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Became an Airrosti Provider:2018

Undergraduate School:University of Maryland, College Park

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:Silver Spring, MD

Hobbies:Traveling, Gardening, Dancing

Interesting Facts:I've had about 27 different indoor plants in my home before. Small indoor forest in the making!

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti does something very unique in healthcare-- which is to focus fully on the patient. As a clinician, I'm provided with the resources to ensure that I can prioritize the needs of my patients without compromise. It's extremely rewarding to be part of an organization that allows patient goals and outcomes to drive delivery of care.

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by Karen Rommel

I am so grateful for Dr. Irene Val-Addo and Lauren Miles at Airrosti in Allen, Texas! After 5 months of lower back and tailbone pain, I finally decided to try physical therapy. I was very skeptical that it would help, but I was willing to try anything. My pain was at the point that I found myself choosing to stand instead of sitting, which affected my “retirement “ lifestyle in so many negative ways! I couldn’t travel by plane or car, workouts were painful, and going to the theater didn’t happen. I explained my issue to Dr. V and Lauren. They prescribed a plan of action which included treatment therapy and stretching/ strength exercises. They stressed the importance of following the exercise plan at home and then provided a link + show morefor videos of each move, which was so helpful! After 3 visits my pain was gone. I was so amazed and thankful! These two ladies are a great team! They are personable, professional, and so smart! They explained each treatment completely by showing a detailed poster of the body and how the muscles are connected. Not only do I feel stronger and more flexible, but I’ve lost 3 pounds because I can move again without pain! I have recommended Airrosti and this amazing team to my husband! Thank you Dr. Val-Addo and Lauren, you are the best!