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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Undergraduate School:Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Graduate School:Logan Collage of Chiropractic, St. Louis Missouri

Hometown:Mt. Carmel, IL

Hobbies:Mostly spending time with my family, my 4 daughters, they keep me pretty busy.

Interesting Facts:I am proud to say I am a 3rd generation chiropractor! I had the privilege of treating patients in their 80’s and 90’s that my grandfather treated in their 20’s and 30’s. They all had some great stories to tell me.

What Airrosti Means to Me:To me, Airrosti means family, not only with my colleagues but also with my patients. While our rapid recovery lends itself to getting patients fixed fast, our one on one model allows me to spend time with them and actually get to know the patient.

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by Destiny Haley

Dr. Sigler is a Godsend. I was only 25 with several back injuries, no surgeon wanted to do surgery due to my age, I was referred to Dr. Sigler after trying several back injections. My first visit was amazing, he was patient, kind, explained everything. I went 1.5 years without pain due to sessions every few months, I recommend any and everyone now to Airrosti, especially Dr. Sigler. Thank you for helping me live life pain-free.

by Xueyu Pang

I pulled my neck/shoulder while playing badminton. It was extremely painful and I can barely move my neck in the following days. Even lying in bed was uncomfortable. I decided to try Airrosti up on a friend’s referral. I am really amazed by how fast Dr. Sigler was able to relieve my pain. I was discharged after just two visits.

by Rhonda Cadle

I use Dr. Sigler & he is AWESOME. He is so attentive to where & how bad your pain is & explains what his treatment will be. I have never met a Dr. that cares so much. I HIGHLY recommend him.

by Alexis Kelly

Dr. Sigler was the 7th doctor I had seen over a span of 6 years. I had pretty much given up hope on finding peace with my hip injury. Each day and night I had chronic pain and every doctor I had seen either brushed off my injury or would recommend the most ridiculous surgeries. Jason was the first to really listen and treat not only the symptoms but the cause. Now I can sleep at night, workout, play sports, run without chronic hip pain. For someone who play collegiate sports and finds joy in everything outdoors and adventurous to have my ‘life’ back was incredible. Thank you Jason Sigler!

by Trey Willis

I’m a professional musician. My world revolves around music entirely. It’s my livelihood. It’s all I’ve ever known. I went to college and got a piece of paper that says I can play music. I framed it and put it on my wall. I now own a music school and teach private lessons Mon-Fri, and I lead worship at a church / play gigs on the weekends. I also do a ton of writing, recording, and producing. Needless to say, my life would not be the same without music. I started experiencing numbness/tingling/mild pain in my hands/elbow a few years back, but it was short-lived. It recently made a comeback and was progressively getting worse. I was experiencing numbness/pain in my elbow everyday/night. It was constant. The numbness in my hands/fingers wo+ show moreuld come and go, but it was everyday off and on throughout the day. I have a few friends who have had music related injuries (either from improper technique or just overuse), and it has permanently affected their playing. Some of them had to even stop playing completely. I was starting to notice that I couldn’t do things that I use to be able to do comfortably, and the numbness/tingling/pain was getting worse. Now I was also experiencing fun NEW symptoms! Weakness in grip. I went to pickup something one day and I could barely grab hold of it. That’s when I really started freaking out… I automatically assumed the worst possible scenario. I thought I had done permeant damage and may even need surgery. I was getting pretty depressed thinking about it. I can’t imagine my life without being able to play music. Even if I had to “take it easy” or give myself breaks… that’s not something I was really excited about. Someone recommended Airrosti to me. I’d never even heard of Airrosti. I was little skeptical, but I was willing to try ANYTHING. I figured it was worth a shot. Before my first session, I took a break from playing for about a week. Right after my first session with Jason Sigler, he instructed me to NOT stop playing. He wanted to make sure that what he was doing was really working, and that I wasn’t seeing improvement just from taking it easy on the playing. I was ELATED when he told me that! I was already missing it a lot after only one week. So I picked it back up… I would play all day while I teach, then I would come home and either write or record all night. I was basically playing all day/everyday again. After only ONE session with Jason, I noticed a dramatic improvement. Between my first and second visit (a span of two weeks) I had only experienced numbness in my hands once or twice at night or right when I woke up. The pain in my elbow had almost completely gone away. HUGE improvement! I was experiencing it all day everyday before the treatment! I was on cloud 9. I couldn’t believe it was working that fast. After the second session, I experienced NO numbness, tingling, discomfort, or pain of any kind. Not once. I was in disbelief. Once I came in for my third appointment, Jason wouldn’t even work on me. He told me I was free to go! I still haven’t experienced any pain/discomfort/numbness/tingling. I’m a believer now!!! I cannot express my joy and gratitude into words. I’m beyond excited. I have already referred two of my musician friends to Airrosti who are experiencing some of the same symptoms. HUGE thank you to Jason Sigler! I truly appreciate everything you have done for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

by Kay Henderson

In November 2014, I suffered from a pinched nerve after a sudden fall in the previous month. I visited my chiropractor for some relief and I was adjusted, which only made the pain worse. Over the next few months, the pain diminished but I wasn’t 100%. I went in for an MRI & visited a “non-invasive” spine surgeon. I was given two options: surgery or surgery. At the age of 39, I thought it was too soon in my journey to start having surgeries…so I waited it out. In July, I hurt my back AGAIN and a friend recommended AIRROSTI. I was feeling much better after my first session with Dr. Sigler. Six sessions later and I feel 100% again! He educated me about weaknesses I have that lead to hurting my back and I use the exercises he’s given me to+ show more prevent any more breakdowns. And I feel optimistic about the future, which does not include surgery.

by Colby Blomstrom

had started Crossfit back in January of this year (2015) and like most people who haven’t done anything but sit in a very long time, there was definitely a lot of mobility work to be done. As most people have probably experienced in any sort of training, there were tweaks here and there. Mainly, the right knee in my case. Dr.Sigler was recommended to me via some clients of his, who ironically enough were my coaches. As any good athlete knows, it’s a good idea to listen to your coaches so I did just that. I honestly say it was the best decision for me. While under the the guidance of Jason Sigler, I learned why my tweaks and injuries were occurring and how to fix them. The difference before and after the Airrosti sessions was like night a+ show morend day. The follow ups were always better than the previous visit. He took the time to explain everything in detail as so I could understand the complexity of the human body in which I was using. Now I know that doctors are supposed to do this, however, Sigler was most genuine in his want for me to grasp the information and be able to utilize what I had learned from him. Through Airrosti I have learned so much, as well as gained a doctor and a friend.

by Tim Swanson

Dr. Jason Sigler was seeing my daughter about a sports injury. After a few visits with her and the success she experienced, I started to see Dr. Jason for pain and lack of mobility in my upper arms, chest and neck areas. My discomfort was partially caused from extensive weightlifting years ago. Dr. Jason has restored my mobility to levels I have have not had in years. When I started, I could barely lift my hands over my head. Today, I am able to lift my hands well over my head. Dr. Jason has also provided me a path to keep my mobility on a progressive track. I completely trust and highly recommend Dr. Jason Sigler and Airrosti to anyone that has joints with lack of mobility.

by Terri Ward

We spent over $2000 out of pocket on doctors, PT and an MRI before we discovered Jason Sigler and Airrosti to care for my daughter’s shoulder injury. After months of “”care”” and being off the field, she had no significant improvement with these other providers. Within 10 minutes of our first visit, Doctor Sigler identified the true problem and she was on the road to recovery. Though she was not the typical 3 visits patient, we saw progress with every visit and had complete confidence that she would recover. And so she did. She is now better and stronger than ever. I can’t say enough good about Airrosti and how amazing it is to feel like a provider really cares about you as a person, as an athlete, providing individual care to meet+ show more your individual needs.
As an added benefit, I learned through conversation during her visit that he may be able to help me with the back problems that have plagued me for 10+ years. The treatment for my back was literally life changing!! I never imagined I could be virtually pain free.

by Lyndie S.

Dr. Sigler has helped me feel better over the past several weeks. He understood my injury right away. He helped me understand my injury and what I needed to do, along with his help, to get better. Dr. Sigler has helped me recover from my injury and given me exercises to help me get stronger, prevent future problems, and become a better pitcher.