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Became an Airrosti Provider:2021

Undergraduate School:St. Ambrose University

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic-Davenport

Hometown:Waunakee, Wisconsin

Hobbies:When not at work, I can truly be found doing so many activities. My passion for health has lead me to live an active life. During my free time, I can often be found on many different sport courts/fields. On those days where the competitive side of me is low, I may be found with a camera in hand chasing after that picturesque sunset, weather photo, or that memorable landscape from that day’s hike. After a long day, I can be found trying a new recipe in the kitchen, followed by a perfect book before bed.

Interesting Facts:I grew up in the only Waunakee in the world. I can sit down and talk about photography or the weather all day. I spent some time storm chasing, and I was a certified spotter for the state of Wisconsin when I was younger. I have quite a few major interests, but I am curious about almost everything, and I always try to learn something new everyday.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti stands for the type of healthcare I wanted to be in before i knew the name, Airrosti. At Airrosti, the patients come first, and every provider wants nothing but the best for every patient who walks through our doors. I have always strived toward a career where I have the capability to make an impact on so many; Airrosti answers that call. Airrosti entered me into a healthcare family to not only better myself, but to also make that impact on so many patient lives I strive for.

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by Diana Jasso

DR. PAULSON IS A-MAZING! I was experiencing terrible knee pain and could not walk without crutches due to a torn meniscus and arthritis in my knee. I came to Airrosti, and Dr. Paulson treated me with compassion, respect, and did what was best for me. He has a great personality and his bedside manner put me at ease during treatment. I appreciate the time he took to explain my injury, the treatment plan, exercises, and he even went with me on a short jog to ensure my knee was functioning as it should on my last visit. I have never heard of a provider doing that for a patient. Thank you so very much, Dr. Paulson! You are AMAZING!

by Celia Aranda

I am in shock! This was my first time working with Airrosti, and it was amazing! If you had told me a few weeks ago that I would be pain free in two days I would have laughed. I was in so much pain for a month I went to urgent care was given muscle relaxers and Motrin to relieve the pain and be able to play with my twins. I thought I had sciatic nerve pain with twins but it turned out to be a sprain. Within two days after treatment and easy-to-follow exercises at home, here I am without pain. I wasn’t even able to walk at a point. I am completely grateful and for sure come back if needed!

by Julie Thompson

Dr. Paulson put me at ease with his outgoing personality. He quickly found out where my pain was coming from and started treatment. After treatment, he walked me through my exercises step-step. He emailed me my treatment plan so that I could follow them at home. The treatment plan was easy to follow and my injury is on the mend!

by Christopher Hennessey

For the past several years my wife Brittany has been dealing with debilitating pain all throughout her lower body. It started after the birth of our third son. In the beginning, it was an annoying clicking and tightness in her pelvic region, in the hips specifically. As time progressed the affected area began to expand, and the pain began to intensify. The clicking in her hips became a sticking in her hip sockets which required her to “crack” them almost every time she got up from a lying or sitting position. Eventually, the hip pain expanded to her lower back, knees, and even her calves. After many months of treatment from chiropractors and massage therapists, we began to search out alternative ideas as to what may be causing her issues+ show more. We have tried several different diets in an attempt to eliminate inflammation in her body, which had a negligible and short-lived effect. We began to suspect that the problems originated from the three c- sections she had endured for the births of our sons. That idea slowly turned into our thinking that her endometriosis, which had been diagnosed when she was a teenager, had taken a turn for the worse, causing tissues to invade some of her body cavities and causing her now INTENSE pain. The point is that we explored many different avenues and treatments. All to frustratingly dismal results. Our next option was invasive and expensive testing toward the idea that she would need surgery of some kind. We then had an off-handed discussion with a recent acquaintance about what she had been suffering. He was the first person that had ever mentioned Airrosti to us. He had a seemingly miraculous experience, and gave us another thing to try before we moved on to the world of surgeries! We made her appointment and went together to my wife’s first session. We had very tempered hopes. Within the first few minutes of our visit Josh Paulson, (he was our assigned practitioner) we felt very comfortable and optimistic. He seemed to think that he would be able to help, dramatically, in only three to four sessions! Definitely seemed too good to be true, but we thought that even a small alleviation of her pain would be a dramatic improvement. I know it seems tiny, but after only one hour, when my wife was putting her shoes back on, she lifted her foot up onto the chair she was sitting in and tied her shoe. Only after she had done it did it dawn on her that this was unusual. That was not something that was able to happen only one hour prior! There were many times that I had to tie them for her because she was so tight or limited in her movements. This was extremely encouraging! I couldn’t make it to her other appointments, but she informed me that she literally SKIPPED out of the office to her car after her 3rd visit!!! I am ecstatic at the improvement in such a short period of time. She is at least 65 to 70 percent better after only three visits! She is happier and more pleasant to be around too. The pain had been causing a kind of hopelessness and depression that has completely disappeared. I can’t recommend Airrosti, and Dr. Paulson enough to somebody that has constant pain that has been sucking the joy out of their life. Thank you Josh!

by Daniel Trevino

I came in with some lower & mid back pain. Maybe a 6-7 on the pain scale, I was not able to touch toes and bend back. After only 3 visits, I was able to reach my toes, sleep better, more nimble, and have clarity. Josh was outstanding in educating me on where and why the pain was happening, what I can do to mitigate it, and how to help prevent future injuries. I really appreciate Josh and his team for helping with my pain and giving me the next steps.