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Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Undergraduate School:West Virginia University

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic - Davenport, IA

Hometown:Bradford, PA

Hobbies:CrossFit, Working Out, Running, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Camping, Outdoor Activities, WVU Mountaineers!

Interesting Facts:During the summer of 2011 I spent a month in India providing care to those in need. Before I went to chiropractic school, I worked in the fine dining industry and almost did not go to chiropractic school to stay in the industry. I made the right choice by going to school! But....if you want to talk food and wine, I'm your guy!

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by Mark Israel

After multiple orthopedic surgeon visits, getting shots in my shoulder and frustrating traditional therapy, my next step was surgery. I decided to give it one more shot with Airrosti. Dr. McCreadie was able to diagnose and treat me faster than I had imagined since my shoulder issues had been present for years. It reached a point I couldn’t wash my hair without pain, or sleep without pain for that matter. Their thing is getting you healed fast with extremely targeted exercises that will take minutes not hours from your day, hence being realistic to accomplish. I am EXTREMELY happy with the doctor, the results I had, the manner in which I was treated, and I would highly recommend Airrosti, Dr. McCreadie, and his team any day and will go fo+ show morer any issue concerning muscles and/or bones in my body. It is baffling to me to imagine how many people could have avoided surgery had they known or tried Airrosti… THANK YOU, Josh!

by Jason Struck

Josh has always been able to help me with my chronic little issues that arise from hard training. His team can always help me understand exactly what I need to do to expedite my recovery. It works and it’s perfect for me.

by Perry Drewry

After 3 weeks of not being able to walk and 4 more weeks of tremendous pain , I was referred to Dr McCreadie. I advised him that I had an MRI and spinal injections to my L4/L5 area that had NO affect on my problem . I had acupuncture , chiropractic sessions , and many different drugs to relieve pain as well . Nothing had worked when I went to see Josh ,as he calls himself , for my first visit . In just about 30 minutes , he had diagnosed where the real problem area was . Strangely enough , the MRI didn’t do anything but give other doctors wrong information . Josh found the problem and used deep tissue manipulation to relieve about 75% of the pain . He said that 2 or 3 more visits and doing the home treatments that were taught to me by hi+ show mores assistant , would bring me back to normal . Well , that turned out to be exactly what happened ! I spent over $2500 in medical treatment and 7 weeks of horrible pain before I found Dr Josh . If you want quick relief , just go see an ARROSTI provider and be glad that you did , before you go through what I did !

by Kati Hattwick

I’ve been struggling with knee pain for a few months. After numerous visits with a physical therapist, and no improvement, I decided to give Airrosti a try. After 4 appointments, I can move again without knee pain. This mode of treatment is absolutely worth trying. I am very happy with the results, and would use Airrosti again. Josh and his assistant, Melanie, were amazing.

by Dave Jordan

I injured my hamstring to the point where I could barely walk on a Saturday. I went to a Orthopedic doctor on Sunday, they examined me and told me I had a strained muscle and to take it easy for 4 weeks. This happened at the beginning of golf season, so it did not sit well. I went home, surfed the Internet and found Airrosti. Never heard of them before and said three visits to get ya back in the game. Josh examined the injured area and started treatment. After the treatment went to next room where Melanie demonstrated specific exercises for me to do at home. I did them while there. The next day I started feeling a lot better and could actually walk without pain. I did my exercises twice daily and did three visits and back to pla+ show moreying golf in a week. Thanks so much Josh and Melanie.

by Phyllis Joyce

I found Josh in a pilot program with my Employer. I was in continuous pain in my hips whenever i tried to run. After 3 visits with Josh, the pain went away and i was able to run 1 mile for the first time with no pain!! Josh McCreadie is a kind and thoughtful Airrosti provider! He has now helped me with a painful shoulder issue. He has made a believer out of me!!

by Sue Nelson

I was right at the point of having surgery. I had three sessions with Dr. McCreadie and it has made all the difference in the world. This started with a pilot program and I plan to continue with this Dr. McCreadie.

by Sharon Arrington

I was desperate to find relief for my hip/sciatic nerve pain that had taken over my life. I went the route of injections, and medication. Nothing had helped. I heard about Airrosti from one of my past students (I am a teacher). I gave it my full attention for 6 visits. Each visit I was able to do more activities and my pain level had all but disappeared. I have been so pleased with the results. I would recommend Airrosti to anyone is looking for an alternative to medication and/or surgery. They made a believer out of me. Shout out to my past student, Page Farmer. She is definitely in the right line of work!

by Brenda Craner

I had a knee replacement in November 2014. I was not happy with the therapy I was getting. I decided to try something different, when I went to Josh, after the first visit I got more movement out of my knee from that 1 visit then months of doing the traditional forms of therapy. I was treated with kindness and respect. I have exercises they taught me to keep knee stiffness and movement in check. I would recommend this type of therapy for anyone dealing with knee replacement. Don’t buy into the standard therapy. This is definitely the way to go!! I appreciate everything Airrosti (Josh and Mel) have done for me. It is an honor to know them and have had such good care!

by Beverly M.

I suffered with back and leg pain for many years and then in 2010, I was in an auto accident that led to a hip replacement. My hip was fixed, but the same old back/leg issues still plagued me after I recovered my from hip replacement. At my place of employment, there was an opportunity to have an injury assessment done by Airrosti. I was very skeptical because I had seen many doctors and physical therapists in the past and no one had given me any concrete solutions or remedies to help my problem. I decided to try one more time, so I met with Dr. Josh McCreadie and now I can say without hesitation that for me! Finding him was like hitting the lottery. He examined me and the next thing I know, four visits later, I was cured! He knew right + show morewhere my problem areas were and he used techniques on me that no one else had ever done. He and his staff were great! They listened to what I had to say and for once, I was treated like an actual patient and not just another number waiting to be called. Dr. McCreadie helped me to relax during my sessions because the treatments were somewhat intense, but I can definitely say the end results far outweigh the pain I worked through to get to where I am now. I tell all of my friends, coworkers, family or anyone that wants to listen how awesome Airrosti is. If I ever have any issues in the future, Josh McCreadie and Airrosti is now and will be my first point of contact before I ever see any other orthopedic doctor or physical therapist.

by Sean B.

Dr. McCreadie has done a great job with my son, Sean, who is fifteen. He is a swimmer and has had an injured shoulder for the past five years. We had tried everything, exhausted all of our options (4 MRI’s, four different orthopedists, PT for months and months) all to no avail. Sean had been in pain while he swam for years.
Then we heard about Dr. McCreadie. Sean was feeling pain free after one visit. He continued for two more treatments, and then was released from his care. With the proper exercises, he is now swimming pain free for the first time, and actually has a smile on his face after practice.

Thanks again, Dr. McCreadie for giving Sean hope to continue on in the sport he loves!

by Sara Bogle

At first I was a little skeptical about going to yet another chiropractor but Dr. McCreadie and the Airrosti methods are incredible. I lived with a lot of pain in several areas for many, many years….and many different specialists later I still was in constant pain. Dr. Josh fixed everything. He definitely has the world’s strongest thumbs. Plus I have the tools to address any possible flare ups. In addition to his skills, Dr. Josh is an unbelievable friendly man. Not only did I look forward to my next treatment but I always found my visits to be very enjoyable.
Even though I have now moved to Florida, I will not hesitate to return to VA for a treatment if needed.

by Japheth Brubaker

Josh is fantastic! He is knowledgeable, professional, and great to work with.
I have tried everything and everyone I could to help me with my back, neck, and elbow issues. Josh is the first one who could fix it, and taught me how to keep it fixed on my own.

I have personally gotten amazing rehab results from Josh. And I got such amazing results that I referred many people to him. Everyone who sees him, including myself, comes away with what feels like a brand new body. If you ever have anything injured, sore, or tight, Josh is the person to fix it!

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