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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Undergraduate School:NA

Graduate School:Parker

Hometown:Larchmont, NY

Hobbies:Running/Marathoner, cycling, swimming, crossfit

Interesting Facts:May be related to the Football pro and now FOX sports analyst Tony Siragusa

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by Michael Grimaldo

Over the last several years, I have injured my back. Dr. Siragusa has always been able to speed my healing and get me on the road to recovery ASAP. He has also shown me how to keep my injury away. I have also seen him for help with my elbows and one of my shoulders.

by Tonya Sandoval

In March I started having a lot of pain in my left foot and heel. I began treatment with Dr. Siracusa in April. I explained to him that it was hindering my day to day life and my training. I told him that I was signed up to run a Spartan on May 20th so I needed the pain gone. My last appointment was on May 8th and since then I have been almost completely pain free. Due to the treatment I was able to complete my Spartan 5K this past Saturday in Austin! I was pain free during the entire race and continue to be pain free two days later!

by B Octavio Elizondo

I’ve had pain for over a year in my right shoulder. After 2 visits with Dr. Joe, I was able to get back to working out and getting mobility that was too painful before treatment. I’m so glad I decided to schedule my visits and get the needed treatments. 

by Brandon Wheeler

Dr. Joe got my daughter back on the softball field in no time, after having seen multiple other doctors to help her with a lingering ankle injury. Thanks Dr. Joe!!

by Erik Pizzaro

As a D1 collegiate football player, my body gets put threw a lot of hurt and injuries. Every visit, and there’s been a lot, I’ve always left feeling better. I’ve been going for years now and I can’t be more thankful for Airrosti. It has allowed me to be on the field a lot more and bounce back from injuries faster.

by Sophia Gonzalez

Our daughter Sophia is a multi sport athlete and has been treated with Dr. Siragusa for multiple sprains of the knee and shoulder. Treatments were targeted to specific area she had a speedy recovery every time. Dr checked in on her every time and made sure she was recovering well. Facility and appointments provided excellent medical and physical care/ treatments. We will definitely be taking out daughter back when needed. Thank you for all you do!

by Alondra Muniz Jauregui

I had a 3 year back injury that had forced me to adjust my lifestyle by restricting a lot of my favorite activities. After completing treatment with Dr. Siragusa I left feeling amazed at how great I felt and how much healing my body went through. I wish I would have gone sooner to work with Dr. Siragusa and his team. I spent time and money on the wrong treatments for my lower back. I feel like myself again! I can’t wait to go on a long hike and bike ride pain-free. Everyone should start here first after an injury!

by Narciso Hernandez

The sessions I attended took away all the pain I was experiencing on my back, legs and arms. Dr. Siragusa and Jerrod were amazing and attentive to my medical needs. I recommend you try this.

by Paul Garcia

After five days of major lower back pain, meds and bed rest I was not getting better, I went online filled out an appointment request on a Saturday, got a call back right away, scheduled me for Monday morning, wow was I amazed. The appointment was kept on time but most of all the treatment I got made me feel 100% better, with his evaluation of me and hands-on treatment, I was shocked at how I felt. You must see this doctor ASAP don’t wait and don’t be in pain. I’ve told all my friends and co-workers. Thank you doc, you are an amazing person and doctor. Paul Garcia; Harlingen, Texas 

by Christopher Aguilar

I had really bad pain from my lower back, and running down my leg, I was referred to Airrosti by my father’s friend. When I booked my first appointment, I didn’t know what to expect. After my first appointment, I immediately started to feel a difference in my pain, as I was able to participate in more activities. A few more visits, Mr. Siragusa, and his partner helped me increase my muscle strength, and soon enough, I had no more pain! I’m able to do the things I love now and more efficiently. I thank both of them for their time, and if I ever have the same issue in the future, I know who to turn to! Thank you!

by Anthony Milligan

I have been playing golf all my life from recreational to collegiately and now a High School golf coach. The wear and tear of carrying the bag, and swinging at over 100mph, each time, really makes the body work! I love coming by from time to time and getting looked at just to make sure I can play golf…pain free! Much improvement experienced in a very short time!

by Laurie Pitts

My daughter has been twice to this provider and both times was able to resume activity after one or two visits. It makes sense and the cost is minimal when compared to the “down time” and multiple visits that other providers require.

by Nancy Salinas

After suffering a terrible ankle sprain and repeated reinjury I developed achilles tendonitis. Two years of pain and swelling limited my quality of life. I was unable to exercise and even experienced pain with day to day walking. I was depressed and put on a lot of weight due to inactivity. Xrays were done, pain meds were prescribed and even arthritis medication was used. Nothing worked. Finally, I took a chance that therapy could help. After only two visits, the pain had lessened to nearly 90 percent. After a couple of months, I have NO pain! I am back in the gym consistently working out and feel stronger than ever. I am down 20 lbs, no longer taking pain medication or wearing any supports or braces and feeling so blessed. Airrosti and + show moreDr. Siragusa gave me back my life again free from the pain and stress that the injury had imposed. I highly recommend them for any soft tissue injury!!

by Rachel Velez

I was in so much pain my shoulder, upper chest and arm! I went in saying I just wanted to feel normal again. Carrying my baby was the biggest test. After my first treatment I felt relief! Total of four visits and I feel amazing! Pain is gone and I am back to my normal!

by Laurie Pitts

I couldn’t be happier with this clinic! Both the doctor and exercise therapist were exceptional! My daughter was having horrible pain in one of her quadriceps. The pain was requiring her to have to sit on the bench for several of her soccer games. She also dances and wasn’t able to do certain moves! The week we went to see Dr. Siragusa, my daughter had an important soccer match and was concerned she couldn’t play. The clinic was able to fit us in before the weekend. Honestly, after the first visit the pain was gone!!! She did her exercises three times a day and has been fine since! Lastly, I appreciate the doctor texting to check on her! In addition, he utilized the least number of visits (2) to save on money and time! I highly recommend+ show more this clinic! If your child is having pain and plays sports, get them in quickly…they make a difference!!

by Hollie Trevino

I had pain in my left shoulder and bicep and had been avoiding the gym because of it. Dr. Siragusa and his team relieved the pain, increased the mobility and now I’m back to my workouts!

by Melissa Cano

I was suffering from severe lower back pain. I had limited movement and walked very slow due to the pain. After the first visit, I walked out of the Doctor’s office with little to no pain. My range of motion improved significantly. After my third visit, I was able to do all my daily routines. Recovery was a lot faster! It use to take me two months to be able to get back to normal routines, but after visiting with Dr. Siragusa, I recovered in one week.

by Venée Harrell

My son, Chase, 15, has been to Dr. Siragusa at Airrosti on several occasions. He is an athlete, and has required work on his IT band, fascia, back, and most recently his wrist and shoulder. Chase suffered a dislocation in his hand, requiring a cast by another doctor, and resulting in a weak wrist, making it painful and impossible to throw his 12 lb. shot put. After 3 treatments & visits, and the daily exercises for mobility, he performed in his first varsity track meet painfree, taking home the gold medal. We have the utmost appreciation for and confidence in Dr. Siragusa’s & Jerod’s approach to rehabilitating, and will continue to utilize and recommend Airrosti for improved performance and the most effective treatment.

by Juan Muniz

I first came for my son which had a hip flexor injury. Dr. Siragusa got him going at 4 sessions back to full sprinting. I was amazed. I came in recently with a shoulder/rotator cuff injury from weightlifting. He got me back to 100% in 4 sessions. I came in with a pain level of like 8 and left with none. Now I’m able to enjoy my lifting with full range of motion and without compensating with the other arm. I recommend you come see him if you have any issues with new or old injuries. He is very knowledgeable and knows where to start! Thanks Dr Siragusa!!

by Nhan Nguyen

Thank you Dr Joseph, for healing my pain in my shoulder and hamstring fast.I found power back in my strokes in my swimming and bike riding also had better performance in my running with no more pain to finish my training stronger and faster . I highly recommend Airrosti treatment from Dr Siragusa it works for me every time I feel something very strange or painful that won’t go away without treatment..

by Lis Garcia

Dr. Siragusa and his staff are excellent. We have taken our 12 year old son for several injuries he has incurred while playing sports. Dr. Siragusa helped our son heel quickly and was he able to participate in sports faster then if taken to a regular doctor. He always sends follow up texts to see how our son is recovering and makes sure he is doing the proper rehabilitation. Our family has recommended Dr. Siragusa to our friends and family. The people that we have referred, have all said positive things about the doctor and his staff and he was able to help them with their injury. We highly recommend Dr. Siragusa.

by Miguel Garcia

I am a 37 year old male, and I had chronic ankle and calf pain/issues. For many years I would run and play soccer and experience pain in my lower legs. I honestly felt I would never get rid of this pain. I had this calf pain for 4 years, and it would make me stop my soccer play for weeks sometimes a month. Luckily a friend told me about Airrosti. Within the first visit, I started feeling better and able to do my running and soccer playing without pain or having to stop. I went to 3 sessions with Dr. Siragusa and now I am pain free in both legs. The treatments are sometimes uncomfortable getting that fascia worked out, but the plus side is worth it. I know many athletes that try to work through these types of chronic pain, but now you hav+ show moree a place to get you back to your hardcore exercises or sports without slowing down. Dr. Siragusa and Mr. Jared made my visits enjoyable

by Louie Cerrillo

Just wanted to share my experience with Dr. Siragusa and his staff. First of all I was recommended to Dr. Siragusa due to elbow tendinitis that I was experiencing. I had been having this pain for 5 months and the pain seem to be getting worse. I decided to seek medical help and I could not of been recommended to a better person. I had 5 treatments with Dr. Siragusa and that is all it took to get my elbow back to being pain free again. The staff was great at explaining my condition and what it would take to get better. They were professional in there approach and knowledgeable. I got to the point where I felt I would have to live with this pain for the rest of my life but Dr. Siragusa changed all that. I highly recommend anyone with any p+ show moreain to Airrosti, give them a chance you won’t regret it.

by Robert Perez

Thank you Dr. Siragusa and Jerrod for all your help! Doc Siragusa and Jerrod are my go to guys when I get injured. They get me back on track quickly, safely, and educated. I used to suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis for about a year and a half, and with their help I feel 100% better. They have also helped me resolve tendonitis in my forearm and knee, and a pulled calf muscle. They have educated me on proper stretching, foam and lacrosse ball rolling to prevent further injuries. They also care about their patients as they follow up to see how you are doing after treatments. Thanks to them I am pain free!!!

by Rene Villafuerte

I pulled my hamstring about 3 months ago and tried rehabilitating the injury myself and when I pulled it a second time I found out about Airrosti from my sports physicians and it has been the biggest blessing ever. My hamstring was treated after only two visits and the strength I have in my leg is incredible. Don’t wait give these guys a shot they know their stuff. The amount of attention I received from Doctor Siragusa not only in the clinic but outside was the best. They are with you every step of the way and never fail to answer questions. My only regret was that I didn’t go to them sooner.

by Elizabeth Birdsong

I went to an Airrosti facility with ankle pain. It made it difficult to walk for long periods of time and to work out. I was helped by Dr. Siragusa and got amazing results! Now, I am pain free and can do all my activities without slowing down.

by esperanza Fajardo

I don’t have a words to describe my great full to dr,siragusa when I was literally limping with a bad from my right leg, I remember my appointment a week before of my first half marathon, with the two treatment November 2014. Before I was spent to much money

by Victoria Watson

I came to Airrosti clinic in Harlingen with an unbearable tightness in my hips that was affecting my everyday activities. I felt frustrated, in pain and sad. Dr. Siragusa quickly diagnosed me and explained what was causing the pain. Contrary to what I thought I knew, Dr. Siragusa educated me on what was causing the pain. My body was compensating for weak glutes thus my quads were compensating and eventually straining my hips. He quickly went to work and although the treatment was very painful, I felt relief after the first visit! I was also taught stretches, band work and how to roll by Jarrod. Dr. Siragusa treated me for a total of four visits and I put my progress to the test at the gym. I was PAIN FREE after the 3rd visit. I continue + show moreto do home rehab like they taught me. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Siragusa if you have ANY type of pain! You will be very pleased! I am indebted for the treatment that didn’t require medicine and for educating me!

by Sandra Rodriguez

My 13 yr old son was experiencing terrible shin issues. I was referred by several former patients. Noah was willing to try almost anything at this point. The level of service my son received was unlike any other. Dr. Siragusa was very helpful and taught us a lot about Noah’s issues. We could not be happier with his treatments and results. He is continuing to work on his rehab to strengthen his body. We have already recommended Airrosti therapy to several friends and will continue to do so. We are believers!!! Thank you so much for helping my son.

by Freddie Mateo

I began developing heel pain after over-training last summer. Dr. Siragusa recommended myofascial release therapy. After the first session, I felt an immediate change in my pain level. After every single session, I walked out of their office with less pain than the previous visit. Thanks to Dr. Siragusa and Jerrold Idle, my condition is greatly improved. I highly recommend Airrosti and MFR to anyone who is suffering from similar injuries. Thank you Dr. Joe! You rock!

by Carlos Muniz

My son was injured during a track meet. His hip flexor was strained pretty good on his 100 meter sprint. He could not walk at all over the weekend. I was recommended Dr. Siragusa and so we came. After first treatment my son regained some strength. It took 3 sessions to get him back to speed. On his fourth week he is now back doing strength and conditioning 100%. We still continue the foam rolling exercises that were prescribed. Very happy with results!👍🏻

by Sandra Torres

I went to see Dr. Siragusa for neck and scapular pain. This was due to working on a computer all day. I was feeling extremely tight, pinching and pain radiating up my neck and head. I’d dealt with this pain for years. I had gone to massage therapists over and over for deep tissue massage but no relief came from it. When my pain began to radiate up my neck and kept getting headaches, I finally made an appointment with Dr. Siragusa. He was able to relieve my pain and tightness within 4 visits. The very first visit I felt better than I’d felt in years. He and his staff taught me valuable Mobility and Stability exercises to include the use of a Lacrosse Ball (which is my favorite) and additional stretch muscle exercises. With his tr+ show moreeatment and my exercise plan, I was able to get better quick. I’m extremely happy with their services. They were great and made me feel comfortable each time I saw them. I will certainly refer family and friends to Airrosti. Thank you so much Dr. Siragusa!

by Robert Ornelas

I walked in with chronic back pain that I’ve had since my time in the Marines, 10 years ago. In a matter of 4 visits, Dr. Siragusa was able to get rid of 99% of the pain, the other 1% comes from me not following doctor’s orders. Always very professional, understanding and knowledgeable. Gives true meaning to pain is weakness leaving the body. Can’t wait to go back for my ankle next week.

by Richard Siller

Was having a very awkward pain down my shin that I couldn’t get rid. It was off and on for months maybe even a year. First visit they noticed my ankle was very week and my foot wouldn’t stay up during a heel walk drill. Doctor Siragusa asked if i ever sprained my ankle. I mentioned I had a 3rd degree sprain a few years prior to this visit. Four visits later that awkward pain is no longer bothering me during my runs and work outs. Thank you Dr. Joseph C Siragusa and Jerrod Idle for all your help!

by Alejandra Cerda

I would like to start my testimonial by thanking Airrosti, specially the great team formed by Dr. Joseph Siragusa and Recovery Specialist Jerrod Idle located in Harlingen,Texas. I was involved in a car accident in 2007 and had suffered back pain for several years, approximately 5 years. I wasn’t able to sleep my 8 hours, I was having back pain most of the time, until I visited Airrosti. After several visits, I was able to sleep and most of all I was able to work without any pain. Later, I was also blaming Dr. Siragusa because I was running late to work because I was able to sleep longer. Another reason why I’m thanking Airrosti, it’s because they showed me how to walk without pain again. I fractured my leg by playing soccer in 2014 a+ show morend I was in a cast for almost 9 months. After cast removal, I wasn’t able to walk because I felt like I had sharp blades inside my ankle, foot and lower leg. My orthopedic told me that it would probably take me a year to feel better. I consulted with Dr. Siragusa since he had previously treated my back pain and left me painless. After several visits I was able to walk without any pain once again. I have to admit, that during my treatments, I wanted to quit several times because my treatments were so painful, due to swelling and immobilization of my leg for a long time; 9 months. I never quit because my pain was getting less and less after each treatment and I knew that if I stick with it, I would be pain free once again in a short period time. Sure enough with Airrosti it didn’t take me a year to walk pain free. Finally, I strongly recommended this company with all my heart to any one that is or are slaves of pain. No need to suffer any more. With their treatments, exercising, following their recommendations and your dedication, anyone can be pain free. In addition, even though I already finished with my treatments, Dr. Siragusa and Jerrod Idle are still following up on my leg, making sure I am doing well and to remind me that they are there for me whenever I need any advised.

by Lisa Riggs

I came in with severe pain in my shoulder. I’m talking a pain level of 10. I could not sleep at night, could not find a level of comfort even just sitting down to watch tv. After 5 sessions with Dr. Siragusa and learning new exercises with Jerrod Idle, I am back to feeling like myself again. I honestly felt like the pain was going to last forever but thanks to them, I am as good as new. I would recommend them to everyone who is in pain!

by Lorena Munoz

I am so thankful for Airrosti… Three weeks before my first 50K trail run I developed a bruise and swelling on my right foot. I visited an Ortho surgeon that ruled out a stress fracture and torn tendons. They advised to stay stop running due to overuse and was given pain and anti inflammatory meds. I took 10 days off from running and scheduled an appointment with Airrosti. I expressed my concern to Dr Siragusa about not being able run the scheduled 50K and we made it our goal to get me ready for that 50K. He and Jerrod were extremely positive every visit. Every visit made me realize that the 50K that was right around the corner was very possible. I left it in their hands to make sure that I got there pain free. They did not fail me an+ show mored I did not fail them on that 50K trail run. It was a rainy day and that course was full of mud. My knees and foot were taped and that helped me through my miles. Thanks to Dr. Siragusa and Jerrod I completed my first 50K and place 3rd overall in the women’s division. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart for making that run possible…

by Carly T.

At four months pregnant, I started having sciatica pain. At about five months on a Sunday, the pain was almost unbearable. I called and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Joe and was able to get in Monday afternoon. He took his time understanding my situation. While he wasn’t set up to make a pregnant patient comfortable, we did out best for me to lie on my front side. He worked very intently and somewhat painfully in a couple of areas but it only took a few minutes. Afterwards, he sent me to learn some foam rolling and stretching exercises to help. Since that day I have never had a pain at a 9 like I did that Sunday – in fact, my pain has never been over a 1. That was about 6 weeks ago. I’m now over seven months pregnant and SO gl+ show moread I called Dr. Joe instead of living with the pain the duration of the pregnancy. I am VERY pleased with Airrosti and Dr. Joe.

by Dawn R.

I’ve always been active. I’ve had two neck fusions and my lower back fused all within the past 5 years. The pain in my lower back had become so debilitating that had to prepare for the worst — go on disability. I’ve been a nurse for over 20 year, and I was becoming depressed with the thoughts of not being able to do what I love to do. Not to mention I may not be able to be active with my teenage kids. I had tried NSAIDs, TENS units, physical therapy, acupuncture and injections. They would sometimes give a little relief but not for very long and then the pain would come back.
I heard about Airrosti and thought of it as last resort. Why not? It couldn’t be worse than taking painkillers all day, plus I had tried everything else. + show more After the first visit I wasn’t cured, but I did feel better. I kept going to my appointments, doing my rolling and exercises and getting taped.

After a month or so I attended a Fun Run with my daughter and I was able to walk/run a mile. I couldn’t believe it. That was a huge milestone for me.

Since then I have gained more muscle and lost more fat. I am much more active, I have more energy, and I have not been depressed or exhausted from the all day pain. I have been given the gift of a meaningful life again. When I had given up on hope. Dr. Siragusa gave me hope and a life again.

My son has had issues with lower back and I took him to Dr. Siragusa as well. He not only helped my son with his pain and discomfort, but he showed him how to stretch and use the foam rollers. My son was able to move better and faster. He won the State competition this summer in shot put. He now plays football and is the first on the team to use a foam roller.

I have since worked with my thirteen-year-old daughter who uses it to stretch for her Tae Kwon Do tournaments.

We are an Airrosti family and proud of it- all the thanks to Dr. Joe Siragusa!