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Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Graduate School:Parker College

Hometown:Brandon, Mississippi

Hobbies:Crossfit, Running, Basketball and most importantly spending time with my wife Kristen and daughter Bennett

Interesting Facts:I only have 11 pairs of ribs when most people have 12.

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by Dionna Black

Tight soleus and strained calf: I will definitely keep Airrosti as one of the tools in my tool belt. 🙂 I’ve had one session, along with the exercises that they gave me to do, and I am walking closer to normal today!

by Rebekah Bence

I was able to visit Dr. Creel at Cooper Fitness Center, which was very convenient for me in McKinney TX. He gave me an honest opinion about my condition and did refer me to a Doctor for further x-rays and MRI. I have much respect for a professional who is honest and not just trying to keep me there for my money! I do plan to take my son, who plays football, to get chiropractic treatments from Dr. Creel. The facilities were very well kept, up to date, and he took his time with me. After ever appointment I would see his assistant for kinesiology wrap and exercises for quicker recovery. I highly recommend Airrosti to my coworkers at Southwest Airlines!!!

by Sheryl Stewart

Dr. Creel just finished treating me for a back injury and I cannot say enough good about my experience. I don’t ever WANT to get hurt, but having started working out after 40 and not always remembering to use correct form, it happens sometimes. Dr. Creel and Becca have been such an encouragement as I’ve worked through this injury and given me the tools I need to not just heal, but prevent it from happening again. I appreciate so much Dr. Creel’s dedication to keeping me active as much as possible throughout the past week or so, and for the guidance in what to do over these next few weeks to ensure that I stay healthy and strong!

by Sheryl Stewart

I would recommend Dr. Maraffa to anyone – he is amazing! I’ve been to him for a couple of different things and always walk away stronger as a result. Not only is his ability to pinpoint my exact injury and its root and then treat it quickly and effectively amazing, he is also just a genuinely kind and empowering person. I appreciate that he takes time to get to know me and about my goals, and even more takes time during treatment to encourage me on that path. I also appreciate that he checks in personally and is so available to answer questions. He’s definitely the best doctor I’ve ever visited.

by Cherie Adams

I was referred to Dr Creel to be treated for plantar fasciitis. I was seen a total of 6 times I believe. I was in constant pain prior to being seen. Dr Creel worked on my foot, it hurt so bad but also felt so good afterward. Rebecca showed me exercises to gain strength in my foot. After the 1st visit, I was pain free for a few days. Every visit after that, it felt better and had more days of no pain. I’m so glad I was referred to Dr Creel and I would definitely seek his help again if I needed them.