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Became an Airrosti Provider:2022

Undergraduate School:The University of Texas at Austin

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Victoria, TX

Hobbies:Wushu, Lion and Dragon Dancing, Social Dancing (Waltzing and Swing is my favorite), Digital and Tradition Art, Amateur Gardening, Yoga-Pilates

Interesting Facts:I liked being in tons of clubs like speech and debate club, art club, varsity choir, tennis, and golf in high school. During my undergraduate career, I placed 2nd in beginner's southern style in a wushu competition. Other interesting fact is that I enjoy animated films and series (Owl House, Avatar the Last Airbender, Studio Ghibli, Violet Evergreen, to name a few) and most types of music (especially musicals)!

Awards and Recognitions:GRADUATE SCHOOL: Awards - Student Keeler Award, Omega Psi Honor Society, Summa Cum Laude; Achievements - taking part in research and being an author in a clinical guideline with the Clinical Compass

Professional Affiliations:International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

What Airrosti Means to Me:I have always wanted to help people feel empowered to do what they love to do by relieving their discomforts and injuries with the best possible care. I have seen what exceptional soft tissue work can help with tension headaches, neck stiffness, low back pain, and shoulder pain with my family members and friends. Nothing makes me more excited about working at Airrosti than quickly and effectively resolve injuries with patients by providing the upmost quality care and Airrosti's mission and superb attention to patient care are what I feel aligns with my values!

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by Melissa Suarez

My son’s provider was Johanna Hoang. He liked his experience with her. As a parent, I appreciated her thorough explanation of our area of concern and its causes. She had a laid back attitude that made my son feel comfortable but she remained professional, consistent and patient. I would recommend her and Airrosti to my family and friends. I look forward to working with her for my own concerns.

by Sabrina Tortolero

I was recommended Airrosti after suffering from a back injury that progressively worsened over the course of 2 months. I tried stretching, going to the chiropractor, taking anti-inflammatory medication, and even just working through the pain, but nothing was working. It became incredibly uncomfortable to sit for long periods of time and even worse to get out of bed in the morning. I decided I’d try anything at this point. The scheduling process was SO easy, and I scheduled an appointment for that same week with Dr. Hoang. She was very kind, made me feel comfortable, asked me detailed questions regarding my pain, and we got right to work. Within the first few minutes of my first visit, I knew that this was the place that was going to fi+ show morex me. Dr. Hoang explained where the pain was coming from and why, and provided me with exercises to alleviate the pain. I followed every exercise closely and by the following week, my back felt 80% healed. For my second visit, Dr. Hoang worked to alleviate the remaining inflammation of my lower back. I walked out of my second appointment with a full range of motion and have felt incredible ever since. 2 months of pain fixed in two short appointments. Thank you, Airrosti, and thank you, Dr. Hoang!

by Maria Montiel

I was under Dr. Johanna Hoang’s care for three visits and I totally recommend her. She is very friendly and knows what she is doing. The reason I went to Airrosti because of neck pain I’ve had for some time. Dr. Hoang treated my problem at each visit, explaining each time what she was doing and how this would help me solve the problem. The exercises she gave me to do at home also helped my recovery and made me feel a lot better. Myself and other family members have been treated at Airrosti, and with just a few visits, you will leave feeling like a new person.

by Pierre Daniel

I was recommended by my family doctor to see Airrosti when I started having neck and shoulder problems. After about two weeks of getting treatment, my shoulder and my neck felt so much better than they did before. I noticed I could focus better at work because the neck pain was gone. Dr. Johanna explains what she’s doing and gets you some daily exercise thru the app. I highly recommend her and if you are looking for excellent reasonable care, this is the place!

by Samuel McClanahan

I have had back pain for a long time. When it flares up sometimes rest will resolve it but not this time. Then I went to Airrosti and saw improvement after one week, and restored to better than baseline after two weeks, and no pain by my third visit. I followed the at-home routine diligently which was very helpful and progressive so that I could see improvement almost daily.

by Randall Bowman

She diagnosed me, set me up on a good workout plan. Did an amazing treatment on me, each visit. I feel like a new person. Thank You, Dr Johanna 😊

by Jason Apodaca

I had a wonderful experience being treated by Dr. Johanna Hoang yesterday. She has a wonderful personality, and truly gave 100% when trying to help me with my back pain. She wasn’t satisfied until she exhausted every possible remedy. Thank you Dr. Hoang!

by John Pratt

I am happy to say that Johanna Hoang has provided me with a professional point on treatment of my leg issue and I am seeing results. There is progress and I am hopeful that she can help me achieve a total repair. I would say she is attentive to the therapy needed to help me accomplish my goal of pain free legs. Thank you DR Joanna !!

by Mario Lopez

Johanna provided supreme services way beyond what I thought I would receive. She’s sincere, caring and demonstrated she loves her job. I learn by seeing. She demonstrated how to do the exercises which helped me out to do them. Her explanations were clear. I felt comfortable doing the exercises. She was always at tentative to my needs and made sure my safety came first. She’s an excellent dr. I will recommend her and Airrosti. Thank you for your services.