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Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Undergraduate School:NA

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida

Hometown:Ormond Beach, FL

Hobbies:Spending time with the ladies, specifically my beautiful wife and two lovely daughters. I also love playing and listening to all sorts of music, cooking and trying new and exciting foods, and the occasional video game when I have time.

Interesting Facts:I play guitar, violin, and piano. If it has strings, I'm going to love playing it. I also love live music, and I've been going to shows and concerts on my own since before I could drive. My right shoulder is ridiculously flexible. Just ask me. I'll prove it. I may or may not be a Grandmaster in competitive Tetris.

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by Samantha Poe

Dr. Ryabinov is amazing, and has helped every single one of our family members! It started several years ago when my husband had to stop running due to an achilles issue and thought his running days were over. Dr. Ryabinov took care of that issue. I had suffered for years with plantar fasciitis and Dr. Ryabinov got me out of those unattractive orthotic shoes. All three of my children participated in competitive Irish Dancing and would inevitably suffer debilitating injuries weeks before major competitions due to increased practices, and Dr. Ryabinov saved 1 Oireachtas (regional Irish Dance competition) and 2 World competition opportunities for our family by working on feet, knee, hip & back pain. Any pain, any where, on anyone…Dr. Ryab+ show moreinov’s got you covered!

by Christina Comerford

A couple weeks ago I set out on my almost daily run around the neighborhood. I made it about 200 yards before I felt a brief shooting pain across my right knee. The sensation immediately subsided so I proceeded with my 5K, squats, and lunges. The next day my knee was in serious pain; I realized I pushed myself too far the night before. I typically like to wait a couple days before going to a doctor, but this time was different and knew the quicker I was seen, the quicker I’d be able to resume my workouts. A friend (a Crossfit devotee) had referred Airrosti and sang their praises, especially how their priority is to get you back to normal activities asap. As an athlete, my biggest concern was how long I would have to wait before I could w+ show moreork out again. I went in for my appointment, prepared to hear that I would have to take it easy for (at least) a couple days. Dr. Ryabinov assessed my knee, movement abilities (specifically with squats and lunges which were the motions that caused the most pain), and flexibility. He then “worked” on my knee (to me it was simply magic), which produced some sharp pain which he said we were looking for. I don’t know that sharp pain was what I was looking for, but my trust was in him and I rolled with it. After the “work” he again assessed my movement, scheduled my next treatment appointment, and sent me over to see Adam to learn some physical therapy exercises. When I left the office, I noticed my knee did feel a little bit better. Within 24 hours (seriously, no exaggeration) my knee was PAIN FREE. I cautiously resumed my normal exercises, with the addition of the suggested physical therapy, and have had no issues since. I’m still not exactly sure what he did…I’ve settled for “magic” as my explanation. I will absolutely return to them for my future needs and will undoubtedly refer others to their office as well. The biggest appeal for me to go to them over my regular doctor was the fact that I wanted to resume activity as quickly as possible – I just didn’t realize it was going to be THAT quick! In gratitude, Christy

by Cindy Keegan

For the past 3 years I have been suffering from bursitis of the left hip which kept me from running, and resulted in weight gain. About 3 weeks ago I began seeing Dr. Ryabinov at the now Ashburn, VA Airrosti. Dr. Ryabinov evaluated my hip and gave me exercises to do with my foam roller. After 3 weeks of exercise and 4 visits with Dr. Ryabinov, I’m overjoyed to say that I’m able to run again and on my way to being the healthy gal my husband married. BTW, I’m 58 years young.

by Nora Bauer

I suffered from lower back pain for several months. My first step was to go to my Physical Therapy/Chiropractor for treatment but no significant results. I was a bit lost and could not resume my tennis activity. I had an MRI which showed a few bulging discs. I did not want to do surgery but the other option was steroid injection which would not resolved my lower back pain. I was desperate and I talked to a tennis coach who highly recommended to check Airrosti in Sterling VA. I was skeptical about going to another chiropractor but when you are in pain you have nothing to lose. I met with Dr. Josiah Ryabinov. The first session was about an 1hour. It is very a unique experience. You are the only person on one on one. He review my medical re+ show morecords and worked on my back fascial tissue. He find the exact location of my pain and was phenomenal. Then exercises were provided to alleviate the pain. I could not believe how I could feel so much better. I was even back on court the next day! I did a second session and now I am feeling so much better and resume my tennis activity. I wish I knew soon about Airrosti I wasted 3 months of doing nothing at home and becoming depressed. I can thank enough Dr. J.Ryabinov! He really saved me from surgery or injections that would have not been ideal!

by Thavy Mills

I came to get treatment for a calf strain and plantar fasciitis, both injuries that incurred over 10 years ago. My pain symptoms would come and go and I have sought treatment from two podiatrists and one other physical therapist, with no results. They all gave me cookie cutter exercises that I already knew how to do, being a personal trainer myself. I was a little apprehensive about seeing another therapist but Dr. Ryabinov came highly recommended so I was willing to try once more. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the level of professionalism and expertise Dr. Ryabinov and his assistant Joseph exhibited. They were very patient in answering my questions and explained how they were going to treat me which made me feel very comf+ show moreortable. I felt immediate relief from the first manual therapy session. After only 5 sessions, my pain was almost gone. I don’t expect it to be completely gone right away since the condition existed for so long but I hope that by continuing the prescribed strengthening exercises , it will be completely healed in time. Thanks Dr. Ryabinov and Joseph for such wonderful care.