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Became an Airrosti Provider:2007

Graduate School:Parker College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Farmington, NM

Hobbies:Running, working out, golfing, playing with my 2 girls

Interesting Facts:St. Louis Cardinals fan

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by Brad Goudie

I recently had two back surgeries. I chose to go to Airrosti and see Dr. Vaughn for rehab. He and his staff (Ashley) showed a genuine interest in my recovery and return me to a pain free status. I never felt rushed in and out like you do in so many medical facilities these days. After 3 visits I am happy to say I am pain free. They also set me up on a plan to keep me that way. Great job Dr. Vaughn and Ashley. I would gladly refer anyone to see them.

by Marisa Kahley

Our son, a left handed pitcher, was experiencing elbow pain and inflammation. We took him to the most reputable elbow doctors in the DFW area and were told he need to rest 6 – 8 weeks and start a throwing program. He did this twice, but the pain returned. Just when he thought he might have to be done with baseball, someone recommended Eric Vaughn and AIRROSTI to us. After seeing Dr. Vaughn, the pain and inflammation were gone and he was able to throw again. Now, one year after he was thinking he might not play again, he was named pitcher of the game in a college showcase tournament. We are so thankful for Dr. Vaughn and would definitely recommend him.

by Jennifer Butler

My husband and I both had injuries about 10 years ago; mine was my SI joint in my back and my husband’s was his IT band. I tried multiple sessions at chiropractors, yoga, physical therapy, and nothing was helping. My husband had been to Airrosti for his IT band, and it helped tremendously. I tried it and was on my way back to running shortly after my sessions ended. My 16 year old daughter is a multi-sport athlete playing at both the high school level as well as club; she plays sports year round. She has struggled with back, knee and shoulder pain. Dr. Vaughan was able to, in just a few sessions, fix each of her problems. Airrosti is the quickest and most effective way to get her back on the court.

by Zahn Holst

I am a runner and love being active. Last October, I noticed some discomfort in my hips while running. At the time it felt skeletal, not muscular. After a few visits with my chiropractor, I did get some relief, but was not ever without pain. I did notice that the discomfort seemed more muscular and sought out medical massage as treatment. It helped, but I only had a break from pain for a brief amount of time. Frustrated at feeling like a 75 year old, not a 44 year old, and hobbling around, I began to seek counsel for alternatives. I knew someone could help me. I heard from a few friends about AIRROSTI. I had hope! Immediately I began the process of scheduling an appointment and filling out the documentation. Dr Vaughan was the+ show more only person who actually diagnosed what was happening to me. Thank the Lord I had found a Dr that knew what the problem was and better yet, how to fix it. After my first appointment, I was sore, but felt a ton of relief!!! I followed my at-home regimen from him and Ashley. After each appointment there was improvement. Now, I am completely pain free. My running game is better, stronger. I still do my therapy routine at home to prevent any relapses. If there was a mountain near by, I would shout from the top on how terrific my experience was. Dr Vaughan and Ashley, the certified recovery specialist, are a great team!!