thank you so much for doing such a great job for us and always trying to work us into your schedule at the last minute.

by Joseph Perez

I was told bye a Dr I had a dislocated patela,Sent to a surgeon for a second opinion. I wasn’t comfortable or happy with the surgeon telling me to call him in 2 weeks to let him know if I wanted surgery. Thanks to my wife’s yoga instructor/ friend for referring me to Airrosti Dr Arnold. The first visit was a little painful but at the same time informative.I learned Alot about myself.My weaknesses and some strengths. The exercises and therapy was helpful. Thanks for helping fix me. I’m now running and keeping up with my routine exercises. 4 visits later and I’m back on track

by Rita Desselle

I was have issues with my neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and feet. I was referred to Dr. Arnold from one of my co-workers who had nothing but great things to say about their procedures. I was hurting so bad I was at the point that I would try anything. What a wonderful job he did, I noticed a big difference after the first treatment. Now 2 months later I feel totally different and pain free, as long as I keep up doing my end (the stretching exercises). I could not have asked for more. They were all just wonderful.

by Jose Mancha

I had no strength on my right hand, I couldn’t pick up anything, open it the way it should, or carry anything without pain. With Airrosti therapy I was apply to get my strength back, able to open it the way a hand should work, and able to lift and carry items that I couldn’t. Before surgery think of doing Airrosti first.

by Pete Santos

Nearly 2 years ago, after playing basketball with my son, I woke up to find my knees swollen and in pain. Long story short I went to an orthoscopic doctor who told me I need knee replacements. Having heard horror stories about the physical therapy after surgery, I decided to tough it out. In Dec 2014, while with my wife at a sports expo, I stumbled upon an Airrosti booth. I was given a quick evaluation after which the doctor said he thought he might be able to help me. After 4 visits, I can walk again without limping and without pain.

by Ed Lucio

After having suffered the same lower back injury several times I decided to try a different approach to addressing my recurring back injury. I decided to give Airrosti a try and at the end of the sessions I was very glad that I did. After just 3 sessions with Dr. Arnold my back recovered considerably faster than it ever had in the past. In addition Dr. Arnold was able to explain to me exactly why my back was getting re-injured and how to prevent it from happening again. After therapy sessions with Dr. Arnold I continue doing the exercises he recommended at home to keep my lower back strong and the chances for re-injury low. I am very grateful for Dr. Arnold and his helpful staff for helping me bounce back quickly and thus allowing me+ show more to keep doing the activities that I love.

by CC O.

I went to Dr. Arnold after months of pain and burning in my left leg. I am training for a half marathon and had all but given up on the idea of actually being able to train for it because my left leg would start to burn intensely after about a quarter of a mile. Dr. Arnold listened to everything I had to say, had me do some squats and checked my balance and then got started on working out the kinks in my leg. Granted, the pain is pretty intense while he is working those kinks out, but it felt really good at the same time. He finished the deep tissue and then had me go into another room and spent time teaching me how to use the rollers. After the very first visit, I left feeling so hopeful! I went to the next appointment and after he fini+ show moreshed working on my leg, he told me to go home and run a very slow mile or two and see how I felt. I was so skeptical because I could not even go a quarter of a mile and he wanted me to run a mile or TWO… IT WAS AMAZING! I got teary several times during my run because I FINALLY had NO burning in my left leg, and ran the full two miles in 20 minutes! I went to my last appointment yesterday and I truly feel so amazing! I cannot thank Dr. Arnold enough for his kindness, listening skills and his true passion for wanting to help his patients! I highly recommend Airrosti! I am now back to training for the Half Marathon in November!

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