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Became an Airrosti Provider:2020

Undergraduate School:Case Western Reserve University

Graduate School:New York Chiropractic College

Hometown:Shrewsbury, MA

Hobbies:Spending time with my wife and two daughters, basketball, football, working out, cosplay, and volunteering with Capes for Kindness.

Interesting Facts:In high school, I had a summer internship at a military research facility working on ways to improve the preservation of MRE (meal, ready-to-eat). I think we were mostly successful in that regard but I was not involved in the taste department!

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti means the ability to focus on quickly getting my patients out of pain and back to their daily activities while having immense support for my practice. Airrosti allows me to make a positive impact on my patients' lives in ways I couldn't have imagined was possible before. The company is more than just a job or career, but also a second family.

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by Toni Alloway

Dr. Wu and the staff are so knowledgeable, kind, and considerate. I went in for therapy needing intense help with a torn adductor. Through their knowledge and my participation, I was able to regain full use of my leg without pain. That is something that has taken me nine months to attain, yet they did it within 6 weeks! I am so thankful for them!

by Dan Dipert

I recommend Airrosti to anyone. I went to my doctor and did not get much help at all. I had pain in my back and shoulder. My wife had been to Airrosti and suggested it. In 2 visits the pain was GONE. No drugs.