Ian Jones, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Graduate School:National College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Seabrook, TX

Hobbies:Fishing, Snowboarding, Travel, Cooking

Interesting Facts:I met my wife while attending the University of Texas and we have been married for over 25 years. We have two extraordinary kids. I speak more German than Spanish, but not enough of either. We have been in Dripping Springs for over 10 years. My practice has seen kids that we started treating in elementary and middle school go off to college. I am proud of what our practice has done along the way, treating kids and adults alike while becoming part of the this growing community.

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by Rosa Oswald

I was very impressed with the whole procedure, Dr. Jones has excellent bed side manners. At first I was hesitant to go see him but now I am great full that I followed through the whole treatment. Thank you Dr. J III for helping me with my back issues, I am bringing the corporate workout to where I work.

by Kim Lundgren

I was referred to Dr Jones through my work out coach and friend after suffering a severe shoulder break a year ago and not having much range of motion due to scar tissue. I had 5 visits and have improved both range of motion of about 95 percent and no more pain. I highly recommend the Airrosti treatment plan both for athletic purposes and reduction of pain.

by Michele Peel

I fell off a ladder several months ago and landed on my hip (on my kitchen tile). While I was pretty bruised up, I had no immediate symptoms other than soreness. Over the course of 5 months, I slowly but surely developed intense pain. I am a 62 year old (young) very active retired teacher, and this pain became extremely debilitating. I have been a chiropractic patient all of my life as my grandfather was a chiropractor and I grew up with that influence. However, I also believe very strongly in utilizing all avenues of healing, depending on the issue at hand. So, I first went to get an MRI and found that L4 and L5 were severely affected which then led me to go to a pain management physician to receive cortisone injections. The shots h...+ show moreelped but I knew it was only a quick fix. I then researched chiropractors who were also Airrosti providers in my small town of Wimberley, TX. I had received Airrosti treatment previously in another town, and I knew the benefits that came from those visits. My search was a Godsend as I found Dr. Jones! He has not only alleviated the intense pain I was in when I first arrived at his office, but he has also taught me how to manage the little pain that I might experience. I could barely walk into his office on my initial visit, and now I am 100% better after he worked on me, guided me, and taught me how to increase my flexibility and become stable and active once again. If you have ever hesitated to try Airrosti, please do yourself a favor and hesitate no more. Call Dr. Jones. You'll be so grateful that you did...I know I am.

by Debra Welch

I had been suffering with plantar fasciitis for seven months. Orthotics had not made any difference. Flexing my foot back and ice packs did not help. I was encouraged by a personal trainer to go to Airrosti. After only 4 treatments I am 95% cured. Still need to do my "homework" but am confident I have beaten this down. Thank you to Dr. jones in Wimberley, Texas for his pleasant and professional treatment of my condition. Love Airrosti!!!

by Hannah Moore

I am a high school runner. When I came to see Dr. Jones it was a week before our district meet and I had a foot injury so painful that I couldn't run. Prior to my Airrosti visit I had an inconclusive MRI and advised to take 3 weeks of active rest in the pool. Nothing worked and I really wanted to run in the District meet. Dr. Jones treated me twice before the District meet. I raced and not only did I qualify for Regionals, but our team won District. I returned to see Dr. Jones two more times. I ran pain free at Regionals with a season personal record. Our team qualified for State! Thanks to Dr. Jones for healing me and giving me exercises to keep me strong in the future.

by Mary Volk

My son developed pain in his heel that was keeping him from playing and enjoying sports. We are so glad Airrosti/Dr. Jones was recommended to treat the problem (Sever's Disease). Dr. Jones gave a very thorough explanation of the causes of the problem and what he could do to help. After only 3 treatments, and some regular exercises at home, my son is pain free and enjoying sports again. Dr. Jones was really fantastic to work with - he has great rapport with his patients and explained everything that was going on so well. I highly recommend Airrosti and Dr. Jones in Wimberley for any physical therapy needs!

by Elise Falana

I am so very grateful to Dr. Jones for helping with my knee (IT Band) problem. I love to run, but I thought I was going to have to hang up my running shoes due to pain that would kick in pretty quickly during my runs. Within a few treatments with Dr. Jones, along with exercises and stretches for homework, my knee/IT Band issue was gone and my runs are now pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Jones & Airrosti to all my gym members, clients, & friends!

by Teresa Ridenhour

About a year ago I herniated a disc during a CrossFit workout. I had been dealing with the pain for a long time. I had seen my primary doctor who ordered an MRI and subsequently was seeing a pain specialist and a neurologist. The MRI did not show nerve compression but the pain was still limiting my daily activities. I have been through physical therapy, chiropractic care and 10 epidural steroid injections with relief only lasting 10 days. I was going to schedule further follow up injections and test when I decided to give Airrosti a try as a last effort before more procedures or surgery. When I first went in to Dr Jones I could barely bend forward with out extreme pain and sitting for any more than a couple of minutes at a time was out of t...+ show morehe question. I can now bend over and touch my toes as well as continue doing CrossFit.

by Chrystal Wells

I had ACL repair surgery in 2003 and have reported that I had a "bad" knee since then. I would limit using that knee and modify workouts to accommodate my "bad" knee. After talking with my coach he recommended that I have Dr. Jones look at my knee and treat it. I found that after 10 years of thinking my knee was weak that my problems actually were more related to mobility issues with my ankle and some tightening in my calf and IT band. After just two sessions I had marked improvement and zero pain in my knee. And my experience with traditional treatments were changed by my experience at Airrosti where he hopes to discharge me within a few sessions instead of your traditional 6-8 weeks 2-3x times per week plan. I also like the individual tre...+ show moreatment versus traditional setting of several patients with a couple of therapist overseeing exercises. This treatment has changed my workouts tremendously and overall quality of life, having gotten rid of knee pain! I would highly this approach even if you've tried other treatments.

by Noemi Copeland

My son and I have both had treatment with Dr. Jones. My son was having lower back pain. Within two sessions Dr. Jones was able to alleviate his pain. Dr. Jones also set up a treatment plan that he could do at home. The tools he has learned will help him throughout his lifetime. I was having pain in my neck and shoulder area. It only took three sessions for me to be pain free. I also have a treatment plan that I use at home. The treatment during the office visits were very intense but at the end of the session I felt so much better. I recommend Airrosti to anyone who is struggling with physical pain. It is amazing how well the therapy works!

by Anna McNelis

When I came into Airrosti, my lower back pain was so intense, I could barely move. After 5 sessions, I felt good as new. Everyone was really professional and very helpful. I was truly shocked at how quickly and completely my pain was alleviated, and I have a plan going forward to prevent future back problems.

by Marilyn Mickey

Last summer, I had a set date to be in a powerlifting meet in Austin. Five weeks out from the meet, I had an injury in the quad/hip flexor area and was unable to train hard. After 3 sessions with Doc Jones, I was not only able to get back into my training routine, I was able to take State Records in my class. Thank you, Doc!

by Osha Dill

After a visit to our family doctor, I was discouraged that he said I would receive steroid shots in my aching hands and he went on to say that eventually I would have to have surgery and already had a referral for me to contact. Thank God a co-worker from the Post Office told me about Dr. Jones at Airrosti! Dr. Jones is knowledgeable, professional, and personable. After several sessions (that my insurance covers) I have regained strength in my hands and I am PAIN FREE. There are no less than 4 co-workers that have seen Dr. Jones and have had success! Don't let anyone tell you that surgery is your final option. Go get well at Airrosti!

by Jerry B.

I came in for a hamstring injury after playing some baseball and did not expect what I experienced. I had one week to fix my injury knowing my championship games were coming up in 5 days. I did not expect to play in the championship but I was able and ready to compete in just a few sessions. First and foremost there was no waiting time to be seen, the clinic was super clean and staff members were all extremely polite and sincere. This is not easy to find these days so this was a big selling point for me. Airrosti will be my choice for any future injuries or therapy as it provided me with all I needed to heal quickly. I am also a health care professional and I trust Airrosti and their staff. They are the example and trendsetters of how care ...+ show moreshould be defined. I recommend Airrosti for anyone in need. Thank you for your professional guidance and support Dr. Jones!

by Trish K.

Between two herniated discs in my lower back and scapular dyskinesis in my shoulder, I have been in varying degrees of pain for over ten years. I've tried physical therapy, E-Stem therapy, and limiting my physical activity without much relief. When I learned about Airrosti in Wimberley, I was eager to try it. Before Airrosti, I had pain and an extremely limited range of motion in my spine and shoulder. My goal was to get back to my previous workout habits and gain flexibility for yoga. Though I thought it might be unrealistic, for some reason I was determined to do a backbend. Airrosti has allowed me to do ALL of these things and the results exceeded my expectations. After several treatments, I was a believer. My pain began to subside and m...+ show morey mobility was improving! Dr. Ian (Trey) Jones is professional, knowledgeable, and he is a gifted Airrosti provider. At times, the treatment was intense. I even gave him the nickname, Dr. Wolverine! I truly cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Airrosti. I am mostly pain free. If I experience any discomfort, Dr. Jones taught me physical therapy exercises and foam rolling to help manage symptoms. I love working out, yoga, swimming, and hiking. Airrosti made these activities possible for me again... And I can do a backbend!

by K. D.

I was having persistent and recurring pain in my left elbow and forearm for a period of over two years. I had tried steroid injections with limited and short-lived results. I went to Dr. Jones a bit skeptical of this type of treatment, but was ready to try anything. This guy is amazing. The treatment is nothing short of a miracle. After a few sessions my pain was gone and I gained full mobility and grip strength in my left arm and hand. Dr. Jones is awesome.

by Teresa W.

I have suffered with chronic tendonitis in my arms for over five years. I've also had tightness and discomfort in my neck and shoulders, and lower back discomfort and pain in my right knee. Thankfully, the series of Airrosti treatments and the many stretches and exercises Dr. Jones taught me have given me a lot of relief. Hopefully I will experience continued improvement with the stretches and exercises. My advice is to not wait as many years as I did, go for treatment as soon as possible for quicker results!

by Julee R.

I came to Trey initially with pretty severe plantar fasciitis from playing tennis three times a week for 40 years. I could not get out of bed in the morning and put any pressure on the heel of my foot. I tried for several months with massage therapist and chiropractor to no avail. I heard about Airrosti from a friend who owns the local fitness center where she claimed Trey had worked wonders on her. I figured I had nothing to lose. After three visits I have had little or no pain. Although the initial treatment was uncomfortable, it released a lot of the pain immediately. I now feel equipped to keep me on the tennis courts using the stretching, strengthening and kinesiology taping techniques Trey taught me. A few weeks later I came back ...+ show moreto Airrosti with back pain from a weekend of driving, moving furniture and flying. I came in to see Trey bent over and I left standing up straight and played 2 hours of tennis that night. No drugs, no pills and no shots, just a few bruises where the thumbs of steel have worked.

by Lena D.

I've exercised and lifted weights my entire adult life, so I'm no stranger to injuries and the length of time they take to heal. When I was referred to Dr. Jones due to a shoulder injury, I assumed it would be a typical PT experience -- exercises and once-a-week visits for a month or more. But within the first hour of the very first session, Dr. Jones identified and narrowed down my injury to specific muscle groups and proceeded with his amazing (albeit a little painful) fascia massage of the area. Immediately my shoulder felt better. But wait, there was more. He showed me exercises to do at home as well as how to perform the fascia massage correctly. Not only did he tell me all this, but he gave me papers explaining all the steps one by on...+ show moree. Within the next week, my shoulder was almost back to normal and I was astounded. I can go back to lifting weights without having to modify exercises or worry about shoulder pain. I'm very grateful to Dr. Jones for the amazing work he did.

by Bridgette H.

Dr. Jones has treated me for lateral epicondylitis, hip flexor and glute disfunction, and a minor treatment for plantar fasciitis. I was extremely satisfied with my recovery from these issues and am functioning as I should! I am now able to participate and enjoy playing softball and volleyball again. I am a personal trainer and commonly recommend Dr. Jones and his Airrosti treatment to my clients.

by Lorrie B.

After suffering for a while with lower back and neck pain, I went to see Dr. Jones at the recommendation of my boss Dr. Jennifer Roe. I feel much better. Thank you Dr. Jones!

by Rachel M.

I went to Airrosti for two different injuries from CrossFit workouts. My injuries were my neck and right knee. I do CrossFit about four days a week, so I was not surprised to be a patient at Airrosti. I had a great experience with Dr. Trey Jones at the Wimberley location. He was very upbeat and positive. His exams were thorough and to the point. I was concerned about being able to return to CrossFit, and I was to go back during the same week as my Airrosti appointments. Dr. Jones did a great job explaining all the exercises I needed to do in between doctor visits. My injuries were healed within three scheduled visits. I am grateful to Dr. Jones at Airrosti for his help in returning me back to my workout routine. Wimberley is very lucky to h...+ show moreave him!

by Steve C.

I injured the biceps in both of my arms. One had a torn biceps tendon, and the other a muscle tear. I was faced with a fairly long rehab and recovery time and many visits to PT. I heard about Airrosti through my CrossFit associations, but I had never really thought too much about it. Because I was looking for a good way to get back to my workouts, I started reading about the results people were getting using the Airrosti method. I was very interested, but also pretty skeptical. I decided to give it a try. To be honest I was floored on my first visit. The doctor was able to relieve a lot of pain in my first visit in the arm with the torn muscle. In addition, he gave me things to work on at home that also helped relieve pain and get ...+ show moreme mobile. Within 3 visits the pain was almost gone and I was really getting back to doing what I love. On the arm with the tendon tear, he worked with me to help heal the injury so that my recovery time was very short (few weeks). I have been so thrilled with my results that I gladly refer people to Airrosti clinics wherever they live. I am convinced that this method works.

by V. Lengner

Our 14-year-old son has suffered for months with Osgood Schlatter's problems. It is terribly painful and made playing sports very difficult for him. After months of enduring pain and discomfort, we recently had an appointment with Dr. Ian Jones at Airrosti Rehab Center in Wimberley. We had unbelievable results after three visits. Our son is virtually pain free and can continue to enjoy playing football and baseball now. We are beyond grateful for the care and treatment plan Dr. Jones gave him. I highly recommend Airrosti Rehab Center and Dr. Ian Jones. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort I am confident that you will be happy with the results.

by Cameron H.

Currently, I am receiving Airrosti treatment for a knee injury sustained in a fall off of my mountain bike. These activities are my refuge. I am quickly getting back to a point where I can do the things I love. I am thankful for the people at Airrosti and for helping me get back out on the bike, and on the trails, which is the place where I am most happy.

by Patricia M.

I have been struggling with pain in my lower back and hip area for about 8 months.Today was my first appointment and my pain is cut in half. Today I'm a happy girl thinking I can get my life back.

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