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Became an Airrosti Provider:2019

Undergraduate School:University of Houston - Downtown

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Houston, TX

Hobbies:I love spending time with my family, weightlifting, running, and serving in local and global missions with my church family.

Interesting Facts:I am the only and youngest girl out of 5 boys. Yes, five older brothers! I'll give them the credit for making me tough for this next story. I played through a whole softball season with a fractured hand so I wouldn't lose a scholarship to play in undergrad. While in undergrad, I had a ball python named Dino. At night, he would escape his tank and climb to the highest part of my bedroom closet knocking everything over. He was not a sneaky snake! Former NCAA Collegiate Softball Athlete.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Providing quality treatment to every patient with an awesome team of like minded individuals who genuinely care about all aspects of the visit. Here not only do we focus on getting the patient out of pain, but we help improve strength and function to increase an individual's quality of life. Being able to witness a patient return to what they enjoy doing, while saving them time and money, is what makes being an ACP a true blessing!

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by Banj D

I saw Dr. Alvarado after suffering from a back/hip injury. I could barely stand up straight or walk without severe pain. My first visit provided immediate relief, and I only needed 2 more sessions before I could slowly get myself back into the gym again. I appreciated that she reviewed my chart and was always on time for our appointments. She was so personable and knowledgeable. I love that I can still use the exercises at home. The rest of the team, Ebel and Jae, were always great to work with as well. Thank you, Airrosti!

by V. Y.

This was my first visit to a physical therapist. I chose Airrosti based on recommendations from several friends. After reading Dr. Alvarado’s bio, I selected her to look after my injured leg. Dr. Alvarado quickly diagnosed the injury and guided me through the process of healing the leg. Her experience and ability to explain things in plain terms allowed me to better understand the injury and recovery process. After three visits with Dr. Alvarado, I felt my leg getting better. I would recommend Dr. Alvarado for most physical body pain.

by Blake Patterson

After heavy workout sessions, I would have sharp pains in my neck and upper back. Dr. Alvarado was able to identify the root cause of the pain, show me stretches to relieve the pain and stretches to keep the pain from reoccurring. It only took 2 sessions to relieve the pain, and 1 more follow up session to keep the pain from coming back.

by Rachel Bordelon

The care and professional treatment that I received at Airrosti at WillowBrook was outstanding. Dr. Alvarado worked with me to identify the area of concern and treated me until the pain subsided. Dr. Alvardo truly cares about her patients and is invested in their well-being. The follow-up plan along with specific exercises accelerated my healing process. Today, I am experiencing no pain, and I attribute my recovery to Airrosti at Willowbrook. I am extremely grateful for the time and effort that Dr. Alvarado allocated to my health.

by Amber Jones

Elizabeth is a saint! I came in with back spasms. After discussing what went wrong and how to prevent it in the future, she taught me proper exercises to do at home. She made sure I understood the exercises, was doing them correctly, and explained why they are important. She was so nice and helpful. Highly recommend her to anyone trying to relieve pain FAST!

by Leigh Redmond

I came upon Airrosti in a dense fog of defeat looking for anything or anyone online that could help the screaming, fire-like pain in my foot. After some self diagnosis, I settled on Plantar Fasciitis but wanted a professional confirmation and a treatment plan without a surgical component. Anyone who has had this before knows it’s no joke. My first appoint with Dr. Liz was the exact relief I was looking for! She was warm and caring, sympathetic to the pain that I was experiencing, but also knowledgeable and capable in her chosen field which gave me instant peace knowing that I was in good hands and that this pain would go away. Once it was confirmed that is was in fact Plantar Fasciitis, Dr Liz immediately went into treatment mode setting+ show more out a course that was not only manageable ( for a wife and mom of three young boys) but results driven. I never felt overwhelmed, only comforted in the fact that she was addressing the major issues while giving me the skill-set I needed to take care of the minor issues at home. Between the two of us, we were going to conquer this thing! After my 3rd appointment, I felt marked improvement. During each session she would always explain what area she would be working on, why that was important and how that fit into the overall rehabilitation of my foot. Turns out, the pain I was experiencing, while localized at the Plantar Fascia, had actually originated in another part of my body. Everything became clear, it was a domino affect. Airrosti treats the whole body, as everything is connected and works as a whole. The phrase, the whole is only as great as the sum of its parts, kept coming to mind every time I would do an exercise and start to question how this would help my foot! I am happy to say that my intense, stabbing, fire-like, didn’t want to take a step out of bed pain that I felt is not only gone, but I now have the confidence to self-care properly for my injury, which I didn’t before. There is so much comfort in that alone and I owe it all to Dr. Liz Alvarado! Thank you for listening and for your patience!

by Kennedale Hodge

I was having intense migraine and neck pains not being able to sleep at night, when medicine and other chiropractors didn’t work I was referred to Dr. Alvarado. She is amazing. Within a few weeks the migraines stopped and I saw dramatic improvements in my health. I was able to sleep so much better and do everyday activities without any pain. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Alvarado to anyone genuinely cares about making her patients feel welcomed and helping them truly get better.