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Became an Airrosti Provider:2011

Graduate School:Parker College Of Chiropractic

Hometown:Knob Noster, MO

Hobbies:Crossfit, Coaching Baseball, Playing guitar and bass, shooting.

Interesting Facts:Technical Editor for the \"Complete Idiots Guide to Self-Defense\". Former Police officer and self-defense, close quarters combat instructor. Fellow of the Institute for Political Leadership - UNCW 2004

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by Mike Eyre

I have trusted Dr. Powell for years. After enduring months of recurring pain and injuries, he got me back to running from pretty severe calf and plantar fasciitis issues within a week. Since, I have seen him for 2 other issues and been right back out on the road. I have referred over a dozen people to him and all have been thrilled with the results. As Dr. Floyd says to me every time, “it’s not supposed to hurt, so come on in and let’s get you fixed”. 10 out of 10 stars!!!

by Diann Lewis Mouton

I met Dr. Powell a few years ago. He’s very knowledgeable and extremely accurate. He has corrected my Plantar Fasciitis (both feet), Tennis Elbow (both arms), Frozen Shoulder, and recently, the most painful of all, my Sciatic Nerve. I did injections and nothing helped and then I made my appointment with Dr. Powell. He is my hero and blessing for all sorts of pain. Thank you, Dr. Powell Diann Lewis – Mouton

by Jodi Valadez

I first met Dr. Powell when he came to my place of employment to do a complimentary consultation and treatment in 2013. I have had back pain and suffer from fibromyalgia most of my adult life. Because of my fibromyalgia, touch can be painful and the treatment at times was excruciating. I went for three or four treatments, and toughed it out. It was worth it. By the end of the set of treatment, I felt little pain, my range of motion was great, and I had relief for the first time that lasted. Since that time, Dr. Powell has treated me for just about every part of my body. I recently took a fall and inflamed my already bad shoulder. Dr. Powell found a way to work me into his extremely busy schedule when I expressed the urgency. With a combi+ show morenation of chiropractic and hands on treatment, he restored my range of motion, worked out all the tight areas in my shoulders, ribs, neck and back. Best of all, he treated my elbow and it is the best it has been in over a year. When he adjusted my elbow, the relief of pain was immediate and showed on my face. Side note: One orthopedist wanted to do surgery on the elbow, another wanted long therapy and gave me a brace. My shoulder has improved tremendously. Combined with the exercises Airrosti taught me, I am healing. Would I recommend Dr. Powell? Absolutely! The results were worth every bit of pain and any bruises left. He is professional, funny, sympathetic, and knows teaches you about your body. Veronica offers great complementary service to him with the exercises and her knowledge as well.

by Cynthia Keller

Words can not really express the pain relief that Airrosti has provided me over the years. I first experienced Airrosti a couple of years ago after being in a car accident. I was actually referred at the time by my chiropractor who had been unable to provide any prolonged pain relief. After the accident, I had severe neck and back pain and had gone through steroid injections, a cervical spine epidural, numerous other treatments and even talk of surgery. Nothing seemed to work and I was willing to try anything outside of surgery. Then my chiropractor met Dr. Powell at a seminar and urged me to go see him. After a few treatments at Airrosti, I realized that my neck pain was gone and then after several more treatments, my back pain was gone+ show more. Unfortunately, I reinjured my back last year after taking care of an elderly family member and this time I found Dr. Michael Simon who had just opened an office close to my work and home. Dr. Simon is caring and compassionate and once again Airrosti treatment helped resolve my pain. Are the treatments easy? Honestly no, but the relief provided afterwards makes up for any discomfort. Anywhere I go, if someone talks about pain, I mention Airrosti and Dr. Simon to them without hesitation.

by Sue Jocz

After going to an orthopedist for 4+ months, and being in a boot for almost 3 months, with little to no improvement, I came to see Dr. Powell. In one visit I saw huge improvements! He is very thorough and even called to check on me after the visit! I highly recommend him!

by Eve Golden

Man! What an AWESOME doctor and assistant (Veronica). Anyone reading this…. I can assure you, your PAIN will be gone after your visits with them! For 3 years I thought that the pain in my lower back was never going away. This was very difficult for me considering I am a former track & field athlete. After my first visit, although it was a bit painful, I never thought that I would feel so good two days later! Seriously! Veronica, humbly states, “It’s because you left the office and did what we asked you to do!” Yeah, I did ‘follow their directions’ but they are the GURUs! Now, less than one week later, I’m moving about so well, I’m considering joining a coed softball team again. When I mentioned it to Dr. Powell, he said, “Go for it!” + show moreOf course Veronica reminded me to continue doing my daily exercises a week or two longer, but I FEEL GOOD!! (humming James Brown lyrics). I have no complaint against other chiropractors or any other chiropractor that I’ve seen, but Dr. Powell did more for me in 2 visits than any other chiropractor has ever, ever done for me in such a short period of time. Please local news channels, … go by, see these two in action. Give them the doctor/assistant PAIN GURUs of the YEAR Awards. Doc & Veronica … You guys are the BOMB!! No, you’re so awesome, you are the dynamite used to create the bomb!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

by Mike Eyre

I came to Dr. Powell after tearing/straining my right calf muscle for the 3rd time in three years. The previous 2 times put me on the shelf for 1-4 months. Dr. Powell had me running again inside of 2 weeks! I have no pain and a completely revised warm-up and stretching routine. I am so grateful. Thank you!

by Danita Gallegos

“I absolutely love the work Airrosti does. I have see Floyd Powell, DC on two separate occasions. Once for chronic upper back pain that I had for 15 years. I had seen doctors, had many ER visits, was prescribed Celebrex from the age 19 to 21, prescribed pain medication off and on, and had EKG’s for years due to sharp chest pain/shortness of breath that I did not realize was related to the upper back condition. A new Nurse Practitioner I was seeing suggestion I see someone with Airrosti so I hesitantly did. After 15 years of trying everything I figured I would give it a shot. Dr. Powell fixed me in one day! He not only took away my pain but the office showed me exercises to practice and explained in great detail why I was in so much pain.+ show more Two and a half years later I still have not had pain in that area. I also do not get chest pain and have yet to have shortness of breath due to the sharp pain.
Last week I had an onset of severe neck, shoulder, and arm pain that initially felt like a bad crick in my neck. I work in an ER so I asked an ER doctor about it and she suggested it was a pinched nerve and to take Advil every 6 days for 48 hours and if it didn’t go away that I will need an MRI. Four days later I was still in pain so I made an appointment with Dr. Powell. He again explained in great detail what the issue was and fixed the problem. I was sore for two days but immediately felt better after leaving the office.”

by James Reilly

I came to Dr. Powell as a last resort before surgery and 3 sessions later my knee feels brand new. He was knowledgeable, personable, and really worked to make sure that any and all pain was located and dealt with. If you are considering Airrosti go see Dr. Powell and you won’t be disappointed.