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Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Graduate School:Parker College


Hobbies:Mountain Biking, Working Out, Playing with my Kids

Interesting Facts:Collegiate Cheerleader for Texas Christian University

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by Leah Mitrani

So grateful for Dr. Brown and his staff. I have had chronic tension in my shoulder which caused terrible headaches. My husband kept telling me to go see Dr. Brown because he had experienced much pain relief there. I felt so much hope of getting better after my first visit. Six to eight weeks later I was dismissed and have had hardly any headaches. Dr. Brown listens to his patients and knows exactly how to help. I highly recommend him.

by Laura Johnson

I’ve been to Airrosti on two occassions for severe neck/back pain. My sister originally referred me after she experienced a crossfit injury. I am incredibly grateful for this place as I was highly uncomfortable seeing a chiropractor who I didn’t have any referral for, but Airrosti’s education and techniques really made me feel better and well equipped to help myself at home. My husband is a Southwest Airlines Employee and through his benefits I was able to receive treatment. I would highly recommend. thank you!

by Rachna Ahuja

I have suffered from work related vertigo and back pain for many years. Dr Jeremy Brown and Dr. Matthew Armstrong have been able to get me out of the vertigo episodes and back pain with their highly effective techniques. The exercises have helped keep vertigo and back pain in check. They paid close attention to my specific scenario that caused the issues for me and gave specific suggestions to resolve or correct those scenarios. The treatment is person and situation specific. They are very understanding and polite. I HIGHLY recommend the Airrosti option for anyone looking for non invasive and non medicinal treatment approach.

by Charline Grant

I went to Airrosti 2100 Hedgcoxe Rd., Suite 120 Plano, TX during a time when I was suffering from severe migraines at least 15 days out of a month. Dr. Brown worked with me for 6 weeks. The airrosti treatment helped and I haven’t had a migraine in 6 months. Him and his staff were very friendly, nice, patient and very understanding. I appreciate them and thank them all! I will be going back to to Dr. Brown to work with my knee in the near future for sure. I have referred others to try Airrosti treatment. Its GREAT!!!

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